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Thespirit's Favorite Albums Pt. I

Part 1 of my favorite albums of all time. Enjoy
1Motley Crue
Too Fast For Love

Too Fast For Love is my absolute favorite record of all time and the album responsible for me falling in love with music. The perfect amalgamation of metal, punk, and pop., that fact that Too Fast For Love is also raw and polished to death gives this album so much swagger and personality that listening to it for the first time is something I will always vividly remember. Too Fast For Love is the ultimate culmination of Motley Crue?s hardships, particularly the young and troubled Nikki Sixx, and it?s this blind passion that didn?t just fuel their energetic performance but makes its impact so damn immediate and lasting. From the opening of seconds of ?Live Wire? to the ending of ?Stick To Your Guns? (the re-release is the only way to go with this one) every single song is perfect -- don?t just take my word for it, Too Fast For Love was one of the most influential albums of the early 80?s and thanks to this gem, the band had a rock solid foundation to build their multi-platinum career upon. Favorite Song(s) ? All of them, but in particular, ?Starry Eyes?( and ?Toast of the Town?(
2All That Remains
For We Are Many

WRONG ALBUM! Not only would many people scoff at having All That Remains on an ?all-time favorites? list, but many would argue that I didn?t even pick the ?right? album. For that I have a little speech prepared: ?Simmer down, faggots?. I love The Fall of Ideals, it was essential in helping me get into heavier music and in its own right it is one of the best modern metalcore albums out there, but for reasons beyond my control For We Are Many is my favorite All That Remains album. With Adam D. urging the band to perform at their best, stylistically For We Are Many is a combination of the bands earlier more melodic death metal driven music and the straightforward metalcore of Overcome. Even though like its predecessor the band puts a lot of emphasis of clean singing, instead of the overly processed drivel of the last album, Phils? vocals sound much more natural and organic here really showing off his great range and one of a kind tone. Overall the album is a nice flow of heavier songs and more mainstream numbers, helping fend of stagnation, and thanks to Adam D. really bringing out these guys latent abililties For We Are Many is an extremely successful modern metalcore effort. Favorite Song(s) ? ?Some of the People, All of the Time?(

One of the best and most influential blackened death metal bands in existence, Angelcorpse?s second album, Exterminate really shows where the band found themselves musically; by all means Hammer of Gods was a mature and well-executed effort but with Exterminate Angelcorpse evolved into a faster, more technical and all around tighter band. Even though the whole album is essentially a blast fest and every song follows a very similar song structure, like AC/DC before them you learn to just not give a fuck. Gene Palubicki?s guitar playing is very inspired by Trey Azagthoth?s both in rhythm and lead aspects; imagine Morbid Angel?s fastest moments doubled in pace and then played just a tad bit faster still and that will give you an idea to how it sounds. These guys are the soundtrack to pure destruction and as far as black/death metal goes, it really doesn?t get much better than this. Favorite Song(s) ? ?Christhammer? ( , ?Phallelujah?(
4 Arcana Coelestia
Le Mirage De L'Ideal

I?m generally not the biggest fan of funeral doom metal, but in the case of Arcana Coelestia and their second album, Le Mirage de L?ideal it?s not very difficult to make an exception; by far this record is one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I have ever heard in my life. Although the use of symphonic elements is more than extensive, the execution is flawless, allowing them to supplement the guitar while creating a truly magnificent backdrop that consists of blissful, dreamlike melodies that could absolutely lose yourself in. The other deciding factor in band?s success is without a doubt the vocals, where vocalist LS for the most part delivers a blend of mid-range screams and gutturals, with the latter technique bearing a strong resemblance to Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt ? a bonus if there ever was one. You may think that vocally it can?t get any better but LS?s greatest weapon are not his devastating bellows but rather his tremendous clean vocals, which despite being sung in an operatic style (something I?m generally not a fan of)are some of the most amazing I?ve ever heard, just full of raw emotion and deep hurt. If you were forced to listen to an album off this list, Arcana Coelestia?s Le Mirage De L?ideal would be the one I most thoroughly recommend as it truly is a doom metal classic that holds its own amongst other famous acts like Esoteric and Mournful Congregation with relative ease. Yes, it?s that fucking good. Favorite Song(s)- Once again all of them but if I HAD to pick ?Duskfall? ( and ??Thus Fade In Nocturnal Deluge? (
Luck of The Corpse

Formed in 1985, not only are Deceased one of death metal?s longest running acts but they are easily one of its best and most consistent; just in 2011 they released their sixth album of progressive death/thrash Surreal Overdose and it didn?t just rule, but it maintained the quality and standards set up by their very first release and one of my personal favorite death metal records ever, Luck of the Corpse. Coming out in 1991, a year in which death metal saw the release of multiple classic records, Deceased?s debut album is a death/thrash classic, one that influenced thousands of young, budding death metal bands. Led by the evil genius /vocalist/drummer Kingsley "King" Fowley, Luck of the Corpse contains 11 songs, all of which are absolutely indispensable. Taking the groove and riff style of thrash but beefing it up considerably and bringing it up to death metal?s demented warp speed pace, guitarists Doug Souther and Mark Adams are easily two of death metal?s most underrated guitarists. Aside from supplying a hoarse and guttural rasp (which is halfway between usual death metal vocals and a hardcore bark), Fowley was far from a ?great? drummer, yet it was his (lack of) percussion skills that made him a force to be reckoned with behind the kit, utilizing his inexperience to create beats and fills that most trained drummers simply would have never thought of. Although on later albums they would stray from the near pure death metal assault they displayed hear, Deceased has always remained a staple in the world of death metal, with their debut album standing a pillar of instruction to guide the genres up and coming players. Favorite Song(s) ? ?Fading Survival? ( and ?Haunted Cerebellum? (
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