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Music Videos I've Made

Here's a list of music videos I've made.
1Autopilot Off
Blessed by a Nightmare

For the movie Iron Man, I most recently made this video. For a while, this movie was
my favourite comic-book adaptation (until The Avengers that is).
So Far So Good

Quite possibly my most popular video at nearly 50,000 views. This album is one of
my all-time favourites (a lot of awesome tracks like "Come Again" and "All Comes
Out In the Wash") and "So Far So Good" fit so well with Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man
movie that I almost wondered why the band never made appearance on any of the
Call Me

This is the best music video I've made so far. It's for Spider-Man 2, which is ironically
my least favourite Spider-Man film, and I think it helps a guy like me understand why
so many people absolutely love the film.
4Pearl Jam

Some of the clips for this one came out pretty messy (it was my first-time in a very
long time off of making videos), but I think that the energy of the song really helps
keep the pace.

I like this video a lot mainly because it captures the energy and action of the show
itself. The Spectacular Spider-Man is one of my all-time favourite cartoon series so it
was fun to make this video using one of my favourite band's songs.
6Kings of Leon

This is more like a beautiful accident because I never imagined how well this track
would work with such a creepy, atmospheric movie like Silent Hill, but the song
definitely suits the mood of it all.

As far as I know, this is the only Train song that I actually enjoy listening to. It doesn't
bore me to tears like a lot of their later drivel, and I used this track on the movie The
Crow, which I enjoyed, but I do hope that Hollywood moves forward with a direct
sequel to the original (not a pointless remake of the original). Although I enjoy the
movie very much, it does tend to rip-off The Wraith quite a bit (which I find funny
because both movies could almost exist in the same universe).

One of my better videos which I made for a pretty underrated movie that actually
had some interesting ideas to share (behind all of the nonsense that took place in the
post-production with the mediocre editing). The Crow: City of Angels will forever be a
movie that begs for a real director's cut because the studio absolutely murdered it
during it's theatrical run thanks to how it was butchered into being a carbon copy of
the original.
Second Chance

I love this movie. Jim Carrey was fantastic, Ed Harris was great, the supporting cast
was really convincing (especially Truman's best friend), and that ending is just
powerful. This is Jim Carrey's best film, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
comes close as well.
Make Believe (Album Version)

The single they released for this track was pretty bland, but the album version is
pretty good. The movie used is Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's best collaboration.
11The Tragically Hip
In View

What a great film. The Academy really screwed up by not giving Bill Murray the Oscar
with that performance (bad enough that they missed out on even nominating him for
his best movie ever, Groundhog's Day).
12Rob Zombie

A really cool, scary movie to watch this Halloween. Tales From the Crypt: Demon
Knight is a lot of fun, lots of familiar faces in it too. I really can't recommend the film
enough, it's really good.

I made this video for a presentation in music class for... I forget what, but I guess I
improvised pretty well. The video was one of the first good ones that I made that I
could actually make a connection with as well. Will Smith and his son were awesome
in this film, The Pursuit of Happyness (yes, that's meant to be spelt wrong).
The Ballad of Hugo Chavez

Also known as the ballad of John Matrix (from the hilariously awesome movie

Darkman's the kind of movie that I would love to see a sequel, or even remake, to.
The first with Liam Neeson is the only note-worthy one, but it doesn't come without
it's flaws (sometimes the movie tends to get weird, but that's just Raimi for ya). Still,
it's worth checking out for the action sequences and the awesome make-up effects
Oh Yeah

It's the song that mostly everyone remembers from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Never
does it fail to put a smile on my face, so I made this video using clips from...
Tourettes Guy.
17Nine Inch Nails
The Day The World Went Away (Remix)

Remember that very cool remix of "The Day The World Went Away" from that
awesome Terminator: Salvation trailer that made the film look like a masterpiece?
Well, I made a short video... with Tourettes Guy again. :D

A really quick slideshow done for the Marvel comics character Venom. Here's hoping
he makes it into a decent Spider-Man movie (for a lot longer of it's runtime)
sometime soon.
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