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Hilariously Underrated Movies That I Adore

Here's an amazing list of 10 movies that are extremely underrated by critics. Let's go!

SPIDER-MAN 3: Despite the fact that the story's a complete mess, I still found myself enjoying this very underrated third
installment. Yeah, there's lots to nitpick here including: Peter Parker dancing, turning goth and taking his mask off every five
seconds doesn't help for that matter either. Add to that several unnecessary character additions, and this film is most certainly a
mess. But, I love a good mess every once in a while. Yes, I had fun with Spider-Man 3. I thought that the new cast members
delivered fine performances. Thomas Haden Church is notably quite good with his portrayal of the tragic Sandman. Even Topher
Grace does good work with his limited material. However, what sold me on this version was the back-and-forth between Harry
Osborn and Peter Parker. They've had a rocky relationship ever since the very first Spider-Man and it's nice to see them duke it
out. It's funny because it's like watching kids fight over their silly problems, only these kids have superpowers. Apart from the
action scenes, I really liked how later in the film we really get to see James Franco play up his character's villainous intentions.
One scene in particular involves him and Peter at a restaurant, what makes it "so good" is that you can see Harry break his friend
down right before his eyes. It's heartbreaking and hilarious at once. Another scene that delivers is the birth of Sandman scene,
which steals the show by far, that (without dialogue) sets up the character's journey over the course of the film perfectly.
Overall, I thought this one was just as good as the last because of the way they handled the three lead characters (which are
Peter, Harry and Mary Jane). The actors, especially Dunst and Franco, really do give better performances here than the last two
rounds. Maguire is as good as ever, but he gets even better by the end of Act Two when he loses the symbiote and returns to
the classic red-and-blue costume; the scene in which he pulls the suit out from under his bed is a wonderful call-back to the
original and tugs on my heartstrings a bit every time I watch it.

TRON LEGACY: Surprisingly underrated. This is a film that I passed up when it first hit the theatres, and that's truly a
shame to me because this is simply one of the best looking films that I have ever seen. It literally looks sexy 100% of
the way through. Jeff Bridges is back as Kevin Flynn, it's definitely a welcome turn from an actor who only gets better
with age. Garrett Hedlund even does a fine job as his son, and the main character, Sam, never overdoing it when it
comes to the role which works well in the context of his character's history. All-in-all, I quite liked this incredibly cool
sequel to the original and it works even better than the original did because of the advance in CGI over the years.
8Depeche Mode
Music For The Masses

LICENSE TO KILL: One of my favourite Bond films of all-time has a bit of a sour reputation because a lot of people
didn't really like Timothy Dalton as 007. But I did, and License To Kill is the most underrated Bond film ever. With a
great story to start with, Bond has to avenge his friend, the ball starts rolling extremely well and it doesn't stop until
the film's satisfying climax. Great performance by Dalton.
7Pearl Jam

NATIONAL TREASURE: A fun film. Nicholas Cage strikes the right balance of crazy and charming. The
adventure is actually engaging. The dialogue's sharp and witty. And Sean Bean, who's always been a
marvellously underused character actor, (SPOILER!!!) doesn't die. Good movie.
Come Again

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3: While the series' latest outing, Ghost Protocol, proved to be a successful revival for
this faulting franchise, I couldn't help but wish that J.J. Abrams had a few more cracks at this kind of film.
M:I3 is easily my favourite Mission: Impossible movie so far. With a great villain played sadistically by Philip
Seymour Hoffman, a well-rounded team (including Simon Pegg), explosive action set-pieces (the bridge scene
is intense) and Cruise's most heartfelt and nuanced performance as Ethan Hunt yet, this third entry in the
series helped remind me of why Tom Cruise is a fantastic action star.
5Black Stone Cherry
Black Stone Cherry

LEAVES OF GRASS: Kind of a weird movie, indeed. But it's weirdness is also what makes it so much fun to
watch. Edward Norton is hilarious in this movie, he plays the role of two twin-brothers and (a lot of the
times) you'll actually believe that he has a twin-brother in real-life because the shots are so well-executed
and Norton's reactions to himself (as his twin-brother of course) are just hysterical. Yes, the film does have
some frantic and jarring shifts in tone and mood sometimes, but it finds a balance somewhere between family
drama and smartly-written comedy about brotherly love. This is a great movie.
4Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125

DIE HARD 2: Die Harder was literally just that: DIE HARDER. This is a far more brutal, profane version of the '88
classic, only this time... it's set in an airport. This is easily my favourite Die Hard movie because of the great
cast of characters (especially the hilarious cop Lorenzo played brilliantly-well by Dennis Franz), awesome action
(the fight scene on the wing of the plane in particular was great) and Bruce Willis is better than ever as John
McClane because he has more stuff to do. Let's not undermine the original though, because the original's still a
classic, I'm just one of those rare-breed of people who like to classify Die Hard 2 as one of my favourite action
films of all-time. It's a blast.
The Joshua Tree

FEARLESS: Denzel Washington's movie Flight has just hit theatres recently, I haven't seen it yet (but I can't
wait to), and, with it's arrival, I was reminded of a very similar film that was produced back in the 90s, starring
Jeff Bridges. Bridges plays Max, a man who walks out of a devastating plane crash with hardly any physical
harm. While he seems fine at first, he begins to take a "fearless" approach towards his own life (i.e. standing
at the very edge of a tall building, walking through oncoming traffic) and tries to help a grieving mother who
lost her child in the crash because she couldn't put the seatbelt on her. Every scene in the plane, especially
near the end, is beautifully portrayed and the final scene in particular may literally leave you in tears. This is a
must-own if you can find it. Plus, it features U2's brilliant "Where The Streets Have No Name" during a pivotal
scene. Very well used.
2Alter Bridge

UNBREAKABLE: One of the best superhero movies I've ever seen... and it isn't even based off of a
comic-book or graphic novel of any kind. M. Night Shyamalan surprised audiences with his excellent Sixth
Sense, but somehow this project didn't quite reach over that bar thanks to a bit of confusing
advertising. Either way though, this is by far M. Night's best film to date and one that makes me
remember why I love Bruce Willis as an actor. He's great as David Dunn, in a simple and subtle
performance that makes his journey towards the epic climax way more exciting than it could have been
in the hands of a less competent filmmaker.
1Ice Cube
AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

HARSH TIMES: Christian Bale gives one of his very best performances since American Psycho (which
would have been on this list if it were still the 90s, but critics give it more respect now than they
did back then), Harsh Times is a sometimes brutally violent movie, but it's often very humorous
thanks to both Bale and Freddy Rodriguez. This is directed by the guy who made Training Day, I like
that film a lot, so people who enjoyed that movie can certainly find some joy in this one as well.
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