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i've been listening to death metal heavily for many years now, and it's rcome to the point where i've heard just about everything there is to hear rbarring some more old demo material and whatever new comes out. rthere are a lot of lists out there ranking top death metal bands/best ralbums blah blah blah but who cares. i wanted to make a list of what my rsubjective favorites are because ranking anything objectively is pretty rpointless. so here are my top 25 favorite death metal albums and the best track from each ralbum (so you can check it out) as of April 1st 2013.
The Entity

iceland only had one death metal band ever and they were fucking awesome. literally no one ever talks about this
album and i have no idea why because it's better than 90% of the shit they listen to. gloomy and evil is just the
way i like it and even though the production is like over the top muddy it's still got more riffs than iceland has
volcanoes (and that's a lot of riffs let me tell you). FAVORITE TRACK: Vivisection
24Dead Congregation
Graves of the Archangels

barring the fact that i hate the way the drums are mixed this album does have riffs forever and goes for a
sort of mediterranean evil atmosphere that rules very hard. some people say this is incantation worship but i
say those people are fucking retards because this sounds nothing like incantation. it's pure hellenic death
metal with some black metal ideas mixed in and its fucking awesome. FAVORITE TRACK: Vanishing Faith
23Dark Millennium
The Apocryphal Wisdom

morbus chron listened to this band exclusively before the made their last record and just copied what they heard,
but god damn does this band rule. pure doomy death metal with some of the best vox you'll ever hear. black
literature has one of the best riffs ever on it and it has that gloomy tape fuzz that i love so much about demo
albums. germany doesnt do much but when they do they succeed with flying colors. FAVORITE TRACK: Evil
Whispers/Black Literature
Musta Seremonia

seriously the heaviest album ever recorded. the only reason i dont listen to this more often is because i
can only really listen to it over my stereo to get the full effect, headphones just dont cut it. i would
literally give up my ability to reproduce to have this record on vinyl. FAVORITE TRACK: Kadonneet
Screams of Anguish

Death Shall Rise

basic, no frills death metal with simple riffs and james murphy solos. why is it so good then? i have no fucking idea but
for some reason every song on this album is infectious, and the vocalist has the most pure evil voice ive ever heard.
another album that i find myself grooving to the vox almost as much as i do the riffs (if you dont actually enjoy listening
to death metal vox you shouldnt be listening to death metal). tasteless incest is like the cheesiest death metal song ive
ever heard but it rules so god damn hard, i feel bad ever time i headbang along to KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY. FAVORITE
TRACK: Tasteless Incest
Convocation of Crawling Chaos

a record so good that the band has decided to stop playing probably because they realized they would never top this.
if it werent for that god awful sounding kick drum this would be ranked much higher but if you had listened to this
before knowing where the band was actually from the finland would have certainly been your first guess. the closing
track is one of the best death metal closers of all time and the riffs are pretty much all perfect. FAVORITE TRACK:
Deathless Ascension
World Without God

Finnish death metal was many things for many bands but for pretty much all of them it was vile and putrid in a way
that no other scene really ever captured in the same way. this record is probably the dirtiest thing i've ever heard
and sounds like what rotting flesh being eaten by disease ridden rats probably sounds like.
Like An Everflowing Stream

in the big 4 of swedish death metal (entombed, unleashed, dismember, and grave) this is probably the best
album out of the bunch. it perfectly exemplifies swedish death metal's heavy roots in hardcore punk and riffs
so hard throughout the entire album. plus of all the HM-2 records out there this one sounds the best
production wise. FAVORITE TRACK: Bleed for Me
Here In After

i used to think that Close to a World Below was my favorite Immolation record but after giving this its due time
recently i've come to the conclusion that this is the best. rob vigna is a genius and easily one of the top 3 best
death metal guitarists of all time and there just isn't a record out there that has as many dismal breakdowns
and fucked up tempo changes as this. not to mention the lyrics are amazing too because ross dolan and his
glorious mane is one of the best dm vocalists ever. also the drumming rules too. fuck me this should have
probably been higher. FAVORITE TRACK: Burn With Jesus
The Erosion of Sanity

i think this is the only death metal record i have 5'd but i 5 things for weird reasons that im not going to
explain because i dont care if you know, but i listen to this record less than i should for how fucking good it
is. that's why it's not in the first spot because this is a list of my subjective favorites and albums i listen to
the most. still, i think this is the best gorguts and one of the best death metal albums of all time and
gorguts is the only real tech death band you should ever listen to. FAVORITE TRACK: Condemned to
The Sum of All Fossils

i dont really know what it is about this record that i love so much but it's one of the only "forward thinking"
death metal albums i really truly love listening to. the production is organic and dirty and not that bullshit clean
pussy shit that's on most tech stuff and its not really technical at all so thats probably why i like it. the vox rule a
lot too. FAVORITE TRACK: By Which We're Cemented
13Solstice (USA-FL)

i dont really care for thrash all that much. singing is gay and death metal does everything thrash tried to do only
heavier and better. but when death and thrash come together (assuming one isnt already an extension of the other) it
most of the time turns out pretty good. this album, however, fucking kills. its non-stop pissed off agression for the
entire album and when rob barrett yells SUCK IT on the second track i want to punch people in the fucking face. hard
jams for when my temper is over the edge. FAVORITE TRACK: Cleansed of Impurity

before chuck went all technical on us but was still headed in that direction he gave us the best album of his career.
the riffs come forever, it has the best drumming ever on a death metal record, and the production is the best of
death's career. i dont want to hear this bullshit about symbolic being a better record because its not and you're
wrong. the only objective truth on this list is that human is the best death record. FAVORITE TRACK: Together as

there is a lot of finnish death metal on here because it is my favorite regional death metal scene by far. a very high
contender for most riffs on an album ever, psychostasia is top class death metal and absolutely essential. again, i
paid almost $60 to get the original 7" of The Spring of Recovery because it has the best album art of all time, but
Psychostasia is still a better album. FAVORITE TRACK: Heroes in a Godly Blaze
The Ending Quest

forget left hand path, this is the best swedish death metal record. the best melodies ever recorded on a death
metal album are on this record and even though the production is kind of shit the music more than makes up
for that fact. actually the only thing i really dont like is the drums because they arent high enough in the mix but
still it doesnt really detract from the album. FAVORITE TRACK: Sea of Silence

if aliens came to earth and asked me what the best music was and i showed them death metal and then they
made a record of their own this is what it would sound like. to this day riffs like this have still never been
replicated. it's one of those rare albums that's so good no one even attempts to rip it off and if they did they
would be sacrificed to dagon before they ever released a record. FAVORITE TRACK: Inherited Bowel

the most cult demo ever recorded, the vocalist actually says roar within the first minute of the record so it's
impossible not to like. as the retard in the deathcore turntable room commented "it sounds like it was
recorded in a sewer" and even though he is a cunt and didnt realize that that is a good thing he was still
right. im positive this was actually recorded in a sewer and the initial sample was just background noise from
a hobo watching prince of darkness on a portable tv set. FAVORITE TRACK: Pray for Death
7Morbid Angel

this is morbid angel's best album hands down. it takes everything that was good about the first two and
puts them together flawlessly and riffs for all eternity. sorry pissbore but angel of disease is better on this
album. FAVORITE TRACK: Rapture
Transcendence Into The Peripheral

the first two tracks on this album are basically untouchable, no band has ever put two songs together
that are as back to back good as these. basically the epitome of the kind of vile putrid death metal that
is my favorite ever. also one of the only albums ive ever heard where i think the triggered drums actually
benefit the album, and coming from me thats pretty high fucking praise. FAVORITE TRACK: The Tree of
Life and Death
The Sleep of Morbid Dreams

This was one of the first death metal albums i ever heard actually, and i ended up finding a copy of it in
the used section of my local record store (whoever traded that in is a retard but im glad they did). so
many riffs and evil and the doomy parts are the best ever. i love this band so much i literally drove 13
hours to see them in new york, once again folks thats dedication you just cant buy. FAVORITE TRACK:
Nex Monumentum
Beyond the Veil

the single most underrated death metal album of all time. the songwriting here is
better than pretty much any death metal album you can name and the keys are
amazing. i voluntarily listen to the interludes even out of album context because
they're that good, especially mortal at last. get this now if you havent ever heard it,
its the best. FAVORITE TRACK: In His Grip
Consuming Impulse

Martin Van Drunen is master and this is the best vocal performance of his career. not to
mention the riffs are amazing and thats all that matters. i seriously mostly listen to this album
for the vox though drunen is so fucking amazing, especially on dehydrated where hes all like
PEELING THE FLESH FROM A CORPSE god damn this album rules. and faggot who says this is
death/thrash is either inbred or the product of a failed medical experiment FAVORITE TRACK:
The Trauma

i fucking love this album. every riff is the best thing ever, the production is perfect, and vocals
rule, and i listen to this probably more than any other death metal album i own. FAVORITE TRACK:
The Spawn of a Dying Kind
Silence of the Centuries

this is my favorite all time death metal band regardless of whether or not they ever put out a full-length or
not. It's gloomy and mournful and evil and i love every second of it. hell i payed almost $60 just to get an
original copy of a Remasquerade 7", that's true dedication folks. FAVORITE TRACK: Sleepy Ocean
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