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Hans' Grunge Throwdown (best List Ever)

Alright so after 3 rounds of comparing two bands against each other we are going for the gusto and are going to determine once and for all who the greatest of the Big 4 grunge band was. Scoring is going to be different, with each band being awarded 1-4 points per category based on their ranking. Also, this is only for 1989-1996, when grunge mattered.
1Pearl Jam

ICONIC SONGS - PJ - 4, Nirvana - 3, Soundgarden - 2, AIC - 1. Nirvana gets a big boost for Smells Like Teen Spirit, one of the top 25 most iconic songs in history IMO. However, they didn't have much more than that I would consider truly iconic, maybe Come as You Are and All Apologies. PJ had Even Flow, Alive, Jeremy, Black, Daughter, Betterman, etc. Soundgarden had Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, Outshined, and maybe Rusty Cage. AIC, while awesome, have only Man in the Box, Would? and Rooster as truly "iconic" songs.
2Pearl Jam

GREATEST ALBUM: PJ -4, AIC - 3, SG - 2, Nirvana - 1. Basically what we're talking about here is Ten vs Dirt vs Superunknown vs Nevermind. With apologies to AIC fanboys, Ten is the greatest grunge album for alot of reasons I dont have the time to go into here.
3Pearl Jam

GREATEST LEGACY - PJ - 4, Nirvana - 3, AIC - 2, SG - 1. This is mostly due to the titanic duo of Ten and Vs. Nirvana is high here because of the sheer popularity and power of Nevermind. AIC and Soundgarden are about even in this category.
Louder Than Love

INFLUENCE: SG - 4, AIC - 3, Nirvana - 2, PJ -1. Soundgarden gets the nod here because Ultramega OK and Louder Than Love came out before any of the other bands released anything. AIC is 2nd because Facelift was the first truly great grunge album.
5Alice in Chains
Jar of Flies

SONGWRITING: AIC - 4, SG, 3, PJ 2, Nirvana 1. This is mostly based on who wrote the least amount of filler. Neither Dirt nor Facelift have a bad song on it. Jar of Flies is probably the best EP ever and SAP is great as well. The self titled is ok but nothing bad. Pearl Jam wrote the best overall songs on Ten but the rest of their albums (especially Vitalogy and No Code) were absolutely bursting with filler, as was Soundgardens Down on the Upside and Nirvanas In Utero and Bleach (yeah thats right).
6Alice in Chains

ALBUM CONSISTENCY: AIC 4, SG 3, PJ 2, Nirvana 1. See my point above for AIC having the least filler. Soundgardens top two albums (Superunknown and Badmotorfinger) are nearly flawless. PJ and Nirvana are pretty even in this category.
7Pearl Jam
Live on Two Legs

LIVE Performances: PJ 4, AIC 3, Nirvana 2, SG 1. Havent seen any of them but have countless live recordings/videos, and some first hand knowledge gleaned. Its a well known fact that PJ is one of the greatest live rock acts in history, so they win here. AIC gets 2nd because of the awesomeness of their Unplugged album. Nirvana's unplugged was great but when plugged in they sucked hard live. SG is last only because I have very few of their live recordings to go off of.
8Pearl Jam
No Code

VOCALS. PJ 4, SG 3, AIC 2, Nirvana 1. Vedder's performance on Ten and Vs is out of this world. Cornell is probably the most gifted singer on here. Layne (RIP) was great, just not as good as the other two. Cobain sucked.
9Alice in Chains

GUITARS. AIC 4, SG 3, PJ 2, Nirvana 1. Cantrell is the best here and it isnt a queston. Kim Thayill from SG was a fucking riff beast. McCready and Gossard from PJ were awesome, just to restrained at times. All were better than Kurt.

DRUMS: Nirvana 4, SG 3, AIC 2, PJ 1. Obviously Dave Grohl ftw. Matt Cameron was a boss while in SG and later joined PJ. Nothing against Sean Kinney or Dave Abburzee but neither was that special.
11Alice in Chains

BASS: AIC 4, SG 3, Nirvana 2, PJ 1. Mike Starr (RIP), was a boss. Would? anyone? Ben Sheppard from SG was great too, you could always hear the bass groove on their prime records. Neither Krist Novacelic nor Jeff Ament are anything to write home about IMO.
12Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains

LYRICS: AIC 4, PJ 3, SG 2, Nirvana 1. AIC has the most personal, devastating tales. Nutshell anyone? Ten has great lyrics, especially Even Flow, Black, and Release. I never thought SG were great lyricists at all, they were more of a riff band, and Nirvanas lyrics are pretty much LOL.
13 Winner
Alice in Chains

AIC takes it home. PJ and Soundgarden were pretty much neck and neck. Nirvana has been exposed as the frauds they were. Maybe too harsh, but they are easily the worst of these 4.
Final talley
AIC 36
PJ 32
SG 30
Nirvana 22
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