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3 Year Sputversary

And to celebrate I'll give you all of my big digs from after my rating wipe. 63 albums, from well known classics to absolutely underrated gems that REALLY need to be checked out by all of you. 1 is a 5. The next 7 are 4.5. The rest is 4 and 3.5, not really ordered though. Top 10 is absolutely essential.
63Ryoko Sano
Anata No Senaka O Mitsumenagara

Cute J-Pop
62Suishou No Fune
The Shining Star - Live

First of the essential Japanese Psych-/Noise-Rock records on here
61Ai Aso
Chamomile Pool

Japanese Psychedelic Pop.
Roll With The Punches

A side is a total banger and B side blows :(
59 Keiji Haino
The 21st Century Hard-y-Guide-y Man: ????????(,,,)

58Morita Doji

Now it ain't no A Boy, but it's Morita Doji so it can't be bad.
Liquid Swords

Yeah, I sometimes enjoy Hip Hop.
56Early Day Miners
Let Us Garlands Bring

Speechless over how little ratings this has
55Keiji Haino
To Start With, Let's Remove the Colour!!

Needs no description.
54Okkyung Lee
Noisy Love Songs (for George Dyer)

First Korean on this list. Noisy Cello Improvisations. Nihm is the better album.
53Okkyung Lee

Not from this album but d a m n . Incredible, absolute must watch.
Traditional Aesthetics

Ab-so-lu-te-ly essential Japanese Psych-/Noise-Rock.
51Death Ambient
Drunken Forest

Kato Hideki (bass guitar), Ikue Mori (drum machines) and Fred Frith (guitar).
Released on Tzadik. Useless description because if any of those names would make
you interested chances are you already know that record anyway.
50Painting Petals On Planet Ghost
Haru No Omoi

transcendent folk = live
49Asobi Seksu

Shoegazing from the Japs. Pretty well known in the genre.
Heavenly Persona

Shizuka while recording Heavnly Persona.jpg
Another essential Psych-/Noise-Rock record.
47There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Japanese Screamo. Almost impossible to find a download for this. Probably straight
up impossible outside of the /mu/ archives. Well worth the search though.
Fragmental Remembrance A Switch Of Resurrection A

Absolutely crazy Screamo including instruments you never hear in the genre.
45Kojima Mayumi
Sweetheart of Pablo

Reminds me a lot Shiina Ringo.
44Kojima Mayumi
Ai No Poltergeist

Just leaning a bit more towards that Jazz sound
Kid A

this > okc > amnesiac >>> in rainbows

Essentical crescendo-core. Kashiwa Daisukes band.
41Glenn Branca
The Ascension

Essential no wave.
40Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

Essential 2000s Glitch.
39Systems Ghost

Somewhere between CTTS worship and mimicry.
38Age Sixteen
Open Up Finders, Please

Got that Merchant Ships guitar sound. Auto 4.
3723 Skidoo
Seven Songs

80s Industrial with definite Krautrock influences. Like this a lot more than Urban
36 Hrvatski

I'm pretty surprised this is so little known, not only around here but in general.
Typical IDM with breaks and glitches and all that cool stuff.
35Parker / Lee / Evans
The Bleeding Edge

Parker as in the Evan Parker that collaborated with Derek Bailey and Han Bennink to produce the one album
deserving of a 0, "The Topography of the Lungs" (Adam Thomas, 2008). Evans as in the Peter Evans that I
don't know much about except for that he apparently is a somewhat relevant name in today's Free Jazz
scene. Lee as in Okkyung Lee who you already know about by now. The Bleeding Edge. ~Forever
Soundtracks for the Blind

Rules of the Sife

Reminds me a lot of Touche Amore but fresher. Just give it a listen, the songs are
equally as short
Ray Night 1991-1992 Live

Essential Japanese Psych-/Noise-Rock
30Other Music
Incidents Out of Context

A big Kitsch. dig, what could possibly be bad about this?

If you dig Carissa's Wierd this should be the next thing you listen to. Jenn Ghetto
solo, sounds a lot like Songs About Leaving.
28Shipping News
Save Everything

Yeah I'm a post-rock man myself. Shipping News, Magnog ... the list could go on.

Korean folk weirdness. This video is just :3
v=wsXwz6B9Lmg Transcends hard.
26125 Rue Montmartre
Split with Maggat

Not as well known as for example Yage.
25 125 Rue Montmartre
Self-titled 7"

Very essential German emo nonetheless.
24Global Communication

Classic. Just as good as you'd think it is.
23 Shinsei Kamattechan

A chaotic and noisey take on pop music. Very interesting stuff. Needs more ratings.
22Tim Hecker
Radio Amor

Slowly catching up on his discography. Listen to Haunt Me and this one so far. Both
are good, Radio Amor is just better :]
21Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Ecophony Rinne

This had a 2.8 avg before I rated it. It's a definite 4 though.
20Anne Guthrie
Perhaps a Favorable Organic Moment

A true Field Recordings waifu.
19Sainkho Namtchylak
Naked Spirit

Tuvan throat singing in a western musical context.
Synthstatic ;_: More shoegaze recs in that
vein pls.
17Hermann Szobel

Jazz jams.
16Alice Coltrane
Journey in Satchidananda

Rec from Havey. Jazz jams [2]. Will end up being a true 4, I'm sure.
15Unsuk Chin
Akrostichon Wortspiel

Third Korean on the list. Not the last one either. RYM calls it Stochastic Music. I
dig. Recommendations are welcome (other than Xenakis ;))
14Greenpot Bluepot
Ascend At The Dead End

A girl making weird/avant-folk. "Devoted to studies in sound, texture and emotion"
There are quite some more albums out there of her under the Greenpot Bluepot
moniker as well as her real name, Natalie Rose Lebrecht.
13Fennesz, O'Rourke and Rehberg
The Return Of Fenn O'Berg

Big names, big music. I swear I hear a sample of "The Disintegration Loops" on
"Riding Again".

Dub Techno from Germany.
Doch Doch

2 amazing singles.
10Keiji Haino
Watashi Dake?

The first 5 seconds alone are among the best music ever. But then there are 70
more minutes to it.
9Morton Feldman
Patterns in a Chromatic Field

I was surprised this wasn't in the database yet. Definitely my favorite Feldman so far.
8Les Rallizes Denudes

Mostly acoustic work by Mizutani himself (hence the title, duhh). Must.
7Strictly Ballroom
Hide Here Forever

If you think you like or know emo but haven't listened and rated this you are wrong,
6Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Bit of a hype 'round here but well deserved.
5 Fushitsusha
Hisou (Pathétique)

Best Fushitsusha.
4Off Minor
Some Blood

Finally listened, absolutely shouldn't have waited so long. Incredible album, instant 4.5
3Kim Doo Soo
Evening River

Best Psychedelic Folk album I've ever listened to by so much it's not even fair.
Proof that Koreans are not one bit inferior to Japanese in terms of music.
2Les Rallizes Denudes
Volcanic Performance

3 live shows from the late 70s. 4 hours of Rallizes. Material that isn't on '77 Live or
any of the other well-known recordings of them. Absolute must listen if you even
like them a little.
1Les Rallizes Denudes
Cradle Saloon '78

The best recording of theirs I found so far. Volcanic Performance wins in terms of
quantity but this has a 40 minutes version of The Last One, how could you not 5 it.
Absolutely essential listen for EVERYONE. If you like Psych/Noise-Rock and haven't
heard this yet you are no human being.
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