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Words/phrases/things I Hate

A bad TV show and a stupid faux-word used by shit eaters.

Was this word featured in an episode of The Hills or something? Might explain its popularity amongst airheads

People use literally to mean figuratively , its fucking annoying. To give an example that Sputnik may relate to: saying that your legs literally turned to jelly when Jesse Lacey made eye contact with you is incorrect
4worth the price of admission

Stop saying this in reviews. I've seen it quite a bit on this site and it's a dumb, lazy cliche and just imagine how dumb you would sound if you said it in real life. (in the record store), ?hey dude, check out this album! The title track alone is worth the price of admission!
5memes in general

Saying stuff like "bad album is bad" should be punishable by death. Saying 'bad list is bad' in the comments section of this list will merely elicit a contemptuous smirk from yours truly, because that is predictable and I am better than you

this is stupid and old, please stop saying it

'imma' instead of 'i'm going to'. if you use this term then i know its safe to disregard your opinions on just about everything
8people that point at themselves while posing for photographs

probably most of the people on this site

People that wear band t-shirts but DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE BAND. Like a girl in my class that was wearing a Pixies t-shirt but sadly didn't appear to know much about them at all. This kind of thing makes me sad

The epitome of douchebaggery, this show is one of the most laughably lame and overrated things ever created. If you watch it, you have no taste.
11Modern cartoons

The 80?s and 90?s classics piss all over this modern shit that my little brother and sister watch. I?m talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mighty Max, Dexters Laboratory, Doug, Ren and Stimpy, and the Simpsons back when it was still awesome

People that constantly cry to their mods about how they got troll negged. WHO GIVES A FUCK? WHY DO YOU GIVE A FUCK? Here, have another neg for being a pussy
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