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Miss You Guys

Cause I made a list of 100 Users way back when so I'ma do it again. Don't have the time to come on here and ramble as often as I'd like so I decided to tell you all how awesome you are with a list. Astonishing(ly embarassing?) how easy it was to grab a list of 100. I might even have been able to do 2. Cheers

Adash - Give the guy contrib already jeez. Sweet taste in all things electronic
2 Blut
Think Tank

AggravatedYeti - Hey buddy. We'll meet someday, but in the meantime keep
keepin it real on the facebookz
3laura stevenson
sit resist

Aids - Perhaps my first facebook friend from sputnik -- onea the mezz founders and
constant good guy got crowned sputnikmadness champion and contributors? No
longer underground
Boris At Last - Feedbacker

Angelofdeath - Chillin with this connoisseur of all things is always good. Enjoy his
views on nonmehtul musics and food and alcohol. See ya at Stetson
Blackwater Park

Apollo - He thought I lumped him with ins?? lolol we chill no worries
6William Shatner
Has Been

Atavanhalen - Arrogant and with weird music taste. But insightful and very much
his own man.
7 Trophy Scars
Alphabe Alphabets

Balcaen - Beautiful girl with very eclectic taste. Glad the boys stopped stalking her
cause they took things (way) too far. In other news, yes, I can still beat you at
smash bros

BigHans - Miss this "get off my lawn" old rawker. Congrats on the new kid mang
lunatic harness

Breakingthefragile - Chill, relax and go with it. Don't let your passions get the best
of you and don't feed the trolls lil man.

Brostep - I was glad this guy got contrib'd cause he covers a lot of stuff I like.
Don't know much else about him but coolcool keep at it
palm beach

ButcheredChildren / Eclecticist - lol butchered
12Mac Lethal
The Original 11:11 Sessions

Casablanca - Sobhi got this guy contrib'd despite next to no previous reviews and
he used his connections to step up so far. More hip-hop coverage ++
13 Sigur Ros

Celestial Dust - Somehow still haven't met this guy (shrugs). We have good
sporadic talks about (not) meeting up
14Schoolboy Q
Habits and Contradictions

Chambered in all his forms - O Sam baby. You've helped me through jams but
you're so lost in your own shit sometimes you worry me. Life is worth living man,
please realize
15The Clash
London Calling

Clercqie - Give the guy contrib already jeez. Sweet taste in all things electronic
16Between the Buried and Me

Climactic - Youngin's always on point. I'd say lets meet up but that whole 25 - 17
age gap thing is like uhhhh well keep enjoying high school life.
17Alice in Chains

Coneren - Oh cone. You wild thing you. Thanks for keeping sput interesting
18Tau Tau

Conradtao - boy stop it. You're making the rest of us look bad.
19Ireary Ramyu Ramyu
15 Yr Old Druggie Cousin in Acid Heaven

Curseworship - Chill homie's chill
20Elliott Smith
From a Basement on the Hill

Darthmann - You weirdo. So entertaining. As far as young australian guys I talked
to occasionally on the internet, you're near the top.
21Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Deviant. - This guy changed the site. Some would argue he's an arrogant dick (he
is), but I miss his presence, his snootiness because goddamit he's always on point
and is electro so ++
El Cielo

DFelon204409 - Greer's kinda a legend around these parts. Come back mang
23Beastie Boys
Licensed to Ill

Dnor - Microsoft Paint Master -- good talks a while back. Someday I'll chill with
you, fountain, hanson.
24Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
I See a Darkness

Drsmith4 - Hard to gauge exactly. Interesting, bizarre. I don't think he is right now
where he wants to be with life n stuff. I'm always there to chat mang
25Iggy Pop
Lust for Life

Eaglesbecomevultures - He's taken to mezz lately, in the new wave of people I just
flat out don't know. Good stuff though mostly I think.
26Animal Collective

Electric City - Kind-hearted, easy going young man who never visits nyc anymore
='( . Yo I got a backyard your band can play in in Bushwick now forreal.
27DC Talk
Jesus Freak

Emim - Mimsy is a nice guy. Needs a bit thicker of skin perhaps but so do many
El Cielo

FlawedPerfection - Tyler's kinda a legend around these parts. Come back mang
29DJ Shadow
The Private Press

Foreverendeared - Blurry in real life? Maybe. Always coming through with solid
insights, Will's been around and has a lot of light to shed and a beautiful
perspective from which to shed it. This user will always be relevant
30Say Anything a real boy

foxxxy - o cole you funny
31brand new
your favorite weapon

fromdahood - lol @ that time you were "afraid i was gonna rape you". ook lil man.
keep hailing to the conquering heroes/victors/michigan/etc
32the knife
silent shout

gyromania - this guy forms very serious emotional connections with so many people
it's tough to maintain. we all go through our trials and tribulations -- best of luck in
33cradle of filth
dusk... and her embrace

Hawks - cause 'list = digs'
34bob dylan
blood on the tracks

Iai - Butler's been around forever. And he's still around and kicking. Always a good
guy to hear from
35Mobb Deep
The Infamous

Illmitch - The rap man from mich i gan was the first in a line of mezzers i didn't
know. Now I know mitch, which is cool.
36trophy scars
never born, never dead

Iluvatar - O john. You .. I mean, well. You sure are one entertaining dude
37Big L
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous

Intothepit / Frankredhot / etc - You gotta miss this ridiculous alt freak's shenanigans.
38Minus the Bear
Planet of Ice

Inveigh - It's like I wanna chat with him and get to know him, but I have nothing to
say. Why don't I ever have anything to say?
39At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Ire - Hey bby you so fine you so fine you blow my mind hey
40Disney Soundtracks
The Lion King

Irving - From grammar check extraordinaire to solid writer. This guy is a music
critic through and through
41Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

ITsHxCTOASTER - Yoo. I enjoy chattin about whatever you have to say, enjoy the
music you have to share and enjoy your internet presence so I'm telling you all
about it .. in a sputnik list.
The Woods

Jash - Keep living the dream and take good care of lil josh for me.
Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?

Kill - So random. Great presence on the site
Fantastic Damage

Kingsoby1 - So your flight got canceled. Still, always enjoy chatting -- surprised
we seem to have so much in common with views on situations
45Husker Du
Zen Arcade

Kiran - Really solid dude -- Dylan Siniscalchi's favorite.
46Various Artists (Noise)
Port Out, Starboard Home

Kitsch - kitschy kitschy yaya. This guy is "objectively an awesome person" -Josh
47Elliott Smith

Klap - Miles' mancrush. I can see why.
48Taylor Swift
Speak Now

Knott - O Adam where art thou?
49Bomb the Music Industry!

Kris - Link master. I was all uhhh about him at first but he's a solid bloke. Ire
convinced me and then I just saw it was true.
50Talking Heads
Remain in Light

Legendofpittman - Another Josh. Nothin but good vibes
51Tangerine Dream

Liberi Fatali - Deviant. alt? Whatever you are, you're a whiz
52James Blake
James Blake

Lucidity - O ali you funny. Enjoy westwood for me
53Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

Luschlotz - Listens to the classics. El viene de peru. Todo bien huey.
54Laura Stevenson
A Record

Maniac! - A strange personality that is self-loathing from lack of regular social
interactions. Sputnik has a strange obsession with this youngin. He's an oddball
sure, but he means well in the end.
55Flying Lotus
Los Angeles

Maskatthemasquerade - Ey neighbor. It's been too long ye

MassiveAttack - I still revere Marko's opinions on like everything. Wonder what he's
doing now?
Maggot Brain

Med57 - His Kid A review was like whoa. Helped bring me to the site.
58Richie Hawtin
DE9 | Transitions

Mindleviticus - mindlesticks listens to awesome music, feeds trolls sometimes, is
true to himself always. Also he kinda looks like my friend alex.
Moon Safari

Mothercountry - Caz sought me out and we chatted a bunch. Stay schemin nigga
60Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Mynameischan - One of those I admire from far (shh don't tell anyone)
Slanted and Enchanted

Nigelh - Makes good music, adds good vibes, has lotsa positive energy. If he
wasn't from Minnesota, he'd have a lot going for him.

Omaha - For some reason I want to dislike him, but I just don't have any reason to.
He's a very good writer, he's (a little too) clean cut which translates to a different
lifestyle than I can imagine. Keep doing you, i s'pose
63john frusciante
smile from the streets you hold

pixiesfanyo - Another of those legends. What does Jarred do now anyways?
Liquid Swords

plane - i remember an acid trip told me to start talking to this guy. one of the few
positives that came out of that trip. Very warm and loving energy from this
perceptive music-listener / fun loving man.
65animal collective
merriweather post pavilion

polymath - love you lil man even though you ditched me for jash and aids.
66Al Green
Let's Stay Together

Ponton - I like to think he's still floating around here somewhere. Couplea good
talks before he dropped off the universe

Porkchopexpress - Onea those new guys postin a lot on fb. Seems like a solid bloke

psykonaut - miss you
69lil wayne
tha carter iv

qwe3 - miss you [2]
70pink floyd

rasputin - what a beast. Fly on you bird cage you
the mantle

recspecs - paging dr sarazine. it's friday night and you're wasted. always
72love american

redskyformiles - i hope you start that venue man. you're charismatic and smart.
good things are in your future i can feel it.

rev - sometimes this album still gets me. i know we were closer and it's my fault i
dropped off. hope all is still well.

robertsona - insightful youngin's insightful
75various artists
the best of grover

romulus - newly made contrib. word up mr sesame street mang
76The menzingers
on the impossible past

Satellite - userbase took a hit when he stopped posting.
77the arrogant sons of bitches
three cheers for disappointment

Scoot - Canada represent
hurry up, we're dreaming

Seaanemone - Sharp dude. After a long battle, we're facebook friends. joke about
that time i went to baltimore cause it doesn't get old
79boards of canada
music has the right to children

sehguh - sexy voice. awesome music taste. this a real nigga
80judas priest

sgtpepper (paperbackwriter?) - hope all is well in the personal life man. stay strong
81massive attack

silentpotato - my first friend on here. he's developed a negative reputation
recently but he's still only 1 year removed from a sputnikmadness championship so
pay your respects to the man who doesn't stop posting
82king fantastic
finger snaps and gun claps

sockhead - half dozen comments already? word
moving pictures

sonictheplumber - fantastic character, better person. always asks me the right
questions and always sheds light on bleak situations
southern air

sowingseason - corny, but consistent. and such a nice guy
85the flaming lips
the soft bulletin

tarkus - lots of interesting conversations. very worldly for your age. stay young
and that independence from home will come. cherish the free time while you still
have it.
86circa survive
blue sky noise

taxidermist - you stay classy san diego
87hollywood undead
swan songs

theacademy - dude. we should chill again soon. i'll be more normal i swear
88la dispute
somewhere at the bottom of the river...

tkxxx7 - mare mare mare

trebor - i didn't like rob at first, but he's won me over. he's kind and charismatic. i
give him a hard time cause i care about him forreal.

twlichty - electro baller
91catch 22
keasbey nights

tyraelxy - ty's got a unique perspective on things. He doesn't half ass anything
and is a quality user forsure
92beastie boys
paul's boutique

urinetrouble - soft first impression, but this 4chan user knows a lot about a variety
of things, brings a lot to the table you don't notice at first.
sing the sorrow

vesper - 'love your hate'. i miss you neighbor
94talking heads
stop making sense

wabbit -
viva la vida

waior - charisma flowing through his veins. he's moved onto better places
probably. still will be missed. the contrib class of knott, klap, waior is missing 1
96bubblegum octopus
the album formerly known as

washboardsuds - top 5 electronic music taste. always positive, always a pleasure
97 future islands
in the evening air

weepingbanana - fountain crew standing tall
98mono / worlds end girlfriend
palmless prayer / mass murder refrain

xenophanes - xeno for contrib! o wait, he's already a major staff voice. ok cool
carry on
99coheed and cambria
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

yazz_flute - guy used to crack me up. i don't remember why
100the flaming lips
yoshimi battles the pink robots

yotimi - tim .. yo-shi-mi .. yo-tim-mi . get it? get it? (also baller user)
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