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Concerts Of 2012 Thus Far...

Here is a list and description of the shows I've attending so far this year. I haven't been to as many as in past years but that's alright. The last few bands I saw were over this last weekend, the 23rd & 24th, at the River's Edge Music Festival in St. Paul, Minnesota. No set was shorter then an hour though.So please let me know what you think about my short and poorly written reviews and let me know what the best show you've seen so far this year has been.
1Mustard Plug
Evildoers Beware!

What can I say, ska shows are just fun. After a few decades and
countless line-up changes, Mustard Plug isn't quite what it used
to be but I still had a blast.
The opener, Blue Waffel, was a local reggae/ska band that set
off the night wonderfully with some rather great vocals and one
of the better drummers I've seen in a while. I found out later
it was there last show... :(
Ska dancing + Mustard Plug + the Triple Rock Social Club = A
great night.
2Craig Finn
Clear Heart Full Eyes

Mount Moriah opened up with a evening down in Omaha creating
some very harmonious music. Vocalist Heather McEntire has an
incredibly soothing voice matched perfectly by the slow yet
brightful music swirling around behind her.
Never seen the Hold Steady or even listened to them that much
but after this show I had to. Finn's stage presence was powerful
yet awkward at times, with his extreme gestures and jarring
movements sometimes 'getting in the way' I felt. Never the less
it was a fabulous show.
3 Dropkick Muprphy's
The Warrior's Code

I had seen The Dropkick Murphy's twice already before this show
so I wasn't really going to see them but to see Frank Turner,
and he didn't disappoint. Frank was harsh, loud, energetic and
charismatic. One of my favorite song writers not just of this
generation but of all time, and now one of my favorite
performers. I would still like to see him headlining a show but
he managed to grab the crowd at First Ave and didn't let go until his 45 minute had reached it's end.
Oh, DKM's were pretty good as well.
4The Black Keys
El Camino

I was leery going to this show since it was their first arena
tour, but I had not been able to see them until now so I wasn't
going to pass it up. I wasn't too worried about them filling the
arena with sound of with people, but weather they were going to
turn their show into a spectical. Well, they did a pretty good
job of it. Could they have done better, yes, would it have been
better in a smaller venue, yes... but when all was said in done,
giant disco ball and all, it was a good show.
The best part of the night for me though, was when the backing
band walked of the stage and let Dan and Pat play as just the two piece band. Them two on stage create the most intimate moment at a large venue I've ever seen. That's not necessarily saying a lot but it sure is something.
5Peter Frampton
Frampton Comes Alive!

Never a huge fan, never cared to see him, didn't even know he
was playing in the area till a co-worker asked if I wanted to go
see him. I felt the only logical answer was, "why the hell not."
I'm so glad I went.
It was the last show for his anniversary tour of Frampton Comes
Alive. So they started off the evening playing through the
set list of one of the best selling live album of all time.
Watching the guitar legend play through the classics "Baby, I
Love You" "Show Me the Way" and "Do You Feel Like We Do" was
great and all but the night really became something special when
he started to play through the songs off his latest album,
Finger Prints. They were fantastic, exciting and his cover of
Sound Garden's Black Hole Sun was mesmerizing.
At the start of the show I was wondering if the 60 something year old man could still play. Lets say, unlike Sampson, Frampton didn't loose all his power when he lost his hair.
6 Coheed & Cambria
The Second Stage Turbine Blade

This starts off the River's Edge Music Festival. First day I saw; Coheed, Brand New, Sublime with Rome and Tool. Second day I saw; The Flaming Lips and the Dave Matthews Band.
I hope most of you on this site have seen Coheed and Cambria by
now. This was my fourth time seeing them and the best. Let me
state real quick that I may have dropped some acid right at the
start of their set... For a festival, the audio was wonderful,
the crowd was up beat, even got a pretty good mosh pit going,
cant' go wrong with a mosh pit. This was also the first time I
got to see them with Chris Pennie on drums, one of the most
entertaining drummers I've seen.
7Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Alright, I was tripping pretty good by now, and Brand New might
be my new favorite band. The performance was gritty, filthy, consuming and raw. I couldn't honest think of a better band to have playing with the
crowd swaying, swinging and crumbling under the weight of the
performance. Jesse Lacey seemed to take out everything he had
inside of himself and just dropped it on the crowd and let the
radiant heat from the sweaty bodies and the glaring sun
evaporate it away. By the end of the set I was left wondering; one, why the hell don't I listen to these guys more ofter, and two, why did they stop?!?!
8Sublime with Rome
Yours Truly

I'll start by saying, I was very happy when Alice in Chains
reunited despite the passing of Layne. I was happy cause most
people I think don't realize how much Cantrell contributed to
their sound, and after seeing them live and hearing the album
they put out with Duvall I feel I was right to be happy.
Now Sublime on the other hand I can't say the same, because as
far as I'm concerned, Bradley Nowell was Sublime. So to continue
the band with out him is like trying to revive something after you've cut the damn head off.
When I saw Alice in Chains it felt like I was watching ALICE IN
CHAINS when I saw Sublime with Rome didn't feel like I was
watching Sublime but a Sublime Cover band. When the only
member of the original band, Eric Wilson, was actually playing
bass he showed he could still lay down a pretty sick bass rhythm
but for most of the set he was drinking or playing a synthesizer.
The new singer, Rome Ramirez, can sure play and does sound quite
a bit like Bradley but from the videos I've and seen recordings I've heard of Bradley Nowell, Rome isn't half the performer Bradley was. That and to top it all off a majority of the noise was coming from the DJ that was on stage with them.
I'm not saying the performance was bad but if you go see Sublime
with Rome expecting to see Sublime you'll be extremely
disappointed, if you go excepting to see Sublime with Rome
you'll enjoy yourself just fine. Oh, and all the Tool fans
managed to get a pretty good pit going during Sublime's set.
10,000 Days

So may I remind you that I might have done some acid six hours
I've heard that Tool is either good or horrible live based on
Maynerd's performance, if that's the case, Tool was intense,
mesmerizing, and visually orgasmic.
I was not nearly as close to the stage as I had been all day but
I was fine with that, I've been in enough brutal mosh pits, and
I was on something I'll probably only do once this life time so
I stood back and took in the; lyrics, music, visuals and the
atmosphere surrounding me. At times I completely forgot Tool
was actually just a short walk away playing this live and just
got lost in the visuals as the laser show shoot across Harriet
Island cascading off the trees and vendor tents, while Maynard's
disturbing yet captivating video's played on three large
screen's. All while to band poured out one gut
wrenching riff after another. Tool only played for an hour and a
half but when you're in the state of mind I was time seems to
slow down to a halt and every shimmering beam of light
protruding from the stage weighs more then you could imagine.
So yeah, Tool fucking rocked.
10The Flaming Lips
Clouds Taste Metallic

I was wondering if the Lips would bring their full stage show or
not since they wouldn't be able to play a full set. Boy, oh boy
did they ever. Confetti Cannons, Dancers, Balloons, Coyne walking on the crowd in a giant bubble, they brought it all.
Coyne was clearly put on this earth for one purpose, and that's
to get up on a stage and put on the most ridiculous and
fascinating performance you may ever see. I will have to see them
headlining a show indoors but next to Tool the night before this
was the highlight of the weekend.
11Dave Matthews Band
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

Never cared for Dave Matthews and still don't really but I
wasn't going to pass up the chance to see his band. I would
compare seeing DMB to Rush in away that everybody on stage is a
true craftsman of their instrument. However, other then the
stunning cover of All Along the Watchtower I'm not sure how much
of their set I'll remember two months from now. Also, the crowd
for the show also had an elevated level of douchieness to it. I
felt like I was in the middle of a giant Fraternity.
Non of this is to say Dave Matthews is bad at what he does
though. this was one of the tightest performances I've ever seen
and probably ever will see and Tim Reynolds in a fantastic
P.S. don't be fooled by the video, it is DMB
The Whole Love

Going to see Wilco, for free, with Gary Clark Jr, on July 7th in Sioux City, IA!!!
13System of a Down
System of a Down

Seeing SOAD in Chicago, IL on Aug 15th with the Deftones!!!
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