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shit i've been reading over hols/in spare time ranging from the amazingly pretentious to airport fiction fuck yeah airport fiction + albums that i think suit them (in some way like maybe not sonically but thematically or maybe vice versa or whatever)
1 Cee Lo Green
The Ladykiller

Michael Robotham - "Shatter" (thriller) Uh yeah so this dudes an Australian/British (i think) psych thriller writer who predictably writes either as if whatever he's written is the gliibbest thing ever or the most serious thing ever but the dialogue is solid and the story's actually really well constructed. pretty fucked up. concerns women being naked and dead, and the daughters they love. psychological aspect of it is pretty well explored/interesting too
2Mr. Bungle

David Foster Wallace - "Consider The Lobster" series of essays by one of the most effortlessly witty men ever. some are journalistic (like his coverage of the AVN Awards - the Oscars of the porn industry, or whether or not lobsters feel pain) and some are just opinion pieces (the argument for why kafka is funny or for why people hate john updike which i thought was pretty obvious but apparently not [and how all his protagonists are the same] etc) his observations in the journalistic arena are hilarious and he manages to do that thing some people can where you read it and think "holy shit that is one of the most correct things ever how did he put that to writing before me" which i always like. only read this if you dont hate footnotes. actually no scratch that just read it anyways
Minas Morgul

Robert Jordan - "The Eye of the World" (epic/high fantasy) im like 230 pages in and i think i've been introduced to more characters than people i know. massive, massive book. one of like 14 i think? idk someone recommended it to me and i got it. at the start it literally sounded like it could have been written by any high fantasy writer ever or maybe a combination of some of them, but he does eventually settle into a less awkward style (after the prologue basically). such great descriptive powers, really immersive, plus he's got a brilliant imagination. the magic system he's devised is reallyREALLY cool.

Anton Chekhov - "Three Sisters" (play) this dude needs to stick to short stories. i mean what he writes is technically superb but it's just so BORING. it's pretty much all subtext and intrigue which i guess is cool if you like that sort of thing but ugh. also the titular characters are so fucking annoying holy shit i wish their admirers would shoot them
5 Tom Stoppard
Rosencrantz and Guildinstern are Dead

Tom Stoppard - "Rosencrantz and Guildinstern are Dead" (play) takes place in the wings of Hamlet (ros and gui are two minor characters whose deaths are announced onstage but dont take place there). it's a tragicomedy which is a fucking atrocious way of saying it's funny but it's actually really really sad if you think about it. if you've read Waiting For Godot it's pretty similar. think of it as basically an existential play with heavy doses of absurdism and even some slapstick (plus if youre a fan of hamlet it's pretty entertaining just to see in-jokes, references and passages from the play).
God Is Good

Christopher Hitchens - "God Is Not Great" (nonfiction) probably the best book written on religion from the perspective of an atheist (or whatever the dawkinses/dennets/harrises call themselves these days) because 1) he's actually an extremely good writer and 2) he dwells more on the moralistic end of things much more than dawkins does (and also a whole lot better, as anyone who read that weird pseudophilosphical tripe in "The God Delusion" will be happy to know), which i find more interesting. it also helps that he's very funny and has approximately a bajillion interesting yet relevant anecdotes up his sleeve. seriously good read.
7 Choose Your Path
Fire Kills Children

Jonathan Swift - "A Modest Proposal" or, "A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland From Being a Burden on Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick" (essay) Satirical essay written in like the early 1700s about how good it would be if the Irish poor sold their children to the rich for food. what's really great is how droll he is. it's SO structured and logical that you find yourself not exactly agreeing but not going "MONSTROUS" either. also i fucking love the title. A Modest Proposal. ahahaha. also gets extra cool points because my girl recommended it to me
8The Pogues
Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

James Joyce - "Dubliners" (short stories) collection of short stories all of which take place in Dublin (obv). the way Joyce describes Dublin is nothing short of incredible. His words make the city and its people leap out of the pages and i know thats such a shitty way to describe it but its true. if there were ever a literary blueprint of a city James Joyce's entire catalogue would be Dublin's
9Lou Reed
New York

F Scott Fitzgerald - "The Great Gatsby" (novel) I wish I had an iota of the finesse he had. One of the best (and most beautiful) passages in the book are when the narrator describes his view from a train. yep. and i'm going to paste it in the first comment because it's some of the best writing i've ever seen. he manages to make the characters all feel so ALIVE. so real. it's also perfectly paced, a good story well told etc all the hallmarks of a great great read. fuck Daisy annoys the shit out of me though ugh
10Joe Jackson
Look Sharp!

Goscinny & Udzero - "Asterix And Obelix Omnibus" haven't seen it since I was yr 6 or something and these comics about an invincible gallic tribe are still amazing. i mean, youve got constant name puns (which are hilarious and dont get old funnily enough), ridiculous storylines that work because they embrace their ridiculousness (like the one where they go to britain ahahaha) and also the detail they put into every cell. and the characters (like their dog, dogmatix. d'awwwww) i dunno it's a major nostalgia trip too but i can't help but think that these are really freaking good comics and i hope im not the only one who read them religiously
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