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A bunch of ambience
1 Troum and All Sides

Dark ambient from two german masterminds. For fans of synth buildups and climaxes and brooding basslines.
2 Stars of the Lid
...And Their Refinement of the Decline

Several hours of reverb-laden drone music with simple climaxes and pretty melodies that are sure to satisfy. Since I'm not mentioning any band twice on this list I'm just going to rec you their other albums here, because they're all superb. Especially their last two besides this one.
3Aghast (Norway)
Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis

Ritual Ambient from some crazy chicks in Norway. Impressive shit. Imagine walking through a forest and having the soundtrack from some messed up norwegian girls coming at you like WOAH
4 Ain Soph

Largely industrialized dark ambient/neofolk from Italy.

Evil. Dissonant. But beautfiful and unobtrusive in a twisted way. The industrialism will put you into a stupor and a sleep and the rest will haunt your dreams. Forever. Noisy ambient-ish. Not for the faint of heart.
6 Nurse With Wound
Soliloquy for Lilith

Dark ambient from some firecrotch Brit/Irishman with piss teeth. Experimental in the way that it crosses over a bunch of genres but still feels very ambient.
The Place Where the Black Stars Hang

Dark ambient superheroes with a knack for chilling atmospheres and drones and electronics and a weird foresty feel.
Dark Space I

Dark ambient
9 Windy and Carl
Drawing of Sound

Guitars and space and vocals and more. Space rocky. Like. Floating on mars.
10Natural Snow Buildings
The Dance of the Moon and the Sun

Drone. Takes cues from psybient.
11 Taj Mahal Travellers
July 15, 1972

Drone-y experimental noise-ish. Along that early seventies, late-sixties line of art kids making organic noise.
12Birchville Cat Motel
Beautiful Speck Triumph

More drone and experimental too! RIYL: Couldwinarabbit experimentation but it's one of the few instances where he's right.
13 Emeralds
Allegory of Allergies

Drone-electronic. P4k approved. Feels like a jungle out here because of the odd bass and electronic effects.
14 Double Leopards
Halve Maen

Drone/soft noise
15Death Ambient
Death Ambient

Dark ambient from Tzadik. Priti experimental. Fred Firth and Ikue Mori are here so that should reveal how experimental it is. Almost jazzy but vary grim darkk
16Klaus Schulze

Progressive Electronic, I guess. A lot of German subgenres I don't care about went into this but it's amazing nevertheless. Something about "Berlin School" apparently. I don't know. Ask Dev. he might. Do you like the beats?
17 Gas

Electronic Ambient, Minimal Electro
18 The Third Eye Foundation

Illbient (imagine a really dubby, urban style of ambient. Like walking through the hood and oh its ambient)

Illbient music at a whole new level. Imagine that.
20 The Orb
The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld

Ambient Dubstep
Pages From the Book

Technically this is musique concrete but it doubles as ambient or even noise depending on what you classify as which as its more of a harsh/dark ambient sort of thing. Some guy ripping pages from a bible and constructing it so there's climaxes and it actually resembles a song.
22 Kreng
L?autopsie ph?m?le de Dieu

Dark jazz/Noirish ambience. Imagine the artist below this as a jazzy artist. But slowed down and prettier.
23Set Fire to Flames
Sings Reign Rebuilder

Ambient Post-rock
24Rachel Grimes
Book of Leaves

Neoclassically-ambient. Some chick on a piano going away for minutes at a time. Occasionally frogs will croak beside her. Beauteous as Fuck.
25 Gnaw Their Tongues
L'arriv?de la terne mort triomphante

Dark/Harsh Ambient. Ballstothewall music.
26Menace Ruine
The Die Is Cast

Wondering if I should put this here because although it's got that very darkwavey/drone feel (the last, seventeen minute long track is all drone) it's reliant on drone metal techniques so it might be in vain but still for those of you who think that sounds cool it's pretty fucking awesome.
First Narrows

Straight-up ambient guys. Some beats. Some drones. Not odd but very well executed.
28The Dead Texan
The Dead Texan

He drones on and on with tremendous beauty. Electronics help him out. Call him their friend. For fans of Stars of the Lid.
29Aix Em Klemm
Aix Em Klemm

Ambient and dronetastic
Mi Media Naranja

Ambient-ish post-rock
31Pan American
Quiet City

Ambient, dubbish
32 Peter Gabriel
Passion (Music for The Last Temptation of Christ)

Ambient for Christ.
33 Bohren and der Club of Gore
Black Earth

Ambient/Jazz. Sad jazz music slowed down. So beautiful.
34 Mark Morgan

Dark Ambient-ish
Zamia Lehmanni: Songs of Byzantine Flowers

Ritual Ambient
36 Zo?Aon
The Triple Bestial

Ritual Ambient
37 I.corax
The Cadaver Pulse II: Mothelix Liquescent

One of my favorite ritual ambient releases of all time.
38 Hexentanz

Ultra-dark ritual ambient
39 Psychonaut 75
Pylon of Daath

more dark ambient
40 Atrax Morgue
195 Melrose Avenue NW2

not for the faint of heart
as loose as ambient can be.
41Tim Hecker
An Imaginary Country

42Aidan Baker
The Sea Swells a Bit...

43 ARC

Dark ambient-ish drone
44Maeror Tri
The Beauty of Sadness

Drone (associated with troum so i might be a little biased but this shit is SICK)
The Hollow Mountain

Psychedelic folksy drone
46Robert Rich

Are You Shpongled?

Psybient/Psychedelic Electronics
48Carbon Based Lifeforms
Hydroponic Garden

One of my favorite psybient artists.

Psybient (sorry I neglected it and am putting as much as I can in right now)
50Backyard Gypsy
Nightmare Audiotape

Plunderphonics, Drone (iscarabaid's project. pretty cool actually, just thought I'd include some sputnikers like...

witchxrapist's psybient wonderland
52 Entheogenic

53 Aes Dana
Memory Shell

In Dub

55 Future Sounds of London

Ambient with electro
In Sides

Ambient with electronics

beat driven and layered level 20
58 Autechre

59Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Beat driven soundscapes to listen to once you've dropped so much acid that you think you want to go to crystal castles because harold and kumar did too or something idk
60 Monolake

Ugh so good ambient beat driven with layah

layahhh like gas
62 ???? ??????? ? XI ?????
?????? ???? ?????

more ambient drum loops
63The KLF
Chill Out

house-y ambient
64Everything but the Girl

65 Ultramarine
United Kingdoms

more housey ambient
66 Svasti-ayanam

Dark ambient
67 Aeoga
Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus

Dark ambient
68 Herbst9
From A Dark Chasm Below

Dark and What? What? Yup Ritual Ambient
69 Tzolk'in

Dark and What? What? Yup Ritual Ambient
70 Sleep Chamber
Sexmagick Ritual

Sleepchamber? More like Sexchamber? No? No? Oh well, some odd industrialized ritual ambient
71 Treha Sektori

I think I just really love dark ambient. But by no means should you start here. Stars of the Lid, Eluvium and this next artist are better.
72Brian Eno
Ambient 1: Music for Airports

Pioneer of ambient. Simple piano loops. Fall asleep.
73 Za Fr?

More darkly darkly ambient ritual
74 Robert Fripp
A Blessing of Tears: 1995 Soundscapes Volume Two - Live in California

Ambient and Experimental
75 Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 2: Original Soundtrack

Dark ambient/videogame music
76Global Communication

Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

78 Marble Sky
The Sad Return

Ambient and Drone
79 Secret Abuse
Simple Test Volume 1

80Infinite Body
Carve Out the Face of My God

I like this a lot more than I should. It feels like you're being lifted from the ground as though you just died.
Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method

I'd consider this ambient/country/jazz
82Pyramids with Nadja
Pyramids with Nadja

Drone/Ambient with Aidan Baker
83Oren Ambarchi
Grapes from the Estate

Why do I like this? Ambient/Experimental
84 Deathprod
Morals and Dogma
85 Mo?t

Dark Ambient and Neofolk
86Unfathoms and Blasphymartyr
Votre Cote Mon Cote

My split with witchy
will post a link later although i've done it in another list.
my side is ambient and post-rock and his is psybient and noise.
87 Saito Koji

Calssic Ambient Loops
88 William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops

So long. Get lost in the ambient loops. Tranform with them.
89 Raison D'etre
The Empty Hollow Unfolds

Better than Basinski. Dark ambient. All I have to say
90 Can't Go On
Too Long A Process

Name off ambient shit and if I like it I'll put it on here. The rest are placeholders. Name off ambient shit and if I like it I'll put it on here. The rest are placeholders.
91 Band
92 Band
93 Band
94 Band
95 Band
96 Band
97 Band
98 Band
99 Band
100 Band
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