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Where'd You Get Your Nickname?

So how did you get your nickname? Was it something silly in your youth that stuck, is it because friends always called you that, or is it something with deep and profound meaning to you. Does it have a specific meaning in your language (if applicable)? Does it have a specific way you pronounce it? Curious to see where it all comes from!
1Rare Candy

Scheumke - The name comes from the Dutch word 'Schuimpje', which is a dutch sweet (kinda like meringue). In our southern dialect it became a Scheumke, which we in our group of friend would call someone who's doing something dumb or silly. Guess I did the most of those 'cus it sticked as a nickname with me.
2Rare Candy
Bomber Blue/Gallant Green

The way I pronounce it phonetically would be ‘sgumkuh’. Especially the ‘SCH’ is a sound that most languages don’t know (look up the pronouncement of Scheveningen somewhere to hear it). Note that it’s pronounced as one word, so not Sgum-kuh. Hands up if you pronounced it in your head as Skumkee.
3Moron Police
Boat on the Sea

dedex - Mine is totally a silly word we invented with the pals when we were young, and I find it funny so I use it all the time
4Moron Police
Defenders of the Small Yard

Bedex - mine's because dedex was already taken by some dude so I used a common variation
Ur sägen och hävd

garas - is a specific type of coin in the Hungarian history (roughly equal to the word "penny"), which is nowadays is a symbol of the word "worthless" / "unvaluable".
6Kung Fu Vampire
Dead Sexy

DadKungFu - I was a huge kung fu movie nerd when I started my account and I became a dad in 2018 so DadKungFu

wham49 - Well mine comes from the movie The Natural, the baseball movie. In the movie there is a Babe Ruth type character named the Whammer that the main character strikes out. One of my little league coaches called me that and it stuck, to this day most people I know that are not coworkers call me that.

DDDeftoneDDD - there was this cool band called Deftones while I was constantly stoned...
Toys in the Attic

Aerisavion - Mine is inspired by a combination of terms referring to flight. Firstly, the Shadow of the Colossus flying colossi, ‘Phalanx’, or more specifically the Latin name “Aeris velivolus”. Combined with the more modern reference to aviation/man made flying machines (avion), I liked how they sounded combined and here we are.
10The Flower Kings
The Rainmaker

Trifolium - I'm a biologist. I really like clovers, Trifolium, because of their beautifully composed flowers. Each and every single flower in the composite 'heads' is gorgeous. Look at this:

You can see the common theme repeated in each flower: a banner, two wings and a keel (to be seen here: ). Ok, lesson in botany over.

Oh and they're called Dutch clover in English, and I'm from NL so that was a perfect fit.
11maudlin of the Well

JohnnyoftheWell - I fell in a well and have been stuck there ever since
12Sin Anestesia
The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

Sinternet - its literally just sin and internet put together but it was an injoke between mates when i was like 14. started using it after my regular username in most places was taken and i didn't feel like adding dumb symbols to it like i had been doing
13Acid Bath
When the Kite String Pops

DopeFiend - acid bath has a cool song called dope fiend
The Marshall Mathers LP

TheNotrap - High school joke from a couple of rappers, because I hated rap and had a Scott Ian cap
Number 2

butt. - Went to a Shawn of the Dead screening at the Alamo Drafthouse and they handed out those disposable name tags to everyone, and of course everyone tried to be funny instead. Couldn’t think of anything clever, so I just wrote Butt. Then the host came around with a microphone and read off my name tag to the whole theater, so it stuck. A couple friends call me Butt.
16Death of Lovers
The Acrobat

It's just a song from Death Of Lovers
In His Time

Aberf - Abe is my nickname, rf is my initial
18El Stew
The Rehersal

el_newg - comes from my name. actually it was inspired by a user on this site, redskyformiles who changed to Athom, I used their same naming convention
Dead Generation

Pangea - pangea is a prehistoric supercontinent. i picked it because i love prehistoric stuff and i think it's a cool name
What Kind Of Creature Am I?

tictactoe - Back in, like 2001 when AOL Instant Messenger began booming, I wanted the name 'tictactoe' (dunno why) but it was obviously taken so I fired from the hip and changed the first 'i' to an 'e' and I've been rocking that shit ever since.
21Mr. Bungle

Ars Moriendi - Mine is just a Mr. Bungle song
22DC Fallout

Drifter - I was trying to think of a username for this here website and wanted to make it a reference to something and one of the first things I thought of was The Lonesome Drifter from Fallout New Vegas so I just shortened it and went with that.
23Steaksauce Mustache

SteakByrnes - Steak is a nickname from high school because of a funny xbox gamertag my friends and I found on his xbox that I would always use (plus I love steak so it fits), and Byrnes is my last name so I just shove them together
24Type O Negative
The Origin of the Feces

Into the Pit - Your mother's vagina
25The Heartbroken
Tonight Tonight

Keyblade - from a name i made when i was 16 on neoseeker or some shit trying to beat a part of kingdom hearts
Scream Bloody Gore

Deez - I took it from a guy. Hes dead now. I took everything from him.
27Vanilla Ice
Cool As Ice

Icebloom - Uhm, I think I tried Icebox first, as a reference to a lyric from Interpol's Leif Erikson (my then favourite song), but that name was already taken. So I sort of combined it with Night-Blooming Cereus from Protomartyr (also one of my favourite songs) and got Icebloom as a name, which I thought sounded cool

Doesn't really make any sense but yeah
28Twelve Foot Ninja
Silent Machine

Ninjahague - i like ninjas + last name

i was like 8

somehow stuck

still like ninjas tho
How Am I Not Myself

NOTINTHEFACE - This has been my default screen name since I was playing Unreal Tournament in 1999. I got it from a cartoon playing around that time called The Tick. I wish it weren't in all caps but I can't be bothered to go to the forums and change it.
30Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jones - DinosaurJones was my nickname in high school, and I was in high school when I made this account...

13 years ago.
31Thomas Newman

rellik009 - basically:

-Take the word "killer"

-Reverse it

-Add 009 on the end of it.

That is how you create bad usernames.
32Oulu Space Jam Collective
The Lotus-Eaters

dctarga - The only irl nickname I had was from the regulars that I played pick-up hoops with, one of the dudes called me Bogut at one point becasue Andrew Bogut (NBA player) had this medium length floppy hair and beard thing going on and I had the same look apparently, also at the time all I could really do was run around and grab rebounds so it just stuck. I'm only 5'11'' though so I always thought it was odd lol.

The first pair of DC Shoes I bought was the "Targa" model so I just put that together when signing up for whatever my first online account was and I've used it for everything else since.
Satan Goes To Heaven To Destroy The Kingdom Of God

alamo - its my last name
34Bat For Lashes
Fur and Gold

BAT - my nicknames actually tab buut gonna plead the fifth as to why mines bat here. its a acronym of my super embarassing 12yo sheezyart/deviantart account, people i met thru that just started calling me tab and it stuck. legally i'm daniel so dan /danny are common
The Black Album

JayEnder - Mines just my first and last name squished together. Real creative ik ik
36Satan's Almighty Penis
Into the Cunt of Chaos

Willy - Mine was originally WillieFisterbut which originates with my gamer tag for the original X-Box live service (it lasted years until I finally got caught for the name violating the terms of service). How it came about originally? Drunk and trying to figure out a gamer tag so I could kill some motherfuckers.
37Ex Deo

madrigral30 - 3rd grade. my username came from roman choral music tho

SaveBandit - The Office is my favorite show, so I literally just grabbed the first obscure reference I could think of and ran with it. It's been my username on a handful of things for the past year or two.
Nebula / Lowrider

R6Rider - Back in ‘06 I got my first motorcycle - Yamaha R6.

I’ve hated the name ever since and should have shortened it to R6 back when the core guys here were doing it to their screen names.
40Frédéric Galliano & The African Divas
Frédéric Galliano & The African Divas

Divaman - My wife is a singer. She's the diva, and I'm her man.
41Joshua Fit For Battle
Bring Out Your Dead

Josh D. - my name is Josh
42Chocolate Genius

notagenius - my sputnikname is "notagenius"
while people also me myself think it is "not a genius",
actually it has a hidden meaning which stands for "not only talking about (the) genius"
as a motto for myself to do my own stuff while talking about others' achievement.
43Bloodhound Gang
Hefty Fine

neekafat - I once had a dog (a beautiful Siberian husky) named Neeka and she was a bit chunky in her later years
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