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Romo - A Clinic Of Choking

Im a Cowboys fan but honestly I hate them more than I like them. I hold on to this stupid sense of loyalty or else I would have dropped them long ago. Its not because of a lack of any sustainable success over the past 15 years, its because they play like douchebags alot, and the king of this mountain of stench is Romo, who has all the intestinal fortitude of a cancer strikin field mouse. Below are Romo's 5 biggest choke jobs IMO.
1Red Fang
Red Fang

#1 - 2006 playoffs vs Seattle. This will always be king because it perfectly illustrates him. Dallas was kicking like a 20 yard field goal with one second left to win a playoff game. Romo was the holder. Romo fumbled the fucking snap. Cowboys lose. CHOKE.
Pure Rock Fury

#2 - 2007 NFC Semi-Final Playoff game. Dallas was 13-3 that year and pretty much destroyed the NFC. In the first half, at home, Romo was cruising, it looked like Dallas would win by 2 TDs. In the second half, the Giants basically said fuck it and blitzed like mad men on every single down. Romo, having balls the size of discarded raisins, folded like a cheap tent in a fucking hurricane. This was the first time I really noticed his patented "OMG THEYRE BLITZING ME IM A FUCKING DEER IN HEADLIGHTS" look. Pathetic second half, Cowboys lose.
3The Horrible Crowes

#3 - Last game of regular season - 2008 vs Philadelphia. This was the last game of the year, and the winner went to the playoffs. Enough said. I knew because the game was in Philly and since Philly would blitz their own fucking grandmother that Romo would fold in this game. And fold he did, to the tune of like 5 turnovers and looking like a glassy eyed worm about to get devoured by a fucking shark. In a playoff deciding game, Dallas lost by 40. Fucking FORTY.
4The War On Drugs
Slave Ambient

#4 LAST NIGHT vs JETS. Ok this should probably be higher. Fumbling on the fucking one yard line when youre about to go up at least 10 on someone with 6 minutes left is inexcusable. The pick he threw to Revis shows he has the sack of my dead Great Grandmother. The only pass Ill give him is he was pretty good for the first three quarters, in typical Romo fashion. Just an epic fucking collapse though. God Im pissed.
5Mac Lethal
North Korean BBQ

2009 NFC Semi-final vs Vikings. K, so the Cowboys had finally won a playoff game the week before and had to travel to the Metrodome, one of the noisiest places on the planet. I knew Dallas was fucked in this game, but I didnt anticipate exactly how patheticly girly Romo played. The Williams wall and Jared Allen had Romo more skittish than a disheveled crack whore in church. It was pathetic. He looked like he wanted to fucking cry. He gave up. Hes a coward.
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