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A Tentative Top 15 From The 90's

I am not THE largest fan of 90's music, but I do absolutely love a good amount of it. I've yet to dabble into the Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Built To Spill, and Sonic Youth world, but that's definitely on deck. Hope my list doesn't offend too much...let criticism reign
1Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

I've listened to this album for about 7 years now consistently. Absolutely a dark masterpiece, that is in my top 5 of all time.
OK Computer

This could have very easily been The Bends too, but that shows just how much of an amazing band they are. Such a ridiculously good album, "Climbing Up The Walls" gives me the chills.

I wouldn't regard Soundgarden as one of my favorite bands, but this is definitely one of my favorite albums. Absolutely flawless imo for it's 70 minute run time. After you've been pummeled with 14 tracks of sludgy, grungy bliss, they drop an A-Bomb on you with 'Like Suicide', one of my favorite closers ever.

Once again, very well could have been Undertow, just a compliment towards the brilliance that is Tool. NEARLY flawless, as the interludes do tend to become skip worthy after hundreds of listens, but the nine actual songs that make up the album...doesn't get much better than this.
5Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

I am personally a large Pumpkins fan, and on any given day my favorite album could be this, Melon Collie or Gish (maybe even Adore once in awhile), but overall, the greatness that revels in the distortion of Billy Corgan's guitar and his soothing(?) yet disarming (ha!) vocals cannot be beat on Siamese Dream. I think it's worth the price of admission alone just for "Geek U.S.A."
In Utero

Such an amazing album, and I don't care if Nirvana's too popular or overrated in a lot of people's eyes, the raw emotion seen in this album is tough to come by in music. There's only a handful of songwriters that can literally make me stop what I'm doing to analyze their words, and Cobain's one of them. Plus the fact that this album is absolutely brutal and extremely heavy in places. In fact I'm going to put on 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter' right now.
7Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam's (mostly) unsung masterpiece. I think it surpasses Ten, albeit not by much. Has a wonderful flow of rockers, ballads, and overall epic Pearl Jam tunes. 'Rearviewmirror' showcases Vedder's ability to begin a song in a normal state, and by the end, he is screaming over a shrilling guitar solo; stands the hairs up on my arms every time
8Rage Against The Machine
Evil Empire

Tough not to pick Self-Titled, or Battle of Los Angeles for that matter, but Evil Empire has meant so much to me for so long, I just had to. Easily one of the most underrated (and often negatively reviewed!?) album of the 90's. Of course their whole discography is stunning, but the grooves on this album, and the more confident approach of De la Rocha is undeniable. "Down Rodeo" features a ridiculous climax that only Rage can pull off.
Being There

Oh Wilco, how I love you. I am admittedly more prone to listen to their albums from YHF and on, but that is not to say that I do not adore their pre-Yankee material. This album and 'Summerteeth' serve as two of my favorite discs. Everything about this works, and I'm hard-pressed to say that it shouldn't. Features everything under the sun from Psychedelia, Blues, Country, to straight up pre-Rubber Soul Beatles ("Dreamer In My Dreams). A double disc of epic proportions, I'll be showing this one to my grandchildren.
10 Modest Mouse
Lonesome Crowded West

If this list were made five months from now, I guarantee you this would be much higher, but for the time being I am still a relatively, yet heavy, Modest Mouse fan. LCW is such a good album and I cannot stress this enough. From the opening offensive chords of "Teeth Like God's Shoeshine" *drools* to the psychedelic/grungy outro of "Lounge (Closing Time)" to the heart wrenching vocals of "Bankrupt On Selling", this album has it all. If you've only heard "Float On", you wouldn't even know this is the same band. I love all of their stuff, but it's undeniable that this, Long Drive, and Moon & Antarctica were their crowning achievements.

I love Incubus, and on a website like this, I may stand alone, but that doesn't take away the sheer brilliance of this crazy album. I believe it was unjustly placed with the nu-metal junk of the late 90's. This features everything from smooth jazz to gut wrenching break downs. If you want to hear Incubus like you've never heard them before, check out this doozy, I can nearly promise it will not disappoint.
12Queens Of The Stone Age
Queens Of The Stone Age

Arguably one of the best bands to come around in the last 20 years (winces at the backlash that will follow), a major assessment but hopefully you can agree. This definitely ranks in the back end of my Queens favorites, but that says nothing. Their debut is the closest I feel they ever came to the ridiculous label of 'Stoner-Rock'. Well folks light up and give "Walkin' On The Sidewalks" a listen, it's no Songs For The Deaf...it's something completely different.
13 At The Drive-In

The first album where At The Drive-In actually sound like they purchased some decent equipment. I no doubt enjoy Acrobatic Tenement, but the rough recording edge tends to strain my ears after awhile. Anyhow, a wonderful post-hardcore album from one of the bands that basically pioneered the genre. So much raw energy in Cedric's vocals, and you get to see some of what Omar can do (nothing even close to what he does in The Mars Volta), but this album is more about the energy of the songs. Cedric's lyrics have always been on the strange side so that shouldn't come as a surprise. My favorite album would still be Relationship of Command, and I absolutely adore Vaya as well, but if you're an ATDI fan and do not have this for some reason, shame on you. "Lopsided" is also one of my favorite Drive-In tunes
Around The Fur

Basically my favorite band growing up, and as I don't listen to them much anymore, I still can always pop them on and start right where I left off. This probably would've been number 2 or 3 if I made this list 2 or 3 years ago, not so much the case anymore. Anyways, this is a magnificent album, and arguably the heaviest the Deftones ever got. They released two albums in the 90's, this and "Adrenaline", both are amazing works imo. They went a little more complex on their next offering with White Pony, which still proves to be in my top 10 of all time but I never forget the Tones roots. Around The Fur is a brutally heavy album that makes bands like Korn (somehow) look even crappier. Put on the title track and perhaps witness yourself become a fan.
15Death Cab For Cutie
Something About Airplanes

Still holds as my favorite Death Cab disc, and although they've taken the pop route in the last few years, they were still at one time, a pretty jammy, somewhat trippy little indie band from Washington. Some delicious tunes on here, trust me. =)
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