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What Your Tattoo Says About You

As a tattoo artist, I've seen some stupid shit inked on a person's skin. People getting their boyfriend/girlfriend's names, butterflies, tramp stamps, just some dumb shit. But what does that say about the person? Well, I've done some research, and I've figured it out. So here are my theories:
1Tribal(Band or Portrait)

You're a tough guy, yet you lack any sort of brain activity whatsoever. You are constantly in gym, working on your six pack of abs. The only food you eat is filled with protein and the only stuff you drink is either beer or a protein shake. Your girlfriend is afraid of, and she rightfully should be. Steroids are not out of the question for you, as you're always looking for ways to be or look "tougher". Usually seen in very tight Ed Hardy, Independent, or Affliction clothing.

Your very sweet, sensitive, and sincere. You tend to latch onto to people you believe are genuine and have real personalities. You have a firm belief in some type of higher power, whether it's God or something/someone else.
3Neon Colors(Sleeve or Solo Pieces)

The only reason you got inked up in the first place was for attention. You want people to either think that you are a creative, artistic person or that you deserve the attention you get. You're self-centered to the bone, and tend to be the joker of the group. If anyone criticizes you, you flip out to the point of no control. Example: Oli Sykes
4Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Name

Your very spontaneous, although you aren't very smart. You tend to not look to far into the future, which in some cases is a good thing. However, you tend to ignore the flaws in your relationships, and always ignore the bad while only taking in the good.
5Your Own Name

You lack self-confidence, yet you are only concerned for yourself.

There are two types of people who get a crucifix: one is very religious, but we won't talk about him/her here. The other is someone who can't think up their own design. You are so stuck in the outside world that you forget to look inward, and lack the originality and self-awareness to be your own person
7Deceased Family Member/Friend's Name

You are an outward looking person. You think more about others than yourself, which for the most is a good thing. You tend to ignore your own flaws, as well as everyone else's. Everyone is your friend, while no one is your enemy.
8Lower Back aka Tramp Stamp

You want attention for all the wrong reasons. To put it bluntly, you tend to be a whore, and you want a guy to notice this. Your shirt always rides up your back to show off your "artwork," not caring how tacky the piece looks or how tacky you look. Lack self-awareness, self-esteem, and have many troubles within your relationships.
9Koi Fish

You're a hipster, as you tend to go with the trend. You could care less about being original, as you follow groups and trends around, trying to keep up with the times.
10Band Logo/Lyrics

You lack self-respect. You only do what others tell you to do. You claim to live by the words of the band, yet you contradict that every turn and corner. You think that your way of thinking is the only way,and tend to shrug off any advice others give you.
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