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Essential Crust For Essential Idiots

that dumbass danielito posted a list asking where the crust was "yo man why does no one listen rto crust on this site am i the only one??" dude just SHUT UP YOU LISTEN TO TWO CRUST rALBUMS jiminy jackrabbit jesus put on your studded denim patch jacket and take my hand its rtime to walk through the halls of crust holy fuck yr in for a ride brother

took the crust/grind combo made popular by extreme noise terror and made it sound even more raging with a multitude of
vocalists running train after train on you all day. bend over and take the long armed dick of the animal rights movement up the
ass -
Rise Of The Serpent Men

80's thrashing crust from the UK the production on this is great and the band wasnt joking around they would beat the shit out
of you when they saw you put on that long mink coat you prairie dog murdering idiot -

formed from remnants of His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise and possibly better than both but who am i to say its fucking
tragedy everyone puts them on crusts lists and theres a reason: they will d-beat your dick into the dirt they will crust kick your
face into the town memorial plaque eat shit and die -
Human = Garbage

half crust half sludge half rapist tendencies "maybe i am a killer, why should you care you just stay around here to fuck my
mother and eat all her food" -
Vintage Addiction

THRASHENED CRUST FROM SPAIN WEARY WOLVES WEARY WOLVES. this is the most party friendly album on the list it thrashes
hard it parties hard. werewolves and bong hits man this is a pain in the ass -

avante-garde before the word was even invented. you probably wont like the vocals -

germans who hate everything damn thats cliche but seriously when you hear about germans what do you think you know as
well as i do you think of war and anger and red meat and female prime ministers -
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing


ok so this is the most evil band here and probably the most evil band in canada (lol) they give you a riff roundhouse to the face
and a black metal uppercut to the balls. their latest album ditched everything that made them great (aka the crust, the thrash)
its a goddamn travesty -

only these spaniards would have the fortitude to make a crust album one track long and have it last 39 minutes but holy crap
they riff and riff and riff and the drums drum. get yr rocks off to this one -
In Extremis

production is almost way too loud. thats probably the reason why this album is here cause the production makes it sound almost
as brutal as emperor and trivium combined haha no seriously what are the swedes so fuckin mad about all they have are blonde
headed women and contemporary furniture stores -
12Extreme Noise Terror
A Holocaust In Your Head

crust and grind and crust and grind and REALLY SHITTY production but damn!! rock your babies to sleep with extreme noise
terror -

along with Anti Cimex the band thats considered to have kick started this crust tomfoolery in the first place by mixing metal into
their punk songs -
Manos Que Estrechan Planes De Muerte Y Sometimient

part of the "epic" crust movement that sbeen going on for the past ten years they mix screamo in but trust me its not bad like
that genre -
Live The Storm

this album is here more for accessibility's sake than it being one of those i traditionally listen to hopefully they keep going even
after the loss of their bassist -
16 Skitsystem
Enkel Resa Till R?nnstenen

they call it blackened crust but its not blackened at all. the same dude (Lindberg who does vocals for Disfear) also did the
vocals on this album before cutting ties man. the current SHIT SYSTEM vocalist is good -
17Union Of Uranus
To This Bearer Of Truth

canadian crusted screamo outfit with a nice sludgy sound -
18His Hero Is Gone
Monuments To Thieves

mixers of crust and sludge theyll move in fast and then take it down real slow so you understand just how much pain they
endured making the music youre hearing. that pain of being raped by society for all these years. working at walmart and getting
raped in the interview room. working at the movie theater and having popcorn thrown in yr face. you wouldnt take shit like that
forever thats why they made this band -
19La Casa Fantom
Ingen Ny Dag

these guys are the crusted version of Om. just a bass guitar and a set of drums but they rock hard and theyre norweigan so
obviously theyre disillusioned and upset you would be too if you lived in a part of the world without sunlight or warmth -
Tired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon

real angry band that didnt last long but when you hate everything its hard to stay together -
21From Ashes Rise

venerated melodic crust. similar in sound to tragedy -
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