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TheSpirit's 2011 Indomitable Extreme Metal Mixtape!!

I was thinking for Pervert the Church that I would start creating mixes of either favorite songs off albums I've posted already or just a bunch of miscellaneous songs from extreme metal bands that I really enjoy. Based on this list, I would like your help in deciding in whether I'm up for the task. This would be my first mix if I decide to do this. If the list blows call me out on it, if it doesn't well yeah you can inform me of that too. Thanks!!
The Abjection

This song pretty much is the perfect representation of where Azarath are now in their career; yes the band may be more polished now then ever but unlike so many others they made a transition into more accessible music really without sacrificing any heaviness. It's obvious there was so much more thought put into the composition of the record overall as instead of just overwhelming you riff after riff of unbridled brutality (a feat Azarth used to pull off quite successfully) there is great sense of atmopshere about this record without it directly being atmospheric. The band this time around gave us more room to breathe and the addition of (SPARSE SPARSE SPARSE) melody really helped elevate this song to one of my favorites from Blasphemer's Malediction. LISTEN -
2Desolate Shrine
Born To Lose Ones Way

Another goto band for me during this year, Desolate Shrine play black/death that also borrows heavily the regional scene that spawned band, Finland. "Born To Lose Ones Day" is an intensely dense song that utilizes both awesome downtuned tremolo riffage and hardcore almost Entombed styled death metal. I think what makes this song so impressive is how they tie in a very occult atmosphere with the whole thing, giving it the perfectly sinister vibe. LISTEN -
Locus Ceruleus

One of the better songs of their debut album Fairytales of Perversion album, Locus Ceruleus sees this Norwegian death/thrash act coming up with some awesome riffs as well as an extremely interesting song structure. Resisting the metal is futile here. LISTEN -

Although Hexis is *technically* a post-hardcore band, the inclusion of "Crux" is very much appropriate for this release. Heavily influenced by extreme metal, particularly black metal and doom, "Crux" begins as a sonic boom, projecting waves of blastbeats over intense and eardrum shatteringly dissonant tremolo guitar. When the doom kicks in, the song transforms from blitzkreig to bowel movement, going by agonizingly slow but building the perfect amount of tension to pick up the pace again by the end of the track. LISTEN -
5Mournful Congregation
The Catechism of Depression

There's a fucking reason why Mournful Congregation are so highly renowned in Funeral Doom; combining majestic and huge melodies with disgustingly deep gutturals and a pace that a snail would smoke, Catechism of Depression is becoming one of my favorite songs from this band. The middle section is absolutely stunning, a great use of harmonized guitars. LISTEN -
6Sonne Adam
I Claim Birth In Blood

Sonne Adam seems to be fairly hit or miss band but personally i really enjoy them; hailing from Israel this death/doom band in my opinion has had a great start with their debut Transformation. This song in particular I find to be pretty kickass; the band utilizes morbid melodies with ease, continuing for the most part at a slower pace (which accentuates the creepy atmosphere the song is just overflowing with). LISTEN (COULD ONLY FIND A LIVE REHEARSAL BUT THE QUALITY IS ACTUALLY VERY GOOD) -
Demon Spore

A great black/death band from Canada (who woooo is releasing a new full-length soon!) this opening song to their EP of this year Revelations In Excrement show some improvements over their past work. Melding a sludgy style of death metal (influenced heavily by early Incantation) with really downtuned black metal riffs, a great reference point for Antediluvian's pure filth would be Portal. DO NOT MISTAKE -- the bands DO NOT really sound similar at all, but both evoke the same chaotic and pitch black atmosphere. LISTEN -

Death metal from Norway (strangely) Execration is a fucking weird ass band, but they definitely make it work for them; utilizing Norway's black metal atmosphere without actually playing black metal, Auction is an awesome track, one that opens with awesome blasting and slow, almost shimmering dissonant guitar riffs. The vocals here range from a super strong guttural growl to a more manic throaty approach that makes the vocalist seem insane (which of course only adds to the song). LINK -
Nebel und Regan

I generally not a fan of melodic/folk black metal at all, but for Dammerfarben i'll make an exception -- these guys can craft some really fucking awesome melodies. Heavy enough to be not be cheesy but melodic enough for anyone to listen to, Im Abendrot is an extremely balanced album and "Nebel und Regan" is one of it's better songs for sure. Boosted by a fantastic production (crystal clear but it definitely fits this type of music), the song soon introduces a wonderful melodies in the form of tremolo picking, adding layer upon layer of dreamy melodies before it becomes a full on melodic black metal track. The vocals very much remind me of Hoest from Taake which is of course a great thing. LISTEN -

Although as whole Srodek's second album Forfall is nothing special, it's second track "Black" is just wonderful; using shoegaze inspired melodies and transporting them into what is straight up black metal, Srodek's juxtaposition of the two genres here is actually fairly unique and refreshing, a nice change of pace as compared to those who go really overboard with it. LISTEN -
Vault of Membros

How could Disma not be on this list? I love the song starts of SOOOOO fucking slow but picks up and includes that killer almost groovy riff halfway through the song. LISTEN -
From Bergen to Jotunheim Forest

My favorite song off the latest Panopticon split with WWW, I love and Lundr really emphasizes the guitar in the song, giving it a more prominent role than usual. The song begins with repeating, melodic tremolo picked lines but then keeps the melody but changes cadences into this awesome, slower harmonized section. The song even features a folk interlude which I really appreciated considering how much I enjoyed the folk sections on Collapse. LISTEN -
13Baring Teeth

A brand new tech death band that doesn't suck; adding a thicker Ulcerate like atmsophere to Gorguts inspired weirdness, this song just fucking rules, pulling all sorts of great groovy riffs as well as some truly inspiring technical moments. LISTEN -
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