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Sputnik Profiles: Emim

Today we are going to profile the user Emim, who the Analyzer likes and has mentioned before in two lists. The Analyzer will refer to him as Emim because his nickname "Mimsy" is totally gay as hell.
1Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Strengths: The user Emim is blessed with great internet social skills, as he is almost universally well liked on Sputnik. The Analyzer believes that the user Emim was raised in a solid household, which means that he is probably a really trustworthy person in real life and for the most part is the epitome of wholesome. The user Emim has a fairly diverse taste in music, although he is primarily known for loving Nu Metal above all, which does not paint the full picture of the user Emim's musical tastes. The user Emim has written 7 reviews, and all of them have been good. He was also the only person to submit a review during the CTTS controversy that was not saturated with hyperbole and banal comments. Overall, the user Emim is one of Sputnik's nicer users, and is probably it's nicest user in real life. The Analyzer sees Emim as being the leader of Sputnik's "God Squad," standing tall for Christianity in the face of overwhelming Satanism, even if he is the only member.
2Dc Talk
Jesus Freak

Weaknesses: The Analyzer believes that Emim tries too hard sometimes to appear as an "edgy" Christian to overcompensate for being so religious amongst a legion of pseudo-intellectual atheists. After a day of Sputniking really hardcore, Emim will probably go to his church youth group and hang out with all the other Christian Kids and his girlfriend that he is not allowed to go past "2nd base" with. They might even have a campfire that night! The bottom line is the user Emim tries to appear tougher than he is on Sputnik at times, when in real life he is almost certainly the epitome of wholesome, with no edge whatsoever. In other words, the user Emim is not the quasi, reigned in badass he pretends to be on Sputnik. Also, his nickname is really gay and makes fun of retarded people. Not very Christian of you, Mimsy.
3Faith No More
Angel Dust

Posting Tendenices: The user Emim has probably posted as many pictures as actual comments. This has gotten him banned a few times, something that probably makes him feel really tough. Emim can usually be seen posting in Nu Metal and Christian threads, the Emery thread, and talking incessently with his pseudo homo erotic love partner, the user Baphomet. The user Bloc is also part of this equation, but he has a slightly more straight internet persona, and saves his man-love for the user Deviant.

Famous For: Being the leader and sole member of Sputnik's "God Squad," having a really really gay fascination with the user Baphomet, constantly using "dark" avatars like Darth Vader and Darkwing Duck to try to look tougher, banally posting images, dominating the Emery thread, having a really gay nickname, being a nice guy, beign from California, ironically rating terrible albums as 5's.
5Hollywood Undead
Swan Songs

Overall Score: 8.3. On the whole, The Analyzer belives the user Emim is vital to the Sputnik community, and his strengths overcome his weaknesses. The Analyzer believes that the user Emim should try to make more friends besides Bloc and Baphomet, and should stop getting jealous of Maniac/Baphomet's pseudo love affair. The Analyzer also thinks that if the user Emim wants to be a badass, he should just be a badass, and swear and stuff instead of looking just "bad" enough that he has to ask God to forgive him for what he did on Sputnik today, but "hey, at least he doesn't talk like Pit."
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