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The King Of Heavy Metal

Yeah, that's me

Their first and best release in my opinion. My favorite aspect is female vocalist
Chantal who conveys incredible emotion

Unfortunately broken up, Aethyrvorous is born of the same blackened cesspool that
spawned Portal and is equally as good in their own dark way.
Perverting the Nazarene Cult

These guys are like Dissection on steroids - very confident melodic blackened
death metal.
Overton Trees

Before he decimated black metal, A. Lundr was part of this excellent blackened
death metal unit with very clear Opeth influences.

Unfortunately underrated around these parts, Angelcorpse one of best and most
influential blackened death metal bands ever. Their focus on speed, Pete
Helmkamp's vocals, and Gene Palubicki fucking awesome, awesome riffage is what
makes them go. Seriously, riffs.
6Backyard Mortuary
Lure of the Occult

One of the best metal releases of this year, Backyard Mortuary play an old school
style of death/doom that doesn't innovate but still kicks ass.
7 Baphomet
The Dead Shall Inherit

Baphomet have always been a little less known than their contemporaries but still
play super mean old school death metal.
Perpetual Mockery

One of my all time favorite death metal albums, Perpetual Mockery combines osdm
with brutal death metal with some melody. Damn.
9Blood Revolt

A very awesome and unexpected blackened death metal collaboration featuring
two key members of Axis of Advance, Sacramentary Abolishment and Revenge
(James Reed and Chris Ross) and then A.A. Nemtheanga from Primordial.
Unexpected, but awesome.
10Burial Invocation
Rituals of the Grotesque

Ridiculously awesome death metal from Turkey.
To the Gory End

Old school death metal that excels during its more mid-paced sections

Most people rag on this album but it's actually amazing... Instead of selling out and
doing what the label or the fans wanted they created one of the first and best
rot'n'roll albums. Bill Steer's riffs are still fucking awesome, the production is great
and overall it's a catchy but still heavy album. Totally underrated.
They Fell

Obscure melodic death/doom from the guy who now is the brains behind Gnaw
Their Tongues. Really great and underrated stuff.
14Clandestine Blaze
Falling Monuments

Mikko Aspa is one of black metal's greatest musicians and with the most recent
Clandestine Blaze combines the freezing atmosphere of classic black metal with
some really awesome melody. The organ embellishments in closing track
"Discordant Howls of Tormented" are just spine-tingling.
15Circle of Ouroborus
Armon Keitaalla

Still very post-punk influenced, Armon Keitaalla features amazing melodies in a
black metal aesthetic.
When All Became None

Super awesome blackened sludge doom.

Fucking awesome and underrated old school death metal from the Netherlands.
Sardonic Wrath

My favorite mid-period Darkthrone.
Surreal Overdose

One of my favorite death metal bands, who combine thrash and progressive very
20Desolate Shrine
Tenebrous Towers

Super atmospheric blackened death metal from last year. One of the best albums.
21 Devil's Dung
Devil's Dung

Really great raw black metal courtesy of Mark McCoy (of Arts and Charles Bronson)
and DOminick Fernow (of Ash Pool and Prurient amongst others)
Inside the Unreal

Old school technical death metal. Wowza that is some good riffs
O Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres

Most times I find with kind of stuff you forget about it and stop listening after about
a week but thanks to the wonderful atmosphere and songwriting, I still listen to this
amazing funeral doom albums quite a bit.
Before the Tales

Swedish death metal that is melodic, this is one of my favorite all time death metal
release of the old school. Also super underrated. Now go listen to it
The Tomb Awaits

Super solid swedish death metal from last year
Slaughter in the Vatican

Odes of the Occult

Really weird almost avant-garde death metal from Norway. Really fucking good
28Fallen Christ
Abduction Ritual

Amazing blackened death with slight grind influences
29Father Befouled
Revulsion of Seraphic Grace

ONe of the best death metal bands going today. Heavily Incantation influenced, but
hey, when has that ever been an issue?
30Fell Voices

One of the best modern black metal bands. Just so absorbing.
31Forgotten Spell
Desecrated, Decayed and Still Holy

Riff Heavy and satisfying black metal.
The Sleep of Morbid Dreams

Death metal superground with members of Disma, Assuck and many others.

ONe of the best black metal releases this year.
Hammer of Intransigence

Killer blackened death metal from New Zealand featuring members of Diocletian
and Witchrist.

Blackened post-hardcore that is absolutely unrelenting
Farewell All Joy

Grind/Mathcore/Sludge omg omg omg great
Dawn of Possession

My personal favorite Immolation release ... combines their super unique approach
to death metal with more traditional values.
The Complex Void of Negativity

Technical black metal. THis may sound weird but it's actually quite incredible. THe
riffs are so fucking good and everything is just super refreshing .
Cool Mortification

One of the first death metal bands hailing from the Czech Republic. Czech them
out.... haha...

One of the first extreme metal bands from Australia playing blackened death metal.
This release is raw, fast and will fuck you up.
41Miserere Luminis
Miserere Luminis

One of the best and most original bands combining black metal and shoegaze

Blackened death doom. One of the better Crepsculo Negro releases from this year.
Psycho One Hundred

Fantastic death/grind from the Netherlands
44Odz Manouk
Odz Manouk

Another black metal band making great waves in the underground scene. The riffs
are just so fucking awesome an overall this has just great style.
45Obliti Devoravit
Obliti Devoravit

Fantastic, fantastic black metal with extremely unorthodox riffage.
Putrefactive and Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism

When Carcass created goregrind, they influenced a ridiculous number of bands...
Pathologist is one of them... This album is basically Symphonies of Sickness Pt.II
and I love exvery second of it.
OVergrow to Overthrow

Another incredible A. Lundr project combining post-rock, crust, black metal and
sludge. Definitely recommended.

The most dense and my personal favorite of Portal's three full-length albums.

Absolutely superb post-metal/screamo hybrid. Super pretty and super atmospheric.

Summoning is one of the most consistent black metal band as their is no weak
album is their discography. However, there is a best album, and this is it.
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