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Favorite Bands (top 15)

List of my personal favorite bands...not like anyone cares but whatever...the thing is I really only feel like the top 9 (maybe even less) should be on a list like this but I can't think of other bands to replace the rest (either cause I used to like them more than I do now or because I just don't think they're good enough to be my top 15). IDK sometimes I just feel like only the top 4 are worth listening to regularily. So it would be really helpful if maybe people could post some recs for bands that are really good. I listen to a fair amount of music so chances are that I've heard of most bands and briefly listened to them but whatever.
1Nine Inch Nails
The Fragile

Been my favorite band ever since I started listening to music again and probably will be for a long time. The Fragile is my favorite album of all time.
Kid A

A lot of people think they're overrated and I can understand why, I actually used to hate them but a while back something clicked and now thy're my #2

Same as above...For some reason it took me a while to get used to Maynard's voice but again same as above
4 Godspeed You! Black Emporer
F#a# (Infinity)

Easily my favorite Post rock band of all time. Like what I've heard from Sigur Ros so I'll probly check them out soon.
5A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step

Its kind of hard for me to justify them being up this high, ideally they would be lower on this list but haven't found anybody better. 1 good album, 1 great album and 1 shitty album/cover thing.
Never Better

Used to like a couple others more but P.O.S. is now officially my favorite rapper. About 2 years ago or whenever Never Better came out, I bought all 3 of his albums on a whim after hearing only a couple songs, easily one of the best decisions I ever made (music related). I seriously reccomend people check out his first two albums, it seems like a lot of people have only heard Never Better and the others are almost as good

Just got into post metal, and would have to say Isis is my fav, the "growling" was a little annoying at first but I guess it comes with the genre... anyways great band. Also like pelican and Rosetta.

Used to be my favorite rapper but I moved him down because he's released some pretty bad albums, but aside from his several misteps he's still one of the best still in the game today. One of the greatest lyricists in hip hop
The Marshall Mathers LP

On here mostly because of his old stuff, but I even somewhat enjoy relapse (at least its not Encore). but um yeah whatever
10Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine

From here on is what I would like to move off this list, thats not to say that i don't like these bands but yeah. Rage and Audioslave were my favorite bands 2-3 years ago but i've outgrown/overplayed them. Still good stuff though

Most people can't seem to stand this band but I don't think they're terrible...definitely not as orignal as rage and soundgarden but still enjoyable
12 Ministry
Land of Rape and Honey

Great band, only complaint is that their music seems a little thin (if that makes any sense) like its missing something...o well like most of Jourgensen's work (mostly his older stuff)....getting the mind is a terrible thing to taste soon so we'll see how that goes
13 Lupe Fiasco
Food and Liquor

His new album Lasers comes out soon and if its good I might move him up, talented guy, I enjoy his albums would like to see him take the next step up
14 Pelican
The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw

All around quality band but theres only so much you can do with instrumental post metal...seems like they're running out of ideas
Fantastic Planet

Really only on here because I couldn't think of anyone else, but with that aside Fantastic Planet is one of my favorite albums ever, one of the most criminally underated albums and it looks like alot of people on this site would agree with that. Have only heard some of their other stuff doesn't sound quite as good.
Okay so thats my list would def appreciate some RECS
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