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06.20.10 Best Albums Of 2010 So Far...

Best Albums Of 2010 So Far...

With the end of June approaching, it seems right to assemble the better albums of the year so far, in no particualr order.
1A Loathing Requiem
Psalms Of Misanthropy

This is one guy doing this....?! Tech.Death with a soul? And melody? With still being blisteringly fast, and brutal..Indeed.
Human Race Disgrace

You just don't see quality death played like this. One part MA, one part Suffocation, two parts speed, all parts aweseom. It's brutal, technical(without being self-indulgent) and more importantly more than 30 mintues without being boring.
3Hour Of Penance

Technical.Brutal.Death.Metal. It doesn't get much better than this. Everything that worked in The Vile Conception is enhanced. Everything sounds better, is played better and just is...better. Not much better ways to bask in your hate of god that this.
Deterioration of Minds

Windy, Pitchy, bassy, overtly, techy, metal....Nuff said
Traumatic Reconfiguration

*I hope Braindrill listens to this album and sincerely learns something*
Reflections Within Dissonance

It's like The Facless...minus the glossy production. Seriously, it's alot like that.
7 Colonize The Rotting
Composting the Masticated

Something about those California bands. They don't mess around when it comes to speed. Brutal death that's...wait for it...memorable.
8Annotations Of An Autopsy
II: The Reign of Darkness

Deathcore with actual INTERESTING breakdowns. Simply brutal, pounding deathcore that does lose it's death metal roots, or sense of groove.

To those that dismiss metal as a juvenile genre of music, which requires no real talent, or have any sustance well..say hello to Ihsahn. The sound that started in "Emperor", have evolded into pretty much the evil twin of Opeth. Just listen to "A Grave Inversed", and the only word that comes to mind is brilliant. I mean who else can make a sax metal?
10Remnants Of Flesh
Degenerated Human Cells

With solid production, great vocals, creepy atmosphere, expert riffs, and machine like drums, a consistent pounding's all there.
11 Datura
Standing Wave

*pig squeals*
12Guttural Decay
Epoch Of Racial Extermination

With a name like that you wouldn't expect much huh? Well you''re wrong. The (gutteral...duh) vocals with perfect with the riffs, which is alot more catchy than it should be. It's one of those albums you don't expect much from, but can't stop listening to.
Lawless Darkness

Long day at work? New a nice relaxing form of media to let you escape? With there's Watain! With bleak, desolate atmosphere, wailing solo, cruchy riffs...and vocal that make you forget about that Satan guy. *warning: does not include stupid facepaint, terrible dress up outfits, or materials for church bombings*
Hell Chose Me

No it's not progressive, technical, ground-breaking, or anything you haven't heard before. It's just good at doing everything you're heard before. It you want you deathcore hard, loud, and little else, you'll find it here.
15 Circle of Dead Children
Psalms of the Grand Destroyer

Let's see how can I really defend this....I can't. It's brainless, mindless, and anything else you can add -less unto...But it's like a semi taking on a baby can't ignore it.
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