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Pac Vs Biggie - Hans Breaks It Down

Time for an epic Hip Hop throwdown. Note: these are my two favorite Hip Hop artists, so this wasn't easy.
Me Against the World

ICONIC SONGS (15 Points). Winner: 2Pac. The main reason for this, a theme we will see often, is Pac just had way more songs to pick from. Big checks in with classics like Big Poppa, One More Chance, Juicy, Hypnotize, and Mo Money Mo Problems, while Pac carries it with California Love, How Do You Want It, Dear Mama, Holla If Ya Hear Me, Changes, All About U, etc
2The Notorious B.I.G.
Ready To Die

GREATEST ALBUM (15 Points): Winner: Biggie. While Me Against the World is my favorite Hip Hop album, objectively speaking Ready to Die is the greatest of the genre. Its just an absolute fucking clinic of rhymes, flows, and rad songs, which leads to the next two points.
3The Notorious B.I.G.
Life After Death

BEST RHYMES (15 Points). Winner: Biggie Smalls. Obviously in Hip Hop, rhyming ability/lyric writing is paramount. Jam Ready to Die and its hard to pick anybody beating Big's skill. The man had a gift.
4The Notorious B.I.G.
Born Again

FLOW (15 Points): Winner: Big. He had a herky jerky flow that signified his overpowering weight (it sounded like he was gasping at times), but this only added to the charm. His timing was unique, and combined with his lyrics, it lead to legendary vocals.
All Eyez On Me

LEGACY (15 Points): Winner: 2Pac. Pac takes this for several reasons. 1. His body of work is greater and much more diverse (actor, poet, etc). 2. He was just a force of nature. When he died, it was a major cross cultural EVENT. Big's was important to, but it just didn't have the same impact.

INFLUENCE (10 Points). Winner: 2Pac. Again, this has more to do with the fact Pac was around much earlier and his body of work is much greater to draw from. He also had several styles, from the bare bones street Hip Hop of his early records, the soul crushing and tender Me Against the World, and the gangsta worshipping All Eyez On Me.
7The Notorious B.I.G.
Duets: The Final Chapter

BEATS: (10 Points). Winner: Big. Maybe this one isn't fair because it wasn't really up to either artist, but both had control of what was put on wax. The only great Pac album for beats was All Eyez On Me (courtesy of Death Row records), while both of Big's "real albums" (Ready to Die, Life After Death) are exploding with outstanding beats.
2Pacalypse Now

REALISM (10 Points) Winner: 2Pac. This really means two things. 1. How closely did the artist resemble the shit he talked about in real life, and 2. how relateable were his songs to his overall mantra. When it comes to realism in music, almost nobody can match 2Pac. The man was part bastard and part savant, and his songs reflect both of these factors. Big had some real-ass flows himself, but Pac's self-awareness could not be topped. Plus, he was a bigger THUG.
Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

DEPTH (10 Points): Winner: 2Pac. This is another important category in Hip Hop IMO. Well, any Hip Hop that isnt soley designed for clubs. Pac's greatest attribute was his self-awareness and depth, his ability to channel the angel instead of the devil on his shoulder. Big had a few seminal ballads but they don't come close to touching some of Pac's more sentimental moments (Dear Mama, Keep Ya Head Up, etc)
10The Notorious B.I.G.
Ready to Die

CONSISTENCY (10 Points): Dropping the point value down for this matchup because neither artist was overwhelmingly consistent (they both had alot of b-sides that were absolute shit). The reason Big wins is while Pac was extremely and overpoweringly prolific, most of his posthumous albums had one or two good songs and an absolute avalanche of filler. Big's posthumous stuff sucks hard too, but there wasn't nearly as much of it. To put it more clearly, he only had two real albums and they are both strong. Pac had alot more, and a few of them were meh at best.
11 Winner

Biggie Smalls. This is proof I am objective here because 2pac is my favorite all-time MC. Fucking RIP both of them.
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