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10 Greatest Nfl Teams Of My Lifetime

my lifetime being 1980 - present. I started watching football when I was like 3. Baller.

1985 Bears. Its hard to do this because Jim McMahon was their QB but Jesus Christ look at that defense. Singletary (boss), Dent (boss player), Mongo McMichael, Otis Wilson, Wilbur Marshall, Gary Fenick, Dan Hampton, I mean, nobody had a chance against these guys accept for Dan Marino at the pinnacle of his prime. It didnt hurt having one of the 3 best RBs in NFL history either, although he was slightly past his prime here. They were 15-1 and had the Fridge and the Super Bowl Shuffle. That 46 defense they ran could only be effective with a Hall of Fame Caliber front 7. Basically they attacked and blitzed the fuck out of everyone on pretty much every play, meaning if the QB had a second to breath receivers would be wide open. That almost never happened.
2The Roots
Things Fall Apart

#2 - 1989 49ers. God I hated this team. They were just embarrasingly good. You had Montana at his peak, Jerry Goddamn Rice, John Taylor (severely underrated), Brent Jones, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, and 2 HOF offensive lineman. Thats just the offense. On defense they had a guy by the name of Ronnie Goddamn Lott, Charles Haley, Matt Millen (great player, shitty GM), Bill fucking Romanoski, Michael Carter, Don Griffen, I mean FUCK. They might actually be #1, the only reason they arent is they were 14-2 instead of 15-1 like the Bears and they almost lost to the Eagles in the playoffs.
All Eyez on Me

#3 1992-93 Dallas Cowboys. Putting both teams on here because they were basically the same team that beat the same team in back to back Super Bowls. Lol Bills. Anyway, this was other team that was embarrasingly loaded, much more so than you will ever see today. Aikman, Emmitt (GOAT), The fucking Playmaker, Moose, Novacek, the best offensive line in history, Charles Haley, a bunch of underrated defensive lineman, Kevin Smith, Darren Woodson, I mean, these teams were ridiculous.
Back in Black

#4 - 1994 49ers. This is my most hated team in history. For one thing, they stopped the Cowboys from winning 4 Super Bowls in a row. 2, I fucking hated Merton Hanks. But it was mostly about the Cowboys. Anyway, this team beat the Chargers by like 100 in the Super Bowl and had Steve Young with something to prove, Jerry Rice, Rickey Watters, William Floyd, a killer line, Brent Jones, Goddamn DEION SANDERS, I mean nobody could stop them. This was the time when it was the Niners and Cowboys and nobody else had a chance. they killed Dallas this year.
5Diamond Head
Lightning to the Nations

#5 1991 Washington Redskins. This team was 14-2 and they pretty much destroyed everybody. Their last loss was meaningless, and the other loss was to an 11-5 Cowboys team that would win it all the next year. The names arent that sexy, but look at their score differentials. You had Mark Rypien at QB,(trust me, he was a boss this year), you had one of the greatest WR of all time Art Monk and a perennial pro-bowler in Gary Clark and a really fast dude in Ricky Sanders, you had Earnest Byner with something to prove plowing away at tailback, and 2 HOF offenslive linemen. The defense was nasty as well with Darrell Green (fastest guy ever), Charles Mann, etc. They pretty much eviscerated the NFL.
6Tygers of Pan Tang
Spell Bound

#6 1999 Rams. The greatest show on turf. Anyone who remembers this team remembers they were pretty much the funnest team to watch in NFL history. You had the compelling storyline of Kurt Warner coming in from his local grocery store, a coach would cry at your average child cartoon, one of the most versatile and greatest RBs in NFL history at his prime (Faulk), 2 of the most electricifying receivers in NFL history (Holt and Bruce), and the fastest guy in the league at #3 WR (Az Hakim). Their defense wasnt out of this world but they played well enough that it didnt matter becasue their offense was so fucking good. They played a close game in the Super Bowl but that Titans team was no slouch, they were absolutely fuckng loaded themselves.
7Type O Negative
October Rust

#7 1986 NY Giants. 14-2 record, Bill Parcells, Phil Simms at QB. They had Joe Morris (Napoleon Complex, great runner) and Otis Anderson (beast) at RB, their receivers sucked but they had Mark Bavarro (boss) at TE, and their O line was damn good. The real reason though is their linebackers were a top 3 linebacking core in NFL history. Of course you had LT (best defensive player in NFL history), Carl Banks (beast), Harry Carson (badass), Gary Reasons, and Pepper Johnson. This team was insanely good on defense. Just ask John Elway, you got his ass handed to him hard in the super Bowl (although not as hard as he did against the 87 Redskins and 89 Niners). But anyway.
8Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison

#8 1998 Denver Broncos. This team started out 13-0 and all year everyone was talking about a Broncos vs Vikings Super Bowl. Seriously that Vikings team was unfuckingbelieveable, I still cant believe they lost to Atlanta. Anyway, this Denver team was loaded with Elway, Terrell Davis (a fucking monster who put up 2000 yards rushing that year), Easy Ed Mcaffery, Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and a fuckload of great offensive linemen. They also had Bill Romanoski and Steve Atwater on defense, two intimidating monsters. The only games they lost didnt matter. This team was dominant.
9Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

1996 Packers. The Packers were there to unseat the Cowboys dynasty (even though it was Carolina who beat Dallas this year). Anyway, yeah it was Brett Favre in his prime and they had Reggie White. They also had Desmond Howard (a career defining season), Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman, two stable RBs in Edgar Bennet and Dorse the Horse (Dorsey Levens), a superior offensive scheme, great coaching, huge weather advantage, etc. Any team with Favre at his peak and Reggie White playing for his only title is going to make this list. This Super Bowl was also one of the first times I got drunk. Good times.
10Deep Purple
Deep Purple In Rock

#10: 2007 Pats. Controversial, but I have to put them on here. The SB against NY was a fluke IMO. I mean, this team just fucking destroyed everyone (except the Giants). They were clearly in Fuck you mode all year because of the spygate thing and Brady/Moss/Welker was just unstoppable (except for the Giants). Anyway, kudos to the Giants but with my own eyes this was one of the best sports teams I ever saw, so I have to put them on here.
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