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07.29.09 Top Bands

Top Bands
1Sonic Youth

This is one of my favorite bands, because the mix of vocals, unrealistic guitar tones and motherfucking baddassery. They were able to adjust to a more poppier sound with each album without completely selling out and becoming bland. (Even though some nerds would disagree)
2My Bloody Valentine

Kevin Shields is a tone master.
3The Velvet Underground

In my opinion this band is probably the most important thing to happen to music and John Cale is probably the most important man in the music industry. Without this band we wouldn't have punk, glam, shoegaze, noise, indie or any of that weird shit. They were able to expierment but not totally go off onto where it becomes too deep.
4The Jesus and Mary Chain

This band basically changed my tastes forever and made me a noise/shoegaze fag for life.
5Black Flag

Probably my favorite punk band, even though they sound aged a bit to me I still love the music they have created and would be a totally worse musician without them.
6The Dandy Warhols

My Bloody Valentine drops some of the noise and becomes a bit more poppier and you get The Dandy Warhols.
7David Bowie

If you don't know yet, download Ziggy Stardust and be ashamed of yourself for not listening to him earlier.
8The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The singer is an asshole and writes really good songs. Psychedelia and shoegazy dronieness and basically creating a whole scene because of so many lineup changes and side projects.

For some reason I always think of Beck as a 90s Bowie for some reason. Either way he is able to combine hip hop and rock without seeming awkward or shitty.
10Dinosaur Jr.

J Masic plays wah like a motherfucking badass. More people need to stomp their wah peddles.
11Johnny Hobo and The Frieght Trains

One of the few folk punk bands I listen to, I love his voice even though it is really ruff sounding. He is angsty like a motherfucker but at the same time he uses his depression to make clever and funny jokes.
12The Stooges

Why isn't this band more popular then the beatles? They are fucking great.
13Joy Division

Like it or not they were the creators of the Post-punk sound. Forced by the producer to add synths and some studio add ons, but fortunately it came out great. Yet their live material is so much better.

Shoegaze with more ambiance and chill. Probably the most relaxing music that was ever recorded.

College Rock at it's finest.

The average music elitist says they are some shoegaze knock off, but I can't get enough of them. They aren't really anything new, yett they are able to make poppy music with noisy undertones.
17Death From Above 1979

Just a drummer and a synth playing bassist were able to make some of the heaviest pop music I have ever heard

I only really like their third album, but Nevermind was pretty ok album. It sucks that they get overplayed and whored out by every fucking person on the planet. Would have loved to hear another album by them before Kurt took his own life.

Took me a couple of listens, but this band is pretty good. They sound a bit of heavy shoegaze, not like Jesu where it is metally shoegaze, but more of a heavy alternative rock mixed with shoegaze dronieness.
20Talbot Tagora

They are pretty much dancing on the line of poppy and abstract sounding. Catchy yet not accessible. Sonic Youth-y but with a bit more weirdness and no waving sounds.
21The Doors

I always think Jim Morrison is pretty sexy. Which he was, and he is able to make you have that mindset when listening to The Doors. Dads across the country masturbate to this band, but they just might deserve it.
22The Moldy Peaches

Goofy, ruff sounding, folky and punky. I always imagined them as a modern day vaselines, since they always have sense of humor and are cute sounding.
23of Montreal

David Bowie+Beach Boys+Krautrock+homosexuals=of Montreal!!!
What more could you want?

They pioneered recording shittly, but they do it without sucking ass like so many Lofi bands do.
25The Rolling Stones

This is probably on here for nostalgia reasons only, but I love the unperfectness of this band. Mick Jagger has a great voice that can sound fragile and then sound like a powerful blues rocker. They pretty much died out after the early 70s though.
26Butthole Surfers

Early Butthole Surfers was pretty much the weirdest music I have listened to, without it seeming to try to be weird. Too bad they sold out.
27Nine Inch Nails

Angry at everyone and depressed about everything with noisey industrial pop hooks. His later releases weren't as impressive as his beginning stuff, but some was really great. He also took advantage of the capabilities of online releases.
28Neutral Milk Hotel

Who knows what the hell he sings about but he is able to sound really good when he does.
29Gospel Gossip

Probably the only shoegaze music that makes people want to dance.
30Dead Mellotron

Even though he only has one EP released, it is really great. Lofi music that is sometimes shoegaze, sometimes electronic stuff and always good. It is free on his myspace too which is always good.
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