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rec me a couple songs

My new year's resolution is to listen to more music. Recommend me 2 of your favourite songs and I'll check them out and give them a rating and maybe a brief writeup on what I thought of them
1Cousin Boneless

SlothcoreSam - Null Set

8/10. Loved the back and forth switch ups, really punchy song
2Misha Bower
Trying to Have it All

SlothcoreSam - Starless Nights

7.5/10. Was a bit unsure at first but the last like 1:30 of this song is amazing
3Silver Jews
Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

ElioG - Suffering Jukebox

8/10. Just got into Berman's stuff this year with Purple Mountains. Shame we won't get any more. Anyway, this rules. Love the chorus by his wife.

ElioG - What Do New York Couples Fight About

9/10. Okay this is my favourite so far. Awesome experimental fusion of ideas, need more stuff like this for sure. Feels like an all-time great song.
5The Gathering

JohnnyoftheWell - Amity

7/10. Very chill song, loved the whisper and singing overlap around the middle.
6Shiina Ringo
Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana

JohnnyoftheWell - Shuukyou

cannot find this anywhere and can't dl atm =[

Avagantamos - And By Sweet I Mean

9.5/10 - Man, this is some hypnotic stuff. Really good to just zone out to with a good pair of cans. Played it a few times the last couple days and keep picking things out that I didn't catch at first. Need more like this.
8Tommy Wright III
Ashes 2 Ashes Dust 2 Dust

Avagantamos - Secret Type Nigga

7/10 - Good old school stuff, albeit production is a bit rough. Great bars tho.
9Jerry Paper
Toon Time Raw!

ArsMoriendi - Ginger & Ruth

6/10 - Nice enough song, not especially memorable though. I do like some Jerry Paper stuff but overall he's very hit or miss
10Thinking Fellers Local 282
I Hope It Lands

ArsMoriendi - A Lamb's Lullaby

8.5/10 - Delightfully bizarre track, I'm kind of a sucker for this indie noise rock stuff. Love love love the vocals

Aerisavion - Trophy

7/10 - Yooo, I've been meaning to check this out for ages. I'm a big fan of Deftones' discography. Very sensual-sounding track, much lighter than what I'm used to from Chino. Definitely good enough to get me to dl the album.

Aerisavion - I've Been Fine

7.5 - Love Warpaint (particularly the self-titled album). Definitely hear them in this. Lovely production, kind of a mediocre chorus though.
13Thought Industry
Mods Carve the Pig

Willie - Daterape Cookbook

9/10 - Fucking. Awesome. Honestly reminded me a bit of Faith No More/Mr. Bungle and their wacky song structures and changeups
Black Market Enlightenment

Willie - Wish I Was Here

8/10 - Huge song. Wasn't a big fan of the vocals at first but really like how it develops into that epic climax
The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock

alamo - Final Wars

6/10 - This guy... Idk man, I kind of can't stand Buckethead. Dude makes dozens of albums every year and they always sound so rushed and wanky. Definitely didn't dislike this though. The ending is wicked.
16Strapping Young Lad

alamo - All Hail the New Flesh

9/10 - This is where it's at. Always meant to check these guys out, might dl this. Love the intensity of it, esp love the vox.
17Charly Bliss
Young Enough

Divaman - Camera

9/10 - Already heard tbh. Adore this song/album
18Foster the People

Divaman - Helena Beat

8.5/10 - Same with this one lol. Feel free to rec a couple others instead if you want!
19Buffalo Rodeo
Home Videos

RogueNine - Holly

8/10 - Loved the bridge and last chorus. Might bump my rating of this with subsequent plays. that whole second half is beautiful
20Undead Anna
Undead Anna

RogueNine - Hard Times

4/10 - Really couldn't get into this one at all. Hard rock is really hit or miss with me.
21The Beths
Future Me Hates Me

notagenius - Little Death

9.5/10 - Another stellar rec that I've been playing to absolute death lately. Songs like this one make me glad I made a list like this.
In the Sky

notagenius - Groceries

7.5 - Chill song, love the beat and guitar in the background.
23Junior Boys
So This Is Goodbye

Sinternet - Like A Child

7.5/10 - Really laid back, cool vox layering. Second half could have been trimmed tho imo
Cruel Practice

Sinternet - bb

2/10 - Terrible
Everything Else Matters

budgie - Umi

8/10 - Always down for some shoegaze. Solid rec from you as per
Hollow Ponds

butt - flame exchange

6.5/10 - Reminds me a lot of Daisy-era Brand New minus the screams. If I'm being honest I much preferred the next song that came on (Slow Days)
27ATEEZ (에이티즈)
Treasure EP.3: One to All

theacademy - Answer

2/10 - Can't tell if you're trying to troll me, acad! Shoulda recommended some Marina ;D
28Becky G
Mala Santa

theacademy - Si Si

3/10 - 0_o
Eyelid Movies

iglu - Let Me Go

8.5/10 - Love the warm, scratchy vinyl-sound to this, damn good stuff.
30Massive Attack

iglu - Black Milk

10/10 - Who hasn't heard this? :P Kudos tho, this is my favourite track off the album.

dbizzles - I was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down.

6/10 - Not gonna lie, I much prefer Heathen to this album, but this song definitely does have its moments.

dbizzles - Nainen
8/10 - Good atmosphere on this one, love the switchup with the piano and acoustic guitar - that ending was especially beautiful.
33These New Puritans
Field of Reeds

CugnoBrasso - V (Island Song)

8/10 - Killer arrangements, very experimental. Cool video to go with it too. Vocals are a bit drab though, which is a bummer.
34Carpathian Forest
We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade ...

geras - I Am Possessed

7.5/10 - Always down for some solid bm!
Ranarop – Call of the Sea Witch

geras - I Riden Så

8.5/10 - Gorgeous track, reminded me a bit of Renaissance.
36Doug Martsch
Now You Know

WatchItExplode - Dream

6/10 - Much prefer Built to Spill's stuff to this tbh.
Head Trip in Every Key

WatchItExplode - She Is a Holy Grail

6/10 - Not bad, not amazing. Alt rock is really hit or miss, I find.
Live at Madison Square Garden

DinosaurJones - Smile Meditation

9/10 - Honestly, first time I played this I thought 'meh', then I played it again and watched the video that goes with it, which is adorable and and so positive-minded, and then I went back to it again, and again. It's such a chill track, could put this on any time... And then I found the version of it you ACTUALLY wanted me to check out (lol), which is far jazzier and livelier and also incredible. So now I have both versions downloaded.

DinosaurJones - Onset

6/10 - Couldn't get into this one in the same way but it's still pretty decent.
40Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Push The Sky Away

botulist - Higgs Boson Blues

8/10 - Already very familiar with this song and album. We No Who U R is my personal favourite but this is obviously great too.
41Porcupine Tree
Arriving Somewhere...

Flashmobba - Don't Hate Me

6.5/10 - Find it really hard to get into most of their stuff tbh. Sometimes I love their stuff (Trains, I drive the Hearse, Piano Lessons), but most times I find their stuff boring as hell. This is somewhere in-between.
42Sly and The Family Stone
Greatest Hits

Bighans - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

7/10 - Groovy stuff! This is my first exposure to Sly and The Family Stone.
43Stevie Wonder
Fulfillingness' First Finale

Bighans - You Haven't Done Nothin

7/10 - Just got into Stevie Wonder recently. Been meaning to check this album out, all I've heard is Songs in the Key of Life.
44The Chasm
Procession to the Infraworld

evilford - Storm of Revelations

5.5/10 - Don't hate me! just couldn't get into it at all. Sounds like soooo much other dm I've heard, all of this stuff just blends together for me now.
45A Continent Named Coma
Removal of Thorns

pjquinones747 - No Longer

6.5/10 - Wasn't expecting a screamo rec in here. Decent stuff, not especially fond of it overall tho, especially in comparison to some of the great screamo I heard from last year.

dedex - Admission

9/10 - Was putting this off for a bit because stoner rock can oftentimes bore me, but this is the shit man. Very atmospheric and catchy

dedex - Archie Marry Me

9.5/10 - Back-to-back amazing tracks. Anyway, this is beautiful, makes me feel all nostalgic and warm. Adding it to my "all time favourites" playlist.
Garden Window

Valkoor952 - Cleanse Me

8.5/10 - Geeeeeez dude, long song. Really enjoyable though. Only heard this one once due to its length and all the other stuff I had to go through on this list, so rating is subject to change, but it seems like a solid 8.5 to me. I love the sustained shouts and blending of alt rock and post hardcore.
49The Strokes
Room on Fire

Valkoor952 - Under Control

6.5/10 - Not bad. Not my first exposure to The Strokes, I'm just not overly into 'em.
50Nickelus F

NeroCorleone - Bummin' Bogies

9/10 - I really like Nickelus F. Was a huge fan of his collab with Shawn Kemp, which is one of my favourite albums of the decade. Need to check out this and his other album.
51Get Bent

NeroCorleone - Forest Ave.

9/10 - Best pop punk I've heard in a while! Love the energy, the vocal interplay, and it's just so damn catchy. "What am I doing here!" Fucking awesome song.
52Toby Driver
They Are the Shield

Josh D - The Knot

7/10 - Honestly, not a huge fan of this album like most seem to be. Toby Driver in general is... Idk. He's made some of my favourite albums of all time and some I find downright boring and/or pretentious. This is one of the better songs on They Are the Shield though.
53Agent Fresco

Josh D - Stone By Stone (This is actually Arnor Dan's solo project but since there isn't an album in the Sput database I'm adding Agent Fresco)

9.5/10 - Played this song to absolute death. Like a male Bjork. Superb rec.
54Spanish Love Songs

madrigal30 - Losers

8/10 - Great song. Schmaltz is one of my favourite pop punk records of the decade, should probably check out more by these guys.
55William Bonney
All Ten

madrigal30 - Dope Castle

8/10 - Listened to this one a handful of times. Really recaptures my love for old emo stuff. check this out:

anatelier - When The Dead Become Infants / Head Spirit (Four our Mechanical Time)

8.5/10 - This is some mind-bending stuff. Don't even know how to categorize something like this. Knew I could count on you to deliver the goods!

anatelier - Oolong

8/10 - Very chill track. Heard the full track, not the radio edit.
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