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The 24 Most Influential Albums On My Life

This is a chronological (for the most part) list of the most influential and life changing albums throughout the course of my musical life. I rorganized it by my approximate age as well (Im 20 now). Seeing as music is my favorite thing and the biggest part of my life right now I rthought it would be interesting to look back and see which albums shaped the music I have come to listen to today. This is NOT a list of rmy favorite albums. I made that list last october, and it has since changed a ton since then. This is also not a list of my favorite albums in rorder throughout the years, but rather the albums I feel changed my musical tastes and helped me grow as a music performer and rlistener of music. For that reason ralbums that I loved and still love today that never really lead to me getting into a genre are not listed r(the best example of this is Bob Marley's Catch a Fire - I casually listen to reggae but never got super into it). If you're curious my rfavorite genres started with Radio Rock (up to the start of this list), went to Classic Rock, then Metal, then Punk and Alternative, then Indie rand Dance. Right now my favorite genres rare Ska, Dance Punk, and Indie Rock. I am also in an Indie Rock band and produce some relectronic music for fun.
1Alien Ant Farm

(12 Years Old)
One of the first full albums I got from Kazaa (when it was still half legal). I remember
being amazing at how fast Smooth Criminal was. The song 'Wish' was the heaviest thing
Id ever heard, so it was my go to "freak out my parents" track for a year or so.
2The White Stripes

The first album I ever bought. This was unlike anything I had ever heard, and I loved it. I imagined the
band having 5 members, with all the sound coming from my speakers. "Ball and Biscuit' and 'Seven
Nation Army' (of course) were my two favorites.
3Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

The first big band I got in on before my friends. This was such an intense album at the time,
took over as my rebel soundtrack. "Shut up when Im talking to you" was the closest thing to a
'fuck you' I had ever heard in a music. My friends mom was literally shocked when we played
this in her car.
Demon Days

My dad gave me this one when I got my first iPod. This was probably the first album I liked where that
feeling lasted through the years. This opened the door to so many new genres of music, such as Rap,
Electonic, and World music.
5Green Day
American Idiot

(13 Years Old)
My introduction to "punk". More the attitude that was foreign to me at the time. Bands singing
about topics that concerned them was new to me, and even though my friends gave me shit for
liking the liberal(ish) band, it was something I really like and was completely new to me
6The Presidents of the USA
The Presidents of the USA

My first taste of disappointment and of a singles band. After listening to the song 'Peaches'
almost non-stop the last two weeks, I decided to buy this. Only 3 out of the 17 or so songs
were good, a big wake up call. Also important because Peaches inspired me and my friends
to start my first band (we sucked, there are some pretty embarassing myspace vids)
7Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

An amazing thing happened right before my freshman year in HS. I found my parents
record player and all the old records. Although "Are you Experienced" was the first one
played, this is the first one I fell in love with. I was introduced to the world of melody
based music (as opposed to talent based) and loved going through the rest of the Pink
Floyd collection.
8The Automatic
Not Accepted Anywhere

(14 Years Old)
The first Post-Punk album I listened to. I really liked the mix of dance, punk, and alternative. This and
showbiz were on the same day. Probably the best day of my life.

Muse had always been one of my dad's favorite bands, but I didn't get into them for the longest
time. After hearing this album that changed, forever chaning my musical tastes.
Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

(15 Years Old)
The first metal core band I loved. The heavy guitars mixed with the dark and meaningful lyrics were
new and fasicnating to me. I was so bummed when they sold out.
11As I Lay Dying
Shadows Are Security

Another early metal album of mine. I really like the fast break downs and
melodic guitar parts.
12The Strokes
Is This It

(16 Years Old)
My first taste of the indie/hipster scene. At the time, this was completely different than anything
else I was in to.
13The Unseen
Internal Salvation

My first Punk album. I never got super into the punk scene (although I still enjoy the music
from time to time), but this one lead me straight into Ska.
14Big D and the Kids Table
Strictly Rude

My first ska album. One of my favorite genres right now, I love everything about ska and this
album is still a perfect snapshot of the genre and the city of Boston.
15Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan

The first "undiscovered" band I really got in to. Disappointment followed when they
never got big and ended up breaking up after an album that did not live up to this one

(17 Years Old)
I discovered this band a couple months before 'Dont Trust Me' dropped. I loved the mix of
electronic, rap, and post-hardcore. Spent all of my senior year of Hs blasting this album
whenever I drove people around. People loved it, and I felt responsible for making the
17Between the Buried and Me

Ironically this one has more to do with my departure from the Metal scene. I
realized that I loved the metal parts, but was really waiting for the slower
melodic secions most of the time. Kinda facilitated my transition to indie
music and stuff like Muse.
18Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

(18 Years Old)
The first indie album I gave my ex before she had it. I got into "indie rock" music faster than any
other genre, picking up on it in about a month. That feat kinda proved to myself that I was on the
right path of music discovery.
19Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

From the first few notes of this album, I knew it was something special.
Cemented my love for ska, and got me really interested in the scene itself.
20Of Montreal
Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

This one is important not only because of how great the album is itself, but
mainly because the playlist created off songs from this lead me to discover
Crystal Castles on Pandora.
21Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles

The first electronic record I really liked. Ironic too, as it has been self-
described as a electonic record for people who don't like electonic music.
Not immeadiately impactful, but I would later be very grateful for finding this
22Dr. Dre

Got me into rap. Before this I thought rap was generic and lame - it was almost as
low on my musical scale as Pop and Country. 'Forgot About Dre' changed that for
good. Opened up listening to more conscious stuff like Talib Kweli as well.
Kid A

I know, I got into them really late. Believe it not, I used to consider myself to dislike
Radiohead. (Coming from someone who now owns most their B-sides, I thought OK
Computer was boring the first time I heard it, thinking only Paranoid Andoid was
"okay") But this one was on non-stop Freshman year in college- especially 'National
24LCD Soundsystem
Sound of Silver

(19 Years Old)
The most recent life changing album. After hearing about these guys non stop I finally
decieded to listen to 'All My Friends'. I loved it, and have since got into the DFA scene.
I have started taking electronic based music much more seriously, and have recently
started DJing.
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