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My First List... Top 20 Songs...

Seeing as many sputnikers like to create lists regarding who knows what, I thought I might create a reasonably cliche' one - my favourite 20 songs (Note: These aren't the top 20 most played songs in my library). These songs, in some sort of particular order up until around #15, are:
The Grudge

This song really has it all for me. Driving, sounds technical on guitar but its not, great Danny Carey, Maynard's vocal explosion at 6:59, Justin Chancellor's impeccable bassage... I hadn't masturbated to a song in a while, but when I bought Lateralus... I didn't need to.
Capillarian Crest

This song could be #1, it only loses out because... really, I don't know why. It harnesses the greatest 2 minutes I've ever witnessed in a song, from 1:05-2:58. Hold on, by making that point I know why this is #2 - The Grudge is the best 8 minutes of music I've ever heard.
3Parkway Drive
Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

At first I was biased against the entire hardcore scene, I saw them as death metal for emos who jizz too much. However, when I turned Parkway all the way up for the first time, I was kind of amazed. This song, the tremolo picking to start off, the dual guitarists destroying faces with each note revolutionised... you must also witness this song live, then relish in its aftermath. Provided you survive with your face still attached to your skull.
4Between The Buried And Me
Ants Of The Sky

I once thought Opeth could fuse genres with death metal effectively - now I know BTBAM do the same. And with stunning results. I laughed at some of the transitions of genres in this song - you have groove metal going into stadium rock, a polka fill-in towards the end - I fell in love with this song, and the album the first time I listened to it. Also, Colors remains my most psychologically relevant album of my existence, as it came around at a very important time.
Death Blooms

Judging from my limited experience on this website, I have seen that there is a distinct nu-metal turn off. However, it cannot be disputed that this song... it's pretty much the pinnacle of the estranged genre. Theres something so dark, something so fucked up about it... it just messes with my circadium rhythms, in the best way possible. This also came at a timely time.

I really wasn't fussed on the whole Blackwater Park phenomenon this website had going when I bought it. It didnt seem as innovative as Watershed or Ghost Reveries, it seemed more raw, unpolished, harsh, and brutal... which is why I began to realise why it was so great. Bleak is my favourite track from this album, as it is with most of my acquaintances, and it thoroughly deserves its #6 position on this coveted list.
7Rage Against The Machine
Killing In The Name

A fist pumper of epic proportions. Need I say more? Yes, I need. For me, it is an anthem for the 20th century, it's such a morally uplifting and angry song. It doesn't necessarily tear your face off with pure rage, it's just something that will force you to move to Colombia and join the Guerilla forces and kill all that connotates itself with capitalism.
Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife

Promotes violence, and face tearing. And its on a great movie too.
9Protest the Hero
Bone Marrow

I dunno... I felt as if PTH needed a mention in here somewhere. And what better place to put them? I love this.
Me Inside

I'm sorry, vernacular of the Sputnik community. As Slipknot are Slipknot, i felt obliged to mention them in my top 20. They are the band that got me into metal. I've pretty much just picked the top song of thiers on my play count, so there you go.
The Walking Dead

When I heard this, it was a "Fuck me, this came from New Zealand?" spawning from my mouth. As an Aussie, I can't expect anything good to come from NZ, but my expectations were tossed aside as this graced(?) my ears. Starts with a deathly breakdown, tears your face off, then end in a vaguely melodic bit, and make sure you read #12 because #11 and #12 go together nicely I believe.

This almost sounds refreshingly heavy after The Walking Dead, but its great, scratchy NZ hardcore nonetheless. Elements of Parkway are present here, as it ends in a surprisingly soothing melodic part at the end. "These Cities, Our Graves" - If you can't find it in your local alternative music store, that store isn't good enough.
Third Eye

"Bill Hicks - another dead hero" - can be read on the inside of Tool's 1996 opus Aenima. This song starts with a couple of striking quotes from this man, which set the tone for the entire song. Some of the best musicianship produced by Tool, and this probably has the deepest meaning out of all of thier songs. From my perspective anyway.
Becoming The Bull

I give you permission to stab me in the face if ever you meet me for liking this song. But I do.
15System of a Down
Prison Song

I have a tendency to whack off over political songs, and this is no exception. The message is so clear, yet the music is as brutal as my mother. It ate my face.
16Queens of the Stone Age
A Song for the Dead

The stoner nature to this song is epic. The headbanging nature at the beginning and end, and the spaced out, drug-addled in between mess with my circadium rhythms. Which is again, why I love it.
17Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Ain't No Easy Way


Guitar Hero: World Tour now gets me erect. The absolute face-tearing my drum receives is relentless. Now, don't give me shit for that, I can play this song on an actual guitar. But once again, the message contained within this is just so true. Society's tendency to get entertainment out of fictional tragedy is something that isn't immediatly apparent, but given the thought, it is so true. Maynard shines here, the lyrics are dark, nihlistic yet still listenable.
19Machine Head
A Farewell To Arms

Best song to play on guitar. Ever.

I love the way I can feel the band's emotion through the instruments without the vocals in this song. Brilliant.
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