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Lupe The Killer Pt. 1

This is part of the reason why Lupe is the best rapper in my opinion.
1Lupe Fiasco
Enemy of the State

Unh! I bring you murder in the first
And even as we speak we gettin further in this verse
Murder in the first degree, murder in the first verse. he references this again at the beginning of the 2nd verse with the "187 on my second". fairly simple so far
2 Random ass band
Random ass album

Mercy, he's a mess! So immersed in his murk
He's two thirds submerged below the surface where they surf
- Obviously talking about water. 2/3 of the earth is covered by water
- Murk is also slang for murder. Still keeping it simple. Hang on.
3Another Random Band
Self Titled

This is where I lay it down like a bird givin birth
So call me Lu the Giant's Goose or just, Faberge paint
Til I'm called back to the shore by the watchers of the Bay
Besides the obvious bird wordplay (and extended water metaphor):
Lu= Sweet Lou = Lou Piniella
Goose = Goose Gossage
They were teammates on the New York Yankees. Goose was a pitcher
The Giants (baseball) also originated in New York. they moved to San Francisco. hence the line about the Bay
4 Impressed Yet?
Just Wait

I wait, till I come back like a tsunami
Never microwave like the watchers of the weight
I'm wrapped in aluminum foil, I do my dirt like Kwame
Until that same soil being pushed into my grave
- Obviously continuing the water wordplay.
- Never microwave...Tsunami's are large waves, not micro, as in small.
- "Never microwave like the watchers of the weight"
Weight Watchers make microwavable food plans.
- "Im wrapped in aluminum foil"
You can't put aluminum foil in the microwave
- Watchers of the weight = Drug dealers
- "Never microwave" = his doesn't get hot
- Kwame was Earth, the black dude on Captain Planet. meaning, he does his dirty work with his boys. When they came together, they were unstoppable (I'll get back to this)
So What

Until that same soil being pushed into my grave
But I'm so ahead of my time, the next day
Might strike oil while I have layed, homie I'm so crude
Texas T, haters is so screwed
But I can't feel it like a flathead in a Philips
Don't get it twisted, I'm no tool
- Obviously referencing the "dirt" he does like Kwame.
- Texas Tea is slang for oil. also slang for sizzurp
- "screwed" starting the hardware wordplay.
Screwed also means to make a drink alcoholic. Chopped and Screwed music also originated in Houston, TX
- Twisted as in the action you do to a screw. Also means to get drunk obviously
6 Dance Central

More cool than a pool in a blizzard
With ice cubes in it during Christmas
Meanin there's no school, i'm a misfit
Like I'm throwin a fit
Or I just can't fit it, tidbit too big
gotta hem it til it's fresh to death
Dressed to kill it, like unh
- No school during Christmas. misfit as in a bad kid who doesn't go to school.
- Throwing a fit like a temper tantrum. fit also as in outfit
- "Or I just can't fit it" as in clothing
- Tidbit too big, meaning it's barely too big. Tidbits are also the things you put on a bit wrench (hardware wordplay again)
- Hes gotta hem his to fit. (i.e, dumb down his lyrics to cater to hip-hop heads)
Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit

Unh! 187 on my second, I reckon
This is an assault with a deadly session
A soft peace and blessins to the sentence that be reppin
All across in every direction, locality, and section
187 = Murder. Murder in the second degree, murder in the 2nd verse.
- Sentence as in the structure of speech. sentence as in a prison term
- Hes saying getting away with murder. Hes killing the track and nobody is even catching it. So uhh yea nigguz
8Horns Become Halos
Horns Become Halos

Give it how I live it most niggaz won't believe
Or achieve how I did it most niggaz won't receive
Till I leave and I bereave the secrets of my sickness
How I, flooded the streets like Venice
- Aside from the ridiculous multisyllabic schemes in there, he's saying he won't get the respect he deserves until he's dead
- He's also referencing his boys who move weight on the side to help support him (how him and his boys "Do dirt like Kwame", which will come up again in the 3rd verse)
9 LG Optimus V
Virgin Mobile

Phone's in the mail
I'm Colonel Mustard with the speech
They ain't catchin me, no suspicions of stickin
No convictions on my rap sheet
I'm so committed, lay my murder game, that's sweet
People aren't catching all the slick shit he's saying in his lyrics (getting away with murder)
also using it as a metaphor to not getting caught by the law, hence the "no suspicions" or charges "stickin" or"convictions on his rap sheet" (referencing his slick lyrics again, as well as his clean legal record) He's "committing" murder right in front of everyone but nobody's catching him, so basically shitting on you Sputnikers
10 Push Me
Touch Me

Speakeasy like Prohibition, no admission
If you ain't knockin like me to the underground bar, buryin a toast
Dodgin the raid like roach, nigga please
- Speakeasy's were the illegal bars during prohibition. - Speakeasy also obviously meaning he spits like this easily
- You had to use a password or a special knock to get into most Speakeasy's
- Most Speakeasy's were underground, hence underground bar
- Underground bar-barian. Lupe is an underground MC and he's a savage with his bars
- Speakeasy's got raided like drug spots do today. referencing his boys once again
11 Satisfaction
So I Can Get It

Unh! I make it give up the ghost
On the trifecta, the third, I differ
- Give up the ghost means to give up.
- Hes murdering/beating up the track into submission.
- The third as in the 3rd verse. To hit a Trifecta when betting on horse-racing means you got the first 3 places right. Meaning, he "got" (killed) all 3 verses.
- Ghost. TRIFEcta. Ghostface and Trife Da God. (remember this "Ghost" reference for later)
12 Ramone

Nigga, you ain't heard? My lecture like Lector
Letcha in on a secret, but you can't leak it
- His "lecture" (teaching with his lyrics) is like Hannibal Lector. In the movie Hannibal, he opens up dudes skull and exposes his brain. Lupe's opening dude's minds.
- He's about to let y'all in on the secret of 1st and 15th
13 Busta Rhymes
Blackwater Park

Lupe's the killa, killa, killa, killa
Since my entrance, my niggaz had packs
They moved 'em to a trap like Winston
Far from bustas, baby nah
All my homies henchmen
I was the rhymer, my talk went through the walls like Slimer
- Since the beginning his boys had packs (Drug bundles) First and 15th was built on drug money (word to his boy/business partner getting busted with bricks of Heroin and Cocaine)
- Trap (The drug spot)
- "Like Winston" Winston cigarette packs.
- Winston Churchhill was said to have been in a "trap" when he joined the WW2 conflict.
- Busta's = Ghostbusters
Winston was also one of the Ghostbusters. "Packs" the Ghostbusters always had those backpacks on.
"Far from bustas, baby nah, all my homies henchmen"
- His boys are far from lames (bustas). Henchmen are villains of course
14 Opeth

"Far from Bustas, my homies Henchmen... I was the Rhymer"
- Busta Rhymes. his bodyguard is Jimmy Henchmen.
His boys were never far away from him like Busta's bodyguard (so don't fuck with him)
"I was the rhymer, my talk went through the walls like Slimer... Or like, eating vagina "
- "Rhymer" completing the whole Busta Rhymes wordplay.
- Lupe was the rhymer. He was the frontman of the whole
drug operation. His boys did the dirty work behind the scene and used it to front his legal hip-hop operation.
- "Talk went through the walls" the cops were listening. Slimer (from Ghostbusters) could go through walls.
- Eating vagina (vaginal walls)
15Lil Wayne

Or, a stray bullet, whichever ways I put it
Crooks was hooked like crooks through neighborhoods I pushed it
Little Caesar niggaz pizzas was like book it
Delivery mean like Leroy Green
"Crooks was hooked like crux" ...they had fiends hooked like crux (a constellation that looks like a fish-hook)
- Little Caesar obviously referencing the pies they "delivered"
"Delivery mean like Leroy Green"
- Lupe's delivery in rhyming, and his boys delivery of the drugs... Leroy Green was an actor who played in the story of Bruce Lee's biopic "The Last Dragon"...mean "punch" delivery, like Lupe's punchlines... Leroy Green is also a Hollywood writer... He's credited as a writer for what movie? Ghostbusters.
- "Little Caesar pizzas was like book it"
Book it as in police terms. (to put somebody on the books) rapper Lil Cease niggas helped put Lil Kim "on the books" when he testified against her
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