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Obskure 09

2009 ruled fgts, and it had its moments of grush and bm, but its also had some powerviolent beatdowns and even crusty butts.
Within The Vacuum Of Infinity...

After hearing an exclusive track from their contribution to the worship black twilight compilation, i was very excited for their full-length release. Then it came, then I came. It was everything i expected and more, its quite lengthy but its superb, and defintley worth to sit through. The atmosphere is incredible. Even though alot of atmospheric bm is cox, with leech and mania an exception.

After news on a new portal album, i already knew that this was going to rule. After listening, what a suprise it fucking slayed. Everything about it was perfect, its haunting atmosphere layered beneath guitar shreddery, and the curator's murky vox. It made me nauseas, thats how good it was. Nah just kidding it sounds like farting in space.
3Hatred Surge

While magrudergrind's self titled slighty lacked, hatred surge's deconstruct was pulverizing and a stomp to the face. Duel vox flying everywhere crushing you powerviolently. You better put your face back together after being deconstruct'd
4Stabat Mater
Stabat Mater

self titled full length from mikko aspa's stabat mater. Crushing lo-fi, funeral doom to fuk u up so bad. It's fairly short, but three tracks is enough to trigger an 09 erection.
5The Chasm
Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm

No dum swine flu joke here, just riffs.

So crusty it dosen't even exist.
So crusty it dosen't even exist.
So crusty it dosen't even exist.
So crusty it dosen't even exist.
So crusty it dosen't even exist.
7Weekend Nachos

It was either this or deconstruct or magrudergrind's s/t, but after getting magrudergrind out of the picture, it was down to deconstruct or this, and I had to include both. Cuz spic.
8Arghoslent/Martial Barrage
Send Forth The Best Ye Breed

It finally arrives, and i just got deth'd. Arghoslent side of course rulez, but its Martial Barrage who really caught my attention. First listen of their side was ok wats going on here. Now upon furthur listens I just love their sound, (though the sound on their full-length is greatly different).
9Black Boned Angel

Greatly have enjoyed all of Black Boned Angel's works, Verdun was the band doing what they do best. BBA are defintley one of the greats in the genre. Should probably mention Monoliths and Dimensions by Sunn was close behind this. But Verdun wins because fagts will be all like yo sunn is dumm. Plus this was better.
10Cult Ritual
Cult Ritual

3 ep's and demos later, the self titled full length arrives! and it got me fuked up.

Not even sure if this was released in 09 or not, but its so filthy. Raw punky bm for the win, and will always win, forever.
12Ride At Dawn
Demo II

Should probably mention this as it was a huge suprise. After waiting ages for my sump cassette to come in, the label apologized and threw in an extra cassette, and that tape was Ride at Dawn's demo. Popping it just expecting your average raw black, It completely roked my socks off, it was like Thesyre under a different name with rawer vox crushing fagts on tape. Cannot wait to hear more from them.
13Sermon Of Foulness
The Jericho Drifter

Solid release, thought I would mention it. Raw black with really cool vocals, distant howls ov blakness. But not any gay dsbm howls.
14Elu Of The Nine
Elu Of The Nine

Featuring members of the Munn and Hell and released on Woodsmoke, holy shit. Win. I finally got to hear this and it was fucking amazing.

So yeah their crust sound is pretty much gone on their latest release Bureval. Theres no crust wah wah yada yada, Its still fucking awesome. Sometimes its good to bm than being crusty butts all the timez.
16 Bone Awl
Night's Middle

Had to include this because my fanboyism just got the best of me. No deion needed or reason needed, its a Bone Awl ep, it HAS to be included.

Newest Vordr EP is just a teaser, I want more god damnit.
18 Honourable mentions.

Circle of Ouroborus - Islands, Battle of Wolf 359 - The Death Of Affect, Magrudergrind - s/t, Dinosaur Jr. - Farm, Fall of Efrafa - Inle, Gnaw Their Tongues - All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity, Have A Nice Life - Voids, Ignivomous - Death Transmutation, Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise, Kreng - L'Autopsie Phe?nome?nale De Dieu, Mount Eerie - Winds Poem, Outbreak - Outbreak, Sunn - Monoliths and Dimensions, Thesyre - Resistance.
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