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In Defense Of My Fives

I decided to go through all the albums I gave a 5/classic rating to and ask why I thought they rrdeserved the rating. (Note: I did a quick re-evaluation of my 5s over the summer but this rwas rmuch deeper since I already weeded out the ones that clearly didnt rbelong) Its pretty rmuch rimpossible for a band to have 2 classic albums, only if they completely changed their rsound ror something rreally drastic. In fact, the only songwriter to appear here twice is rrTomas rKalnoky. I ended up swapping out a couple albums from rthe same group and radding a rcouple more. Just to clarify how I rrate 5s- though a couple here are based on rmusical rgreatness ralone, most of them are based on influence so unless a new rrelease is rrunbelievably amazing Ill hold off on giving it a 5 for a few years to see if it really deserved it. rrAlso a not as good album rwith a shitload of influence can get a 5 from me. Recs would be rrnice.
1Arcade Fire

Pretty much the defining album for the current indie generation.
2Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am....

(Added) Added because of its influence on both the English and Internet
music scene. One of the first bands to make it due to the web and now
theyve matured into a well respected group.
3Between the Buried and Me

Some of the finest guitar work and incredible songwriting in metal. Even
though Im no longer really into metal I still enjoy listening to this
4Big D and the Kids Table
Strictly Rude

Big D combine ska with dub and make one of the most unique and
interesting ska records of all time.
5Bob Marley and the Wailers
Catch a Fire

Bob Marley added a little rock influence to his classic reggae sound and put
out one of the best records of all time. Exodus may have the popular songs,
but the ones here are better.
6Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run

Pretty much the classic working class America album. The songs on here,
the stories they tell, and the emotions felt through them are incredible
7Built to Spill
Keep it Like a Secret

This one has influenced so many indie rock albums since it came out. Built to
Spill found the perfect mix of the straight forward pop rock of Theres
Nothing Wrong With Love and the jam rock of Perfect From Now On.
8Catch 22
Keasbey Nights

Tomas Kalnoky took everything that ska groups had been doing for 15
years, combined it all in Keasbey Nights and made it perfect
9Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan

This one didnt change the world. Well to be more accurate, it barely even
sold. But its still one of greatest post-punk albums of the century- an album
that runs perfectly from start to end with the perfect amount of
experimentation and completely catchy and addicting.
The Marshall Mathers LP

This one re-defined rap to the public, bringing with it a ton of controversy
and radio airplay.
11LCD Soundsystem
Sound of Silver

(removed) Its good, but its not as ground breaking as the first LCD album
and wont be remembered as much as the third.
12LCD Soundsystem
This is Happening

(Added) When people look back on the dance-punk movement, this will be
defining record. Its about equal musically to Sound of Silver but the story
behind it will help preserve its legacy better.
13Modest Mouse
This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To..

(removed) If it was as great as the high points throughout the whole album it
wouldve easily earned the 5, but as it is it just isnt good enough.
14Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica

(added) Modest Mouse take their sound and make it just a little bit more poppy. The
mood is set perfect by end of the first couple songs and only grows by the
end. Very few albums actually pull that off.
Origin of Symmetry

Most of the classic Muse songs are on this one. It?s a better listen from
start to finish than Absolution so it gets the 5.
OK Computer

Pretty much the perfect collection of songs put in the perfect order with a
perfect interlude. One of my top 3 easily of all time.
17Streetlight Manifesto
Somewhere in the Between

(Removed) This one was a five because taken out of context of history I
prefer the songs here to Everything Goes Numb, but thats not what the 5
rating is all about.
18Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

(Added) Tomas took Keasbey Nights, made it heavier, faster, slower, more
melodic, more intense, and then included some of the best lyrics ever
19Sum 41
All Killer No Filler

The album title doesnt lie. (Though they admittedly completely ran out of
killer pretty quickly after this one). Pretty much the best album of the Pop-
punk/mall-punk scene and one of the albums most closely associated with
my middle school music tastes.
20The Crystal Method

Musically it has plenty of flaws, but look at other electronic music when this
came out and look back at this then look at electronic now. It deserves the
21The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

The Lips finish the ideas they beautifully started on Soft Bulletin. One of
best layered and composed albums of the last 20 years.
22The National
High Violet

The National found their voice and broke big into the indie mainstream.
Shoutout to whoever wrote the first review for this one on this site for
convincing me to finally listen to this group.
23The Shins
Oh, Inverted World

(added) One of the albums most easily associated with Indies ironic rise to
mainstream. Not just cause of that silly movie quote (though ill admit it
helped). At least for me, this is associated with the start of the 00s
independent movement.
24The Strokes
Is This It

Look at the scene this one album pretty much created. All amazing tracks
definitely helps it case.
25The White Stripes

I might be a little biased since this was the first album I bought with my
own money, but its the most perfect combo of garage rock, blues, and pop
ive ever heard- even if the middle is a little flat.
26We Are Scientists
With Love and Squalor

My favorite album from the post-punk scene that sadly (for me at least)
seems to be coming to a dying end. This one catchy as fuck and fun filled all
the way through

The album that defined everyone?s mid teens-early 20s (starting 5 years
after it came out) So much honest frustration and awesome songwriting all
in one.
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

(Added) Musically I stand by my original 4.5, but the fact that they got
dropped by their label, released this and got famous really shows the start
of a large shift in the music industry.
29Yo La Tengo
I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

So many influeneces on indie rock, so it wouldn?t be fair for it to not be a 5
30Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

The classic indie album of the 90s. Jeff Mangums masterpiece is often
imitated but those imitations rarely come close to how great this one is.
31Of Montreal
Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

Each Of Montreal album grows bigger and more in your face. This one had
the perfect amount of pop, funk, and craziness and is probably the best
indie pop album. The ones after this are just too much.
32Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

Probably the only album here that doesnt need an explanation. So ill just
leave it at that
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