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10 Overlooked/underrated Metalcore Albums

Please note: I know that not all of these bands are technically rmetalcore. Some are rnoisecore, some are progressive metalcore, rsome are deathcore and some are whatever ryou choose to call them. rFor the purposes of convenience I have decided to use the term rrmetalcore as a general indicator, so I would like to politely ask the rgenre police to restrain rthemselves from insulting me unless they rhave a really clever insult. Remember kids: genre rnames can be ruseful, but this isn't atomic chemistry, it's music. So here are ten ralbums that raren't my favorites, but rather are albums I feel have rbeen unjustly overlooked or runderrated
1 The National Acrobat
For All Practical Purposes Is Dead

I saw these guys open for Burn It Down and Dillinger Escape Plan in 2000.
During their show, ONE guy was at the front moshing/dancing and the other
100 or so people were watching from about twenty feet away. I was just
interested in watching the band unleash their smiley faced murdercore (how's
that for a new genre term?). They played metalcore that was full of head
spinning time changes and quirky riffs, and their one and only full length simply
2 Turmoil
The Process Of. . .

Released 1999. Awesome mix of "tough guy" Hatebreed-esque hardcore with
progressive time changes and noisy abrasions. Ahead of it's time

Released 2006. Audible influences: Norma Jean, Dillinger Escape Plan. Uniquely
scathing vocals and lyrics
4 (Lone) Wolf And Cub
May You Only See Sky

2006 EP. Terrorizer magazine aptly described this as a mixture of Pantera and
Botch. I would add that there is a National Acrobat vibe as well, due to the
quirky nature of the riffs and time changes
5 Comity
The Deus Ex-Machina As A Forgotten Genius (Andy Warhol Sucks)

Released 2004. This incredible album has a heavy death metal vibe, but it could
full under the umbrella of metalcore because of its audible Coalesce and DEP
influence. More importantly, this album is full of 8 min+ epics that are
devastatingly operatic in a most macabre manner
Caring And Killing

Obviously, Converge are neither overlooked nor underrated, but I'm not so sure
many people are aware of this album. It collects all their early 7
inches/singles/EPS. It's amazing that as far back as 1992, Converge were this
innovative. This collection is much more Slayer/early metalcore influenced than
later works, but there is a very creative melodic dynamism here that is utterly
unique for the mid 90's. Example: they use quite a few clean open chords and
guitar arpeggios
Channel Static Blackout

Released 1999. If it weren't for the awesome Aversionline website, I might have
never heard of this. Ahead of its time in that it mixed metalcore with a refined
melodic sensibility (though not in a cheesy/forced way). The somewhat lo-fi
nature of the recording actually adds to the vibe in a positive way

Released 2009. When I first heard this I thought it was ok, but nothing that
great. Recently, I started listening to it again for some reason, and now I
recognize its unique brilliance. Great emotionally melodic sensibility mixed with
the sound of early Thrice had they been more "brutal"
9 In Dying Days
Life As A Balancing Act

Released 2002. Brutal, non-melodic metalcore with a Drowningman and early
Converge influence
10Bring Me the Horizon
Suicide Season

Ok, so they sure aren't overlooked, but I think they are underrated amongst
certain segments of the metal population. Granted, the album as a whole isn't
THAT great, but tracks 3, 8 and 10 are fucking INCREDIBLY powerful. (I will
admit it's funny that in a Terrorizer interview a few years back, vocalist Oli
Sykes said he didn't consider Napalm Death grindcore)
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