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So You've Entered a Holy Grail War...

Inspired by alamo's naruto list except this ones high effort... if you happened to find yourself in a holy grail war what servants would be best for you to survive. servants taken from all 3 fate stay night anime adaptions, the fate/zero anime, fate/apocrypha anime, the fate/strange fake novels (tho i've only read the 1st 4 so it's just been all setup for the most part the war hasnt really started), and nero and gawain from fate/extra anime (don't give a shit about the rest of em from there) (list is digs) highest number is better in list fyi...
1Chaos Echoes
Ecstasy With the Nonexistents

William Shakespeare (caster class) - you fucked if you get the ole bard he basically is just comedic relief though he can summon the same bone army creatures Medea can.
2Mercy Blow
Coup de Grâce

Alexandre Dumas (caster)- if you're a badass mage and you have an army of badass mages police officers working for you you can use his weapon creation power and make a go of it but otherwise you fucked...
3Sunny Day Real Estate
The Rising Tide

Avicebron (caster) - this dude is actually kind of a badass but he's gonna use your life power and enslave you in a world destroying golem so you kinna fucked.
4Night Sins
Portrait in Silver

Gilles de Rais (caster) - like avicebron kind of a badass can summon lovecraftian monsters (including a world destroying one) with prelati's spellbook but if you're not an artistically inclined sociopathic child murderer you and giles prolly ain't gonna work out.
5Low and Behold

Francois Prelati (caster) - I havent gotten far enough into fate strange/fake to really see all this guy can do but given that he is his own master he probably wouldnt make a good servant for just like a normal everyday dude.

Astolfo (rider) - he's actually a badass even though he says he's the weakest of charlemagne's paladins but he's dumb as shit and looks like a hot girl. so not ideal.
7Fletcher (LA-USA)
Friends Don't Speak

Sasaki Kojirou (assassin) - he's a badass samurai but i mean he's a one star in FGO for a reason.
8Starflyer 59

Spartacus (berserker) - If he wasn't mentally retarded he'd be unstoppable. But he very tard :-(
Pipe Dreams

Jack the Ripper (assassin) - this is the loli jack from apocrypha. if you're not a loving mother type she's gonna kill your ass. and if you are a loving mother type she's gonna eventually kill you by crawling back in your womb. Honestly placed too highly on this list i think.
10The Sound of Animals Fighting
Lover, the Lord Has Left Us...

Hassan of 100 Faces (assassin) - kind of weak compared to the other Hassans we've seen in the other grail wars.
11Ariel Pink
Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

Hassan of the Cursed Arm (assassin) - actually a low key powerhouse uses his smarts to lure Cu Chulain and Artoria into getting killed by some crazy unexplainable evil entity. if though there is no unexplainable evil entity in your grail war he's gonna have trouble actually killing other servants. he is though gonna be really loyal to his master.
12Teen Death

The 19th Hassan candidate (assassin) - if you're a mage or a heathen she's just going to kill you but if you can convince her your not after the grail for any reason other than to destroy it she's the strongest Hassan we've seen in the fate series (other than the first Hassan).
13Greater Pain
Flights of Angels

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (lancer) - honestly this guys a bit of a bitch but he's decently strong and is loyal to his master.
14Lordian Guard
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Jack the Ripper (berserker) - this is the jack from strange/fake hard to describe his powers... he can basically turn into anyone accused of being behind the jack murders including a powerful demon. strong and loyal not gonna kill you for no reason.
15With Increase
Death is Inevitable

Medea (caster) - she kind of gets close to winning the grail war in the 2006 anime and Unlimited Blade Works but she also doesn't seem that strong.

Emiya (archer) - legitimately a badass and a good loyal servant not gonna kill you for no reason.
17Starflyer 59
Le Vainqueur

Lancelot (berserker) - Would be number 1 if summoned as a saber but he's a berserker so he's fucking retarded.
18Vale (USA-PA)
Our Denouement

Hercules (berserker) - see above but he's actually loyal and won't try to kill you unlike Lance.
19Unwed Sailor
Little Wars

Frankenstein's monster (berserker) - should be ranked below herc and lance but she's hot as fuck.
For My Parents

Cu Chulain (lancer) - arguably no servant has a cooler showing than he does in the ultimate blade works anime but he has d ranked luck i believe and always dies.
One Step More and You Die

Medusa (Rider) - with an actual master she's fucking top tier but even if not she aint too bad real loyal and fucking hot.

Atalanta (archer) - eh she's alright i guess won't kill you for no reason reasonably intelligent in her berserk form (she loses all inteligence in this form sadly) she actually does well fighting both Achilles and Jeanne d'arc.
23Pale Divine
Consequence of Time

Iskander/Alexander the Great (rider) - gets fucking DESTROYED by gil but gil actually takes him seriously from the start of the fight which is something he doesn't do against anyone else in the fate series.
24Saint Vitus
Mournful Cries

Vlad the Impaler (lancer) - great dude, loyal, real strong but like Alex got shown up by Gil, Vlad gets demolished by Karna (though it's a bit closer when they fought in Romania).
Vanishing Lessons

Siegfried (saber) - He's a saber so he's a badass but... eh you can do better.
De Ecclesiæ Universalis

Jeanne d'Arc (ruler) - Unfortunately her strongest attack requires her to kill herself but she's still pretty strong. A 5 star in FGO for a reason.
The Lion of Piraeus

Richard the Lionheart (saber) - dudes cool like Iskander but actually does well in his fight against Gil and has the saber class advantage and in fate lore is considered an honorary Knight of the Round Table so has that bonus too.

Chiron (archer) - badass, won't kill you for no reason, does well in his fight vs. Achilles.
29Capilla Ardiente
The Siege

The Old Man of the Mountain/The 1st Hassan (assassin) - I've read 4 of the strange/fake novels and this guy's only been hyped up he's done literally nothing but he's a 5star in FGO and he looks menacing as fuck. Bit of a downside in that he might just kill you for no reason.
Fail To Be

Nero (saber) - she's a saber and she wins the fate/extra war but honestly give me Gawain any day over her.
31Hanging Fortress
Darkness Devours

Semiramis (assassin) - she's a fucking powerhouse. kills mordred and honestly can probably take on gil and karna but she's probably more likely to just kill you than any of those.
32Judas Iscariot
To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding

Mordred (saber) - a knight of the round table nuff said.
33Drug Control

Gawain (saber) - a knight of the round table plus he's just a bro you can hang with.
34The Hounds of Hasselvander
The Ninth Hour

Gilgamesh (archer) - allows his master to be killed in fate/zero and loses all the grail wars he's been apart of because he refuses to take anything seriously. that said he's probs the strongest servant you can summon.
35Comeback Kid
Turn It Around

Enkidu (lancer) - probably weaker than Gil but not as much as a dumbass.
36Grand Magus
Sword Songs

King Arthur/Artoria (saber) - waifu plus a badass.
37Jerusalem (UK)

Achilles (rider) - is basically immortal... if not for chiron knowing his weakness there's no way he gets killed by atalanta (also he was in love with her so he wasnt fighting all out anyway).
38zz top

Karna (lancer) - basically as strong as Gil but not an idiot and he's real loyal. he only decides to fight for shira to protect his master.
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