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Metallica V Megadeth - Hans Breaks It Down

My Priest vs Maiden list was so rad I just had to do it again, this time for the most important discussion in metal history. While you all know I am Metallica fanboy #1 it should be known I like Megadeth almost as much and I promise I am being objective here.
Ride the Lightning

ICONIC SONGS (15 Points) Winner: Metallica. This is a blowout IMO. Yes, Dave came up with some lasting, powerful, timeless m/, but when we are talking about songs that are considered classics in metal, Metallica has way more.
Rust in Peace

ALBUM CONSISTENCY: (15 Points) Winner: Megadeth. If Lulu wouldnt have happened Metallica would win this but it did so they don't. Megadeth has released 13 studio albums, with 3 outright classics, 5 good to great ones, 3 meh ones, and 2 that are absolute shit. Metallica has 10 studios (yes, counting Lulu), 4 are indisputable classics, 1 is borderline, 2 are great, and 3 are absolute and utter shit. So Metallica has a better ratio of classics but St. Anger and Lulu are enough for them to lose this category. fuck Lulu.
Live Sh*t: Binge and Purge

LIVE PERFORMANCES (10 Points). Winner: Metallica. I've seen them both live, and while both are great, Megadeth cannot match Metallica's live show and atmosphere. Part of the reason for this is they don't have as many classic songs. Another part is Metallica are a phenominal live band. Props to Dave but Jaymz and Company win this.
Master of Puppets

INFLUENCE (10 Points): Winner: Metallica. Just count how many instances someone says "so-and-so is ripping off Metallica" vs how many times people rip off Megadeth. Also, Megadeth have actually followed Metallica's career arch, so its clear that Metallica even has influence on them.
So Far, So Good... So What!

DRUMMING: (10 Points): Winner: Megadeth. Even though Megadeth has had numerous drummers, this isn't even remotely close.
Vulgar Display of Power

BASS (10 Points): EVEN. Can't pick a winner here. Ellefson is better than Newstead but he wasn't better than Cliff. Both have records were you can't even hear it. Too close to call.
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

GUITAR SOLOS (10 Points): Winner: Megadeth. Not really that close, with no disrespect to Kirk.
Metal Up Your Ass

RIFFS (10 Points) Winner: Metallica. I don't care if Megadeth has more complex riffs, Metallica's were just better. Dave has some awesome riffs no question but pick a riff, any riff from the first 4 Metallica albums for a clinic on what riff-tacular riffs are supposed to sound like.

VOCALS (10 Points): Winner: Metallica. Neither James nor Dave are very good singers but James has a better METAL voice and alot more range.
Killing Is My Business...

LYRICS: (5 Points): Winner: Megadeth. Neither are that great, both have their moments. Megadeth just has less LOL lyrics.

MASCOT: (5 Points) Winner: Megadeth: Well, I mean they have Vic who's badas and Metallica doesn't even have one so.
with 55 vs 45 points

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