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Sputnikmovies 3: A Bigger Death Wish Than Before

Movies I've Seen and A Few I Haven't. The albums are stuff I haven't heard but know exist.
1Johnny Cash

"Ms. 44" Rating: 8.5 out of 10. A mute woman is raped twice in one day and her response is to take to the streets with a .44 and shoot to death all men that cross her path. This movie is available in its entireity on youtube and I'd highly recommend you checking it out if only for the finale which features our anti-heroine clad in a sexy nun outfit murdering a fat man dressed as a woman.
2Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash With his Hot and Blue Guitar

"Bad Lieutenant" Rating 9.5 out of 10. Man I fucking love Herzog's irreverent as hell remake of this but fuck man the original is better. Nic Cage does some insane shit in that movie but he never says to Jesus Christ soused to the gills in a Cathedral "You rat fuck!" The ending is heartbreaking and can certainlt be interpreted in a bunch a different ways and man I'm unsure of what to think. Anyway you guys who like 'port of call...' need to check out the original.
Crusty Love

"The Crazies" (2009) Rating 8.0 out of 10. I've never seen the original so I'm not sure how the remake compares but you know I really liked this. Timothy Olyphant is a fucking amazing guy and that's a huge reason I liked this so much but I also dug the characters and how they were handled y'know I cared for them and shit plus the secenes in the hospital room, carwash, and the truck stop were pretty terrifying. The whole concept of slowly encroaching madness reminded me a lot of "The Signal". Do ya'll know of any other movies that do sumptin' like that.
4Terminal Cheesecake
Angels in Pigtails

"The Burning" 7.5 out of 10. Really solid slasher that features every cliche in the book (except the crazy old coot that warns of impeding doom) but also has Yes' keyboardist AND a young (not bald!) George Costanza. This would make a good double feature with the great documentary "Cropsey" and both are on Netflix Instant so get the fuck to it.
5Little Feat
Dixie Chicken

"The Thing (1982)" Rating... So how does this movie play the fifth time through? It's still a fucking masterpiece although somehow I never noticed before how ambiguous the plot was like when did blair get thing'd before or after he went cazy? Also the movie shows off the genius of Carpenter; the finale w. MacReady and the blair-thing is pretty anticlimactic and I think Carpenter knew this so to distract the audience from this he had Russell say after the thing unveils its final form and roars "fuck you too" and then throws a dynamite at it. Fucking Badass out of 10.
6God and Texas
Criminal Element

"Nightbreed" Rating 8.0 out of 10. A cool film from '90 directed by Clive Barker. Really neat make-up effects and set design make this movie since the two main characters are kind of boring but hell the main bad guy is a derranged David Cronenberg with a badass mask and a pretty complete collection of knives and swords (seriously the guy's got everything 'cept a samurai sword). I'd also like to note that the lead girl is really fucking cute but ya never get to see her naked : - (
7One Last Wish

next two movies are classics I hadn't seen before.

"Carrie" Rating 10.0 out of 10. Shit this movie's great I love how even though I knew things would go to shit I was still really hopein' things would work out for Carrie she was havin' the best day of her life and Tommy was even startin' to really like hangin' wit' her and shit. Fuck man the ending killed me. Thay gym teacher needed to slap that mean bitch harder and with maybe a pistol instead of a palm. And maybe tie her down first then strip her and oh yh I'm likin' where this is goin' baby.
Feast of Wire

"Chinatown" Rating 10.0 out of 10. Man this movie had a gutpunch of an ending too. Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown. I was sorta surprised so lil' of the film is actually in Chinatown I wasn't surprised by all the casual racism. A great song to listen to for some great casual racism directed at the chinamen is "takin' karate blues" by townes van zandt. Anyway chinatown's great of course and that scene where jack gets his nose cut is fucking gross jesus christ.
10Damien Youth
Festival of Death

the next movie are classics i haven't seen yet but plan on watching soon.
Heroin Man

"Straw Dogs"
12Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick

"The Thing from Another World"
13King Missile
Mystical Shit

"Bunny Lake is Missing"
14Willis Alan Ramsey
Willis Alan Ramsey

the next movies are just stuff i plan on seeing soon.
15Mike Patton
Mondo Cane

"The Thing" remake I'm reviewin' this for the school paper. I'm gonna make a concentrated effort to like it.
16Roy Ayers

"Road Games"
17The Louvin Brothers
Tragic Songs of Life

"The Whole Shootin' Match" and "Last Night at the Alamo" I'm doin' a special feature on these two films as they had a huge impact on american indie cinema but are largely forgotten.

"The Ghost Writer" so... what's y'alls thoughts on Roman Polanski the rapist v. Roman Polanski the filmmaker. does it bother you at all that he's a shitty person that did a shitty thing way back when or do you just think he fuckin' made "repulsion", "rosemary's baby", and "chinatown" yeah he raped a girl but that don't make his movies not fucking great. y'know I think it's an interesting thing the art and the artist as a person and if the two should or shouldn't be separated.
19Scout Niblett
Sweet Heart Fever

"The House Where Evil Dwells"
20The Shangra-las
Myrmidons of Melodrama

"some other movie"
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