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Best Live Songs

I've been to a ton of shows in my 27 years of existence. Since I've been bored since 2:30(end of the Fins-Ravens game), I've been putting together my top 15 live songs I've seen. If you don't like them, too bad, I couldn't care less.

Makes me wish I was completely drug-free.
Okay, no it doesn't....
14The Bled
Sound of Sulfur

My hair smells like dairy products!
13Napalm Death
12Skinny Puppy

You haven't really experienced a great live show until you've been to see Skinny Puppy.
11Poison the Well

Holy fucking sing-a-long, Batman!
10In Flames
9Agnostic Front
When the Sun Sleeps
The New Fury
6Strapping Young Lad
Oh My Fucking God
5Shai Hulud
Set Your Body Ablaze

Before the departure of Geert and the re-recording of Set Your Body Ablaze" for Misanthrophy Pure, I had the privelige of seeing these boys live numerous times. There wasn't any other time like this one, though, as it was Geert's farewell show. They opened with a bunch of tracks from Hearts Once Nourished..... and then went into the meatiness of That With-in, but after a long interlude, the announcement of the final song was upon the crowd. As Geert moved to the front of the stage, he asked the whole crowd to finish the sentence that started with "Set.....," and the whole place exploded. The Metal Factory, the venue where this was performed, was very small with a huge floor and a stage that was no higher than 3 feet off the ground. As the final minute of SYBA was being played out, the whole stage began to fill up with fans, hugging on Geert, wishing him well, as he struggled to finish the song. The song may have been finished by about 30 different people, but it was still an epic moment.
Some Kinda Hate

I'm a Danzig fan, plain and simple. I will not doubt, though, that Michale Graves was a better singer and maybe a better frontman, but I digress. On their 2005 tour with Doyle and Danzig(each act performing seperately), Jerry and the boys walked out. They began to open up with "Some Kinda Hate," and then they stopped. Jerry said he didn't feel write singing a Misfits song that night, so he said he asked a special guest to join them. Out comes Michale Graves, in full Misfit regalia. I then realized my life was complete, and I could die happy.
37 Seconds
Here's Your Warning

The single best hardcore show I've ever been to culminated in the only "tear-inducing" moment of my concert-going life. As 7 Seconds walked off stage, the crowd, after building up into a frenzy, continued to chant one more song, and did so for over 15 minutes. The band finally obliged, and performed 4 more songs, each one building up into the next until "Here's Your Warning" reared it's ugly head. Fists, knees, feet, and full bodies began to fly in every direction, and despite the fact that I felt my ribs being crushed along the guardrail at the front, I never enjoyed pain so much in my life.

I've never seen a crowd form into a solitary being and then proceed to rip an entire venue apart until Unearth closed with "Giles" the last time I saw them. The whole floor turned into one massive circle pit(normally I hate moshing, but adrenaline pushed me in), and the walls of the Culture Room were literally ripped apart, thanks for flying elbows and flying people headed right into the plaster.
Waiting Room

I had the privelege of seeing them on their last stop in South Florida when I was 15 or so. Not knowing much about them at the time(besides Ian MacKaye was the vocalist), I walked into the show witout any expectations and walked out amazed. After about an hour and half, the set culimnated with "Waiting Room." Normally I hate it when all I hear are the voices of excited fanboys over the vocalist, but this wasn't one of those times. The sheer volume of the crowd combined with MacKaye's struggling vocals made for a moment I will never forget.
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