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The Ballad Of Zora's Domain

That time me and #deathmountaincrew had a hell of a day trying to get sorted for the biggest party of the timeline! From getting kicked out of the Mask Shop for catching the Salesman in a dress to teaming up with Poes, then being screwed over by Poes and having all our money stolen by them. Then after helping the Queen of Market Town clean up his shop we got stopped by Gerudo women, some hot, some abit too Amazonian for my liking. Solid Snake, Raiden and Yoshimitsu helped us out with that lot before we had to queue for what seemed like hours inside Zora's Domain. Then after flirting with Midna and Saria to Malon's chagrin I remember being hit by the fiery haired temptress before seemingly being set out to sail on Lake Hylia. This is when I woke up. I allegedly missed a great brawl between Kazuya Mishima and CM Punk, and also Lionel Messi knocked the fuck out of Neymar. Link the Goron kickstarted his empire and the Happy Mask Salesman arrived with dress intact, kicked up a stink before being ejected by everyones now favourite owl Kaepora. Sounds like I missed a good one. Cheers Malon. These are Darunia's digs from the night. #goronskeeprollinrollinrollin
1Pet Shop Boys

us getting to tha domain proved nobody gonna stop some crazy gorons brosefs!!!
2Crash of Rhinos

no idea why the tekken guys were around, kazuya apparently kicked shit outta
some wanker tho!
3Faith No More
Angel Dust

Tortoro and Sackboy had a scuffle but everyone just thought it was cute and
stood in awe.
4The Roots

I regained my amount of lost rupees after Midna nicked some of Zelda's coinage.
5Pig Destroyer

Link the Goron really turning into a Little Ze of Hyrule aint he? Fuck what a G!
6John Fahey

Bongo Bongo and The Indigo-Go's did a fuckin duet bro! Blow your mind, PARTY OF
7Julia Holter

I passed out after that and I remember waking up floating across Lake Hylia, blissed
out as fuck, been touching someones Red Potion thats for sure.
Kaleidoscope Dream

I had more detail and a full story mapped out but some douche made me log in
when I clicked submit. It would have rivalled all that Hero of Time bullshit. The
Legend of That Group of Goron Bro's! Darunia, you like a better Ronnie from Jersey
Shore. You could give Majin Bu a run for his money.
All We Love We Leave Behind

Next party, at Lon Lon Ranch in Malon is okay with me!!! Okami vs Epona racing and
bets and its all Goron approved! "We're Goron and we're rock hard niggah!"
10Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes

Chill to this, peace and goddess bless to all the people of Hyrule and all the people
who read my shit and are being extra generous when they say it was average.
Night to all my imaginary bro's and all my real oneso n other sites. Much love to
you. Maybe this could be the end of my funsplosion and my 'epic' lists. We'll see.
Good night world... Every Simpson Dance Now!!!
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