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8 Days Of Muzak
The Mantle

I Don't Know how I hadn't listened to this album a long time ago...epic! I'm definitely getting 'Ashes Against the Grain'
2 Aidan Baker
Green and Cold

Another Great album by one of the most active musicians on the planet...
3Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker
Fantasma Parastasie

Two of my favorite artists in the drone genre
4 Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavillion

Well not album of the year by any means, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a really good album...
Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde

Another band that I should've listened to a while ago
Blue Record

I don't know how they did it but I'm liking it more than 'Red Album'

I don't think this needs any introductions..
8Bohren and Der Club of Gore
Black Earth

Very dark minimal ambience with beautiful saxophone passages

My introduction to Boris' huge catalog, not the best thing I've ever heard though. I probably should check out some of their other albums.

I have been having a love/hate relationship with this album for the past three months, but now it's official...I love it!
11 Blueneck
Scars of the Midwest

One of the Post-Rock albums ever! I really hope they release an album this year...
12Do Make Say Think
Other Truths

I have to admit I never really liked DMST, however, I gave this one a shot and it blew me away. Easily one of the best Post-Rock albums of the year.
13Gregor Samsa

This band has some of the best vocals ever + Toby Driver...'nuff said
14Have a Nice Life

With all the hype this album generated I thought I'd be listening to something extraordinary. It's not bad, however, I think it's extremely overrated. Probably needs a few more listens to sink in.
15Her Name is Calla
The Heritage

Another album that I find to be extremely overrated. I seriously don't like this album no matter how much I listen to it.
16 iambic

One of those albums that fit with any mood you're in.
1717. Il Rumore Del Fiore Del Carta

Beautiful, Beautiful Melodies! Italian Post-Rock always amazes me (if you don't count Il Cielo di Baghdad)
Elegies to Lessons Learnt

Not as good as neither The Christmas Tree Ship nor Progress/Reform but iLiKETRAiNS are definitely one of my top Post-Rock bands ever...can't wait for their new EP and album
Samus Octology

It's a shame that I heard Sol Eye Sea I before this one. i think if i'd heard them in the correct order I would've appreciated this a lot more.
The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist

This will definitely be on my albums of the year list come December
Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

I think this the saddest album Mogwai ever made, filled with such emotion and beauty.
22 Monopot

'Diamant' and 'The Arc and the Beagle' must be two of the best songs I've heard in my life. I love the way this band highlights the melancholic aspects of life so naturally; definitely one of the most underrated bands i've come across in recent times.
23 Mugison
Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?

Well I got this album for two reasons: It's from Iceland, and It has one of the best album names ever. Thankfully, it turned out to be an amazing album. Icelandic music rocks!
24 Mm
Prophecies and Reversed Memories

A short EP following what imo is one of the best albums of the year (Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know). The two new songs on this release are really good, but I can see why they were dropped off the album; they're not as good as the rest.
25 Paniyolo
I'm Home

Beautiful ambient textures and acoustic guitars from Japan.
26Porcupine Tree
The Incident

The definitive Porcupine Tree album; I think this is PT as their most mature and most creative. You can hear parts ranging from their earlier albums, to their 'Stupid Dream' and 'Lightbulb Sun' song based era, up till their later heavier side. DEFINITELY ALBUM OF THE YEAR, SW, Gavin, Colin, and Richard have done it again!
27Pure Reason Revolution
Amor Vincit Omnia

Their are few bands that can make a shift from Progressive Rock to Synth Pop and sound solid in both. Hats off just for their sheer experimentalism
28Tera Melos
Drugs to the Dear Youth

I am trying to expand my Math Rock horizons, but this just didn't do it for me. Any recommendations?
29 The Dear Hunter
Act II: The Meaning Of & All Things Regarding Ms Leading

This band is awesome. They are like a much (much) more creative, more progressive, and all in all more talented version of Muse.
30 The Low Frequency in Stereo

A very cool album, Mt. Pinatubo as a fantastic song, definitely one of the year's best.

I'd only listened to The Alchemy Index Vols. 1 and 2 before this and they are both really, really good albums. But I actually prefer this over the Fire and Water.
32Tim Hecker
Harmony in Ultraviolet

This guy makes some of the most engaging music I have ever heard. If I press the play button on any of his albums, that's it, it won't be turned off until the last second of the last track.
33Tyondai Braxton
Central Market

Battles' guitarist Tyondai with a very decent album full of Battles-esque whackiness.
34 Upsilon Acrux
Radian Futura

WOW!!!! Amazing musicianship and composition, a fantastic album
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