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Top 10 Movies Of 2011

As I mentioned in my last list, this is my favourite year in film for sure. Check rthese out ASAP.
10Breaking Orbit
The Time Traveller

SOURCE CODE: Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Capt. Stevens in this action-thriller, which take's notes from Bill Murray's classic
comedy Groundhog's Day and turns it into a reality that the US government help create to prevent terrorism from occuring.
The idea of going back to the future seems trippy enough, but imagine dying over-and-over again after 8 minutes. That's
harsh. Stevens is tossed into the source code and is told to track down the bomber who blows the train up and plans to
detonate an even bigger bomb in the heart of Chicago. You may feel like you've heard this kind of story before, but it's
never been played out quite like this. It's a very interesting twist on this type of genre film and it opens up the door to seeing
more new, exciting and fresh ideas to come out of Hollywood at a more reasonable budget (as it was budgeted at $32
million and made over $140 million at the box office). This is a great film and, like Limitless, it represents the kind of smartly-
scripted action movie that we need to start seeing more often.
9Depeche Mode
Songs of Faith and Devotion

LIMITLESS: I remember this being the first film that I genuinely loved out of this year, especially after seeing mindless action
drivel like Drive Angry and Unknown, and it continues to deliver with repeat viewings. Bradley Cooper is great as Eddie Morra,
a failed writer who suddenly has his eyes opened wide by a brain-enhancing super-drug called NZT that allows him to have
full access to knowledge he never knew he had. He becomes addicted to the drug, but thankfully he finds huge success with
it first before the crap really hits the fan. Robert De Niro is also really great in this film as Eddie's boss, he represents the
authority needed to help keep Morra in-check and he provides some of the film's best dialogue scenes whether they're on-
screen together. The action in the film is pretty good, but it's the story and ideas that you really wanna be on-board for. This
is the kind of action-thriller type film that Hollywood should start shooting for more often during the first quarter of the year:
Simple, and effective.
8Rival Sons
Pressure And Time

50/50: Initially, I was worried that this film wouldn't be that humourous, because of it's subject, but thankfully it was and it's
because they didn't make a 2-hour long cancer joke like Dennis Dugan probably would. This film is 50/50 funny and serious,
and it effectively balances between both. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is first rate in this film as the man who gets the misfortune of
having his doctor tell him that he has cancer in the back, this scene in particular is very effective as, when the info's revealed,
his whole world turns upside-down to the point where he can't even understand his doctor because of the ringing in his head.
Seth Rogen is also really great in the film as the kind of best friend that you'd hope to have around if you ever got the news.
He shows some of his more dramatic chops in this film, but he's largely used as the comedy relief in the film, but to great
effect, as he tries to help Levitt's character treat the cancer like the obstacle it is. The film is a great, effective dramedy that
lets you care for these characters all the while, at the same time, having a sense of humour throughout, without ever feeling
like it's trying too hard (like most comedies these days).
7Cypress Hill
Black Sunday

GOON: Probably the best hockey movie out there. Awesome fights, hilarious locker room scenes, and Seann William Scott's
best performance ever on-screen. He plays Doug Glatt who starts out as a bouncer at a local bar, but abandons that when it's
discovered that he's been touched by the fist of God after brutally taking down an irate hockey player who hops over the
glass in pursue of a fight, which he does not get (because he gets his ass knocked out by Glatt). Doug's a great guy at heart,
but even he can admit he's pretty stupid, it's easy to imagine that he was hit in the head a lot when growing up, but the film
lets you assume that and thankfully so because it's always better to show, not tell (look at #4). The film is unbelievably
hilarious and every personality in the Highlander hockey team locker room is a winner. Marco the goalie and Gord Ogilvey are
my two favourite characters, both of deliver the two best locker room speeches I've ever heard: the first having to do with
percocets (and do ya have any percocets) and "Highlanders, gay porn hard", you can't make this stuff up! This movie
balances comedy, romance, action and drama to an absolute tee and it's all within an effective hour and a half runtime that
keeps on delivering hilarious scene after hilarious scene, leading into one of the most brutal fight scenes ever depicted on film
(and it is epic). I love this movie, and I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps moving up on my list over the next couple of years.
6Foo Fighters
There Is Nothing Left To Lose

THE IDES OF MARCH: If you're not into politics, no need to fear. The Ides of March is a film I initially looked at from a jaded
perspective because I was worried that I'd find myself bored with the proceedings, but, of course (since it's on this list), I came
over those thoughts, I finally watched the movie, and found myself glued to the screen thanks to the amazing scripting and
pacing of it all. The dialogue in this film is sharp enough to go right over the heads of people who choose not to pay attention to
it, dialogue is often more than not used as a weapon that's ready to rip anyone in half. Ryan Gosling is strong as the main
character, but it's the people around him who are much more interesting. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamati in particular
are top-notch in this movie, their exchange early-on in the movie, when their respective governors are delivering their speeches
on-stage, is a classic confrontation that sets up the head games being played throughout that these characters must endure in
order to survive in their position of power. Lots of twists and betrayals to see, this is one intense movie that is ripe with
masterful dialogue and powerhouse acting. Check it out, if you haven't already.
5Stone Temple Pilots

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS: My second or third favourite comic-book film of all-time, and the film that finally gave me hope for Fox to
go back to making good X-Men movies, but this one's ten times better than the previous entries. Both the leads are fantastic
and it's their friendship and rivalry that keeps you invested throughout, but the real breakthrough here is in the casting of Michael
Fassbender as Magneto, who quite possibly gives the best lead performance in a comic-book film that I've ever seen (if not, a
close second to Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark). Him and James McAvoy, as Professor X, both equally share the lead actor
spot and they pull it off nicely. This being the first X-Men movie without Wolverine as the central character was also a breath of
fresh air because it opens up the door for letting in more mutants that we've never seen before. Azazel and Banshee are my
favourites of the newer additions, but the new Beast is awesome as well and they finally make Magneto's powers feel truly epic
and powerful on-screen. The scene where Xavier helps him channel his emotions to further his power is probably the most
powerful scene I've ever seen in a comic-book film, I shed a tear the first time I saw it in theatres (and I have never cried during
a comic-book film before), so kudos to that and cheers to the future of better X-Men movies (hopefully).

DRIVE: If you're coming into this film expecting The Fast & The Furious, prepare to be disappointed. However, if you've gotten
over the mindless car chases and inane dialogue of those films, like I have, then you'll be able to appreciate Drive, a film that
uses dialogue and the score to great effect. This is quite possibly the best soundtrack I've ever heard (and bought) from a
movie. Every track gives you that 80s car movie vibe with cool and funky beats to help maintain some of the film's many
dialogue free scenes. Ryan Gosling is perfect as the no-name Driver in this movie that feels like a big-screen Grand Theft Auto
adaptation in disguise. Every one is at the top of their game for this movie, Carey Mulligan is charming as the neighbour next
door, Oscar Issac defies the "just got out of jail" cliche and turns in an effective performance as Standard, Ron Perlman is
hilarious as the smack-talking fiend Nino, Bryan Cranston is great as always, but the person who really steals the show is our
main villain of the piece, played brilliantly by Albert Brooks (they should have given him the Supporting Actor Oscar for this
movie). He's even parts charming and menacing as Bernie, and his sudden bursts of violence towards other characters is just
plain terrifying. You wouldn't want to be sitting across from this guy at a restaurant, even when it's packed, he's not afraid to
intimidate the crap out of you.
3Call Me No One
Last Parade

THE RAID: REDEMPTION: The best action scenes ever filmed, and quite possibly the best straight-up action film ever made.
2The National

WARRIOR: Never have I cried like such a baby during a film before, until this was finally the film that cracked me. To put it
simply, this IS the best sports movie of all-time. With great fight sequences throughout the last half of the movie, and a series
of stand-out performances by the amazingly well-rounded cast, Warrior gives you even parts family drama and sibling rivalry.
Unfortunately the trailer for this film spoils the great twist at the end, which is probably why not a lot of people went to see it
when it came out (because they already knew the story and conclusion of it all), which therefore makes it the worst trailer I've
ever seen for a film (spoiling films is a cardinal sin in Hollywood movie trailers). However, even after having seen the trailer, I
was still intrigued to see the film, and what I found were three of the best performances I've ever seen in film (from Edgerton,
Nolte, and especially Hardy), a great script with actual stakes involved and, like previously mentioned, spectacular action scenes
that work effectively at keeping you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride.
1Seven Mary Three
American Standard

TAKE SHELTER: My favourite film of all-time, so far obviously. Just a nice, simple, straight-forward film about a guy with mental
health problems (or maybe not) who keeps having terrifying dreams of an oncoming apocalyptic storm that seems to change
people into fearful, mindless creatures when the oil-like rain that he sees early-on drops onto them. It's a terrifying discovery and
the film works effectively in putting you inside this guy's frantic frame of mind. Michael Shannon plays the victim of these
named Curtis, and because of these dreams he starts to make risky purchasing decisions in-order to prepare him and his family
for this potentially devastating storm. By the end of this film, you feel like you've known these characters for years because of
the film's excellent and smooth pacing, as well as the actors amazing performances as well of course. Jessica Chastain also
in this film and she's great as Curtis's wife Samantha, who is the only voice of reason in his crumbling life. Director Jeff Nichols
also makes the wise decision of casting unknown actors in the supporting roles to make the interactions more realistic than
Hollywood is normally used to. And finally, something I picked up on the other night when watching it with a friend is when
Samantha is talking to a woman named Nat who describes the evolution of apes to men which seems very similar to the way
that Curtis imagines people reacting to the storm. If you pay attention, this films rewards a plenty.
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