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Pantera Invents Nu Metal

Someone once said if you're looking for the biggest influence on the infamous nu metal genre, look no further than Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power. You know what? Dude is right. Below is an 11 step thesis proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only did Pantera influence every Nu Metal song in history, but that Vulgar Display is indeed, in fact, without retort the first Nu Metal record.
Mouth For War

Well Phil Anselmo, I guess you might seem pretty tough with your shaved head, tattoos, and proclamations about bringing the war, the pain, the thunder on anyone who questions you. Too bad you're short. You want to talk about a bald dude that puts on a clinic in terms of scaring the sh*t out of people and has a shaved head too? His name is David Draiman, maybe you've heard of Disturbed? Maybe you've heard "Violence Fettish?" Or perhaps your influence is greater upon someone like Fred Durst. You really think lines about "mother*cking chainsaws skinning your ass raw" on "Break Stuff" was possible without your influence? Thanks for Limp Bizkit, Phil.
2A New Level

Ok, here we have a big time guitar riff and a song about displaying an aura of confidence and unyielding power. Sometime in 1998 Vanilla Ice was listening to the original version of "Ice Ice Baby" and decided he sounded like a complete pussy. Wanna know what he did? He listened to this, went Nu Metal, and remade "Ice Ice Baby" into the astonishingly brutal "Too Cold." Song rapes. Vanilla Ice and all of us thank you Dimebag.

Phil is undoubtedly the first metal vocalist to tell everyone to stay the f*ck away from him. Want to know who heard this and decided to take it to the next level? A guy named Sully Erma, from a little band called Godsmack. Yeah Phil, you sound pretty damn tough when you scream WALK ON HOME BOY. Well guess what Shorty, Sully is from Southie, and not only could he kick your ass, "Keep Away" is infinitely greater than your faux machismo. Suck it, Godsmack for life.
4Fucking Hostile

Wow, you guys are so damn angsty you even put the word "F*ck" into the title of a song about hostility. This is something that's never been tackled in metal history, that is, until Nu metal came around. But as much as you think you sound badass here, it doesn't hold a candle to the hostility of Jonathan Davis of Korn. Ever heard the song "Faget?" That shit makes you sound like Dashboard Confessional crying into a blankie eating a tub of Ice cream after his boyfriend dumped him. Wanna know who took your idea of hostility ever further? Some chick who screwed Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin, leading to the Nu Metal Classic "She Fucking Hates Me." Wes couldn't have been inspired without you Pantera.
5This Love

Ooooh, here we have an eerie melodic verse with a fist raising, angry chorus. Kind of like the epicly strong stylings of Adema's Mark Chavez on "The Way You Like It." By the way, Mark is Jonathan Davis' brother, so you know his sh*t is for real.

So it's time to rise huh Phil? Well, this testament to ascending to greatness and not taking shit anymore unquestionably inspired Saliva's Josey Scott to write "Raise Up," and David Draimain from Disturbed pops in to worship at your altar again on Disturbed's "Rise." Every single one of these ideas was clearly lifted from you Phil. Thanks again, half pint.
7No Good (Attack The Radical)

I'm sure if you could Phil, you'd probably try to kick Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara's a$s for replicating this blistering attack on "Loco." You say they sound nothing alike? Bullsh*t, we are proving beyond any semblance of doubt you are the Nu Metal king. Shut up and deal with it, b*tch.
8Live In A Hole

Hey Dimebag, the only reason anyone outside of Nu Metal, who you clearly gave birth to, thinks you are worth a damn is because you're dead. Apparently death has added to your legend, although your basic, tuned down riffs could be played by a third grader. Know who else is benefiting from no longer existing? Dude from Drowning Pool. BTW, "Bodies" destroys anything you ever came up with.
9Regular People (Conceit)

Phil, when you scream "don't f*ck with this" here, you are slightly less intimidating than Connor Oberst on mescaline. You want to know who took your ideas, and who definitely should NOT be f*cked with? Maybe you're familiar with a dude named Spider One, from a little band called Powerman 5000. Or better yet, "Headstrong" Chris Brown from Trapt is definitely not someone to be tangled with, and we wouldnt have known it without you.
10By Demons Be Driven

Well, Vinnie Paul, you might think your double bass kick here is pretty badass, adding a militaristic feel to the album. Too bad you completely overuse your tom and snares on all the other songs, but I digress. Meanwhile, a few guys in Iowa back in the day were listening to your work here and decided to form a little band called Slipknot. Unfortunately for you, they have not one, not two, but three percussionists, making your lackluster playing dated and obsolete. But then again, we wouldn't have "Wait and Bleed" or "Spit It Out" without you. Thanks Vinnie.

Oh Phil, you are trying to prove you have an introspective side on this song about suicide aren't you. Being that no one has ever addressed this before, you unquestionably paved the way for countless Nu Metal bands to faux aggressively but really emotively cry about depression and wasting themselves. Want to know who did it better? Some guy named Jacoby Shaddix, that's who. Ever heard "Last Resort" by Papa Roach? Thought so. Also, Phil, if I were you I would demand 50% of every royalty Aaron Lewis from Staind has ever received. He couldn't write 75% of his songs drenched in wretched, whining self loathing if he had never heard this sh*t. Collect your props, bro.
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