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Songs About Addiction Pt. 4

Last one..... get your pens and pads ready!
1John Denver
Sweet Surrender

There is a path an addict/alcoholic can follow to find their way out of the depths, but they have to search for it. Denver knows how to portray the faint glimmers of hope an addict can see on the horizon, and how all one has to do is grab at that hope and run with it.
Mouthful of Diamonds

Love can be a blinder to what truly is going on, and that seems to be the case in any addict's relationships. The addict finds no fault of their own, while their loved one continues to ignore the obvious until they cannot take it anymore.
3Red Hot Chili Peppers
Soul to Squeeze

That's exactly what it feels like to be in the grips of addiction. You might want to change, but without action, you aren't getting anywhere because those drugs have a grip on everything in your life and won't let go.
4Modest Mouse
The Good Times are Killing Me

It's not secret anymore that Isaac Brock had his own struggles with addiction, and this is a perfect example of how all good things must come to an end. All drug use is considered "fun" at first, but some take it so far as to have it become their lover, their pimp, their one and only.
5City & Colour
The Death of Me

How one sees drugs or alcohol as their only solution to all of their problems, and the delusion that once one get his or her fix, everything will be okay.
6Against Me!
Thrash Unreal

Being pretty much the only track I enjoyed on New Wave isn't just a coincidence. This song tells the story of the failure of communication from parent-to-child, and how that can lead either one down the wrong road. This one is very personal to me, as it describes the exact situations I had almost 8 years ago.

A song that could be open to interpretation, so I will give you mine: A perfect example of what drugs can do to someone, and how no matter how many times you cry to Jesus or Mary or God, it really all depends on you.
Help I'm Alive

Granted, this isn't my favorite song or genre of music, but the lyrics are so poignant and honest. It describes the exact feeling of desperation and anxiety that an addict or alcoholic in early recovery goes through, and the panic they feel when they realize that their life is about to change forever.
9Third Eye Blind
My Time in Exile

When an addict is actively using, the feeling of hopelessness can only be masked by what's around you, and that's others just like yourself. You feel like you are being "exiled" from the rest of the world, and it's almost like your a member of a leper colony. Unfortunately, you don't realize that you are worse off in this situation than you think, because everyone around you will drop you like a hat if they need to, and no one truly cares, no matter what your delusions are.
10Neil Young
Cocaine Eyes

About not blaming others for your addiction, and taking the responsibilty for the pain you've caused yourself, but mostly others. It's a thought that constantly runs through an addicts mind as the loneliness and self-loathing continues to envelop their mind.
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