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2022 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari

Well, it's that time of the year again folks :-). Rated or not, all albums listed are considered to be at least 3.4, meaning they're work checking out at least once, imho that is. Feel free to check anything out and drop a comment like whenever. List will progressively be filled with more noteworthy 2022 releases. Supplemental lists will follow, if need be. Edit: Supplementary list: https://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=308183&listid=202149
1Morgue Supplier

4.0 - grindcore from Chicago, Illinois.

To whom it should concern, you are vehemently prompted to drop whatever you are currently listening to and submerge yourself into this abomination of filth, groove, dissonance and grinding insanity. Stream: http://morguesupplierband.bandcamp.com/
2Mahpiya Luta

4.0 - black metal from the States.

How has this album slipped through the cracks, whereas its brethren from Blackbraid hasn't? I can only think of two reasons; this is too lofi to be relatively prevalent, and (judging from the song titles of both albums) it's written and sung in the band's mother tongue. Too bad though, because under the said layers of deterrence lies a lofi black metal gem brimming with groove, adventurous structures and succinct duration that adds up to its replay value. Stream: http://mahpiyaluta.bandcamp.com/album/w-ohitike
Geddon Dangerous

4.0 - classic heavy metal from the States.

Criminally overlooked, infinitely aggressive (and tech!) and emotional, classic heavy metal from the States. Stream: http://doublegeddon.bandcamp.com/album/geddon-dangerous
Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la

3.8 - blackened grindcore/death metal from Spain.

Blackened grindcore/death metal that rivals everything within its scope. Stream: http://osserp.bandcamp.com/album/els-nous-cants-de-la-sibil-la
The Art of a Maniac

3.8 - thrash metal from Canada.

Thrash metal has been officially pronounced dead for some time now, and yet releases such as this one, emerge every once in a while, so go figure... Favorite track: The Art of a Maniac. Stream: http://tymoband.bandcamp.com/album/the-art-of-a-maniac
6Devil's Train
Ashes and Bones

3.7 - heavy metal/hard rock of international origin.

Liapakis and Co. stand at the Hot Gates of heavy af hard rocking metal. If mid-to-late '80s Whitesnake is still a thing for you, check this out asap. Stream: http://roar-devilstrain.bandcamp.com/album/ashes-bones
7Skid Row (US)
The Gang's All Here

3.5 - hard rock/heavy metal from New Jersey.

It's not Skid Row or Slave to the Grind, but it's better than it has any right to be. I mean, if you don't spontaneously crank the volume while "World's On Fire", the album’s bookend is playing, well…
8Angel Olsen
Big Time

3.5 - country/indie folk from St. Louis, Missouri.

First contact with this gal here; Olsen is a great singer, and those country undercurrents are splendid. Stream: http://angelolsen.bandcamp.com/album/big-time
Sagan om "Dal Av Eld" Del I...

3.5 - blackened dungeon synth of unknown origin.

Blackened dungeon synth of unparalleled soothing capacity. Stream: http://ururdhagaz.bandcamp.com/album/sagan-om-dal-av-eld-del-i-herren-av-dal-av-eld
Disciples of Excremental Liturgies

3.5 - lofi black metal from Hellas.

lofi black metal is dead, long live the new lofi black metal. Stream: http://mnima.bandcamp.com/album/disciples-of-excremental-liturgie
Carpe Diem

3.4 - heavy metal from the UK.

These geezers still have it in them, as they deliver yet another proverbially great, albeit uneventful, hard rocking metal album. Favorite track: Remember the Fallen. Stream: http://musicmp3.ru/artist_saxon__album_carpe-diem.html
12Invoker (COL)
Invoking The Evil

3.4 - thrash metal from Colombia.

These Colombians know how to thrash with excellent guitars that bring in mind the tech eras of outfits such as Kreator and Heathen. Being wet behind the ears though, their influences are too apparent throughout, the sound work is a bit unbalanced, whereas vocalist and drummer have an appreciable margin for improvement. Stream: http://invoker5.bandcamp.com/
13Witch Blade

3.4 - heavy metal from Sweden.

In the album's liner notes, Witch Blade quote Angel Witch, Tokyo Blade, Judas Priest, but not Heavy Load, the proverbial Swedish proto-heavy metal outfit. Be that as it may, these Swedes are nice and comfy within their avowed niche, but the crucial factor that gives some replay value is the befitting sound work, a common trait for all Dying Victim releases. Stream: http://dyingvictimsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/witch-blade-m-nsken
14Blue Merrow
Blue Merrow

Psychedelic/progressive/blues rock from Spain.

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbro5XYCe2s&list=OLAK5uy_mJJAr9dwsnC_DCTR44w0-9ViOtbFsiuF0&index=3
A World of Concern

Grindcore/death metal from Canada.

Stream: https://rgrss.bandcamp.com/album/a-world-of-concern
Na Severe Srdca

Black metal from Slovakia.

Stream: https://stangarigel.bandcamp.com/
Gore Vortex Ascension

Death/black metal from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Stream: https://nogothula.bandcamp.com/album/gore-vortex-ascension
18Exhaustion (ITA)
Cold Death Embrace

Blackened Motorhead/thrash metal from Italy.

Stream: https://exhaustionnp.bandcamp.com/album/cold-death-embrace

Lofi black metal from Portugal.

Stream: https://consummatio.bandcamp.com/releases
20Swamp Lantern
The Lord is With Us

Heavy/doom/experimental rock from Bellingham, Washington.

Stream: https://swamplantern.bandcamp.com/album/the-lord-is-with-us
White Tomb Pilgrimage

Black metal of unknown origin.

Stream: https://pileofheads.bandcamp.com/album/white-tomb-pilgrimage-3
22Spider God
Black Renditions

Black metal from the UK.

Stream: https://spider-god.bandcamp.com/album/black-renditions
Inferna Kabbalah

Death metal from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://rottedlife.bandcamp.com/album/inferna-kabbalah
Final Storm of the Tyrant

Dungeon synth/black metal from Australia.

Stream: https://vrorsaath.bandcamp.com/album/final-storm-of-the-tyrant-ep
25Night Hag (USA-VA)
Phantasmal Scourge

Death/doom metal from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Stream: https://rottedlife.bandcamp.com/album/phantasmal-scourge
26Supersonic Blues
It's Heavy

Psychedelic/lofi/hard n' heavy rock from the Netherlands.

Stream: https://supersonicblues.bandcamp.com/album/its-heavy
27Penny Coffin
Τέφρα/Σκελετικό Σκοτάδι

Death metal of international origin.

Stream: https://drycough.bandcamp.com/album/-
En Uggles Blick

Lofi black metal from Denmark.

Stream: https://mharasiidr.bandcamp.com/releases
All Debts On Death

Heavy/speed metal from Seattle, Washington.

Stream: https://solicitor-speedmetal.bandcamp.com/album/all-debts-on-death
30Blue Rumble
Blue Rumble

Psychedelic/progressive/'70s hard rock from Zürich, Switzerland.

Stream: https://bluerumble.bandcamp.com/album/blue-rumble
Observing Madness

Hardcore/thrash metal from Italy.

Stream: https://rake-offhc.bandcamp.com/album/observing-madness

Psychedelic rock from Denmark.

Stream: https://papir.bandcamp.com/album/7
33Negativa (ESP)

Black metal from Spain.

Stream: https://negativa0.bandcamp.com/album/04
34Beyond The Styx

Metallic hardcore from France.

Stream: https://beyondthestyx.bandcamp.com/album/sentence
35Mount Desert
Fear The Heart

Grunge/psychedelic/post metal from Oakland, California.

Stream: https://mountdesert.bandcamp.com/album/fear-the-heart
Βωμός Mιας Aλήθειας

Black metal from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://becrah.bandcamp.com/releases
37The Love Light Orchestra
Leave the Light On

Blues from Memphis, Tennessee.

Stream: https://lovelightorchestra.bandcamp.com/releases

Black metal from the Netherlands.

Stream: https://chronosdefied.bandcamp.com/album/verbroken
39Shape of Despair
Return to the Void

Funeral doom/death metal from Finland.

Stream: https://shapeofdespair.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-the-void
40An Evening Redness
An Evening Redness

Ambient/drone/doom metal from Chicago, Illinois.

Stream: https://transylvaniantapes.bandcamp.com/album/an-evening-redness
Червів майбутня здобич

Post/black metal from Ukraine.

Stream: https://svrm.bandcamp.com/album/--8
42Naked Gypsy Queens

Blues/hard rock from the States.

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAqdYeKenw34iEnnvjIj_I0QI8AH22bg
43Napalm Death
Resentment is Always Seismic...

Grindcore from the UK.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_napalm-death__album_resentment-is-always-seismic---a-final-throw-of-throes.html
44Forbidden Tomb
Flame of the Iniquitous Deity

Lofi black metal from Indonesia.

Stream: https://forbiddentomb.bandcamp.com/album/flame-of-the-iniquitous-deity
45Sanhedrin (USA-NY)
Lights On

Heavy metal/hard rock from Brooklyn, New York.

Stream: https://thesanhedrin.bandcamp.com/album/lights-on
46Dead Chasm
Dead Chasm

Death/doom metal from Italy.

Stream: https://deadchasm.bandcamp.com/releases
47Sulfurous Presence
Demo II

Lofi black metal from the States.

Stream: https://sulfurouspresence.bandcamp.com/album/demo-ii
Trial By Fire

Thrash metal from Finland.

Stream: https://accusator.bandcamp.com/album/trial-by-fire
49Stone Axe
Stay of Execution

Blues/hard rock/heavy metal from Washington.

Stream: https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/stay-of-execution
50Arcano Pensiero
Il Mondo Nuovo

Ambient/lofi/black metal from Italy.

Stream: https://arcanopensiero.bandcamp.com/album/il-mondo-nuovo
Old Grieving Ghoul (demo)

Lofi black metal from Bulgaria.

Stream: https://smyrtonos.bandcamp.com/album/old-grieving-ghoul-demo
Funeral Swords

Black metal from Finland.

Stream: https://wolftower1.bandcamp.com/album/funeral-swords
53Weeping Coffin

Blackened/lofi punk rock from the States.

Stream: https://grimestone.bandcamp.com/album/weeping-coffin-f-b-i
I Fælles Fald

Black metal from Denmark.

Stream: https://fanebaerer.bandcamp.com/album/i-f-lles-fald
Land Of Living Dust & Ash

Blackened punk rock from New Haven, Connecticut.

Stream: https://ehrgeizig.bandcamp.com/album/land-of-living-dust-ash
56Coffin Hunters
Wake the Dead

Hard rock/heavy metal from California.

Stream: https://coffinhunters1.bandcamp.com/album/wake-the-dead
Konsylium Oprawców

Black metal from Poland.

Stream: https://gniewblackmetal.bandcamp.com/album/konsylium-oprawc-w-2
Deadly Intrusions

Punk/thrash metal from Canada.

Stream: https://skumstrike.bandcamp.com/album/deadly-intrusions
59Stabbing Westward
Chasing Ghosts

Industrial rock from Los Angeles, California.

Stream: https://stabbingwestward.bandcamp.com/album/chasing-ghosts-2

Metallic punk/hardcore from France.

Stream: https://yarotz.bandcamp.com/album/erinyes
61Rue Oberkampf

Electro/Coldwave/darkwave from Berlin, Germany.

Stream: https://rueoberkampf.bandcamp.com/album/liebe
Diaspora Problems

Punk/hardcore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stream: https://soulglophl.bandcamp.com/album/diaspora-problems
63Extinction A.D.
Culture of Violence

Crossover thrash metal from Long Island, New York.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_extinction-ad__album_culture-of-violence.html
64The Hellacopters
Eyes Οf Oblivion

Hard rock from Sweden.

Stream: https://thehellacopters.bandcamp.com/album/eyes-of-oblivion
Fullmoon Mysticism

Black metal from Ukraine.

Stream: https://felvum.bandcamp.com/releases
66Faceless Entity
The Great Anguish of Rapture

Lofi/noise/black metal from the Netherlands.

Stream: https://facelessentity.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-anguish-of-rapture
Ainsi! Nous Dansâmes aux Limbes Détestées​.​.​.

Logi black metal from France.

Stream: https://dgnrscence.bandcamp.com/album/ainsi-nous-dans-mes-aux-limbes-d-test-es
Onryo II: Her Spirit Eternal

Black metal from Nashville, Tennessee.
Romantik I

Folk/medieval rock/metal from Austria.

Stream: https://bergfried.bandcamp.com/album/romantik-i
Ageless Life

Hard rock/heavy metal from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stream: https://sumerlands.bandcamp.com/album/ageless-life

Meshuggah metal from Sweden.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_meshuggah__album_immutable.html
72Hex Clock
Tennessee Witch

Lofi black metal from the States.

Stream: https://grimestone.bandcamp.com/album/hex-clock-tennessee-witch
73Cerberus (USA-MA)
Unrelenting Chaos

Black metal from Quincy, Massachusetts.

Stream: https://cerberusbm.bandcamp.com/album/unrelenting-chaos
74Sainte Marie des Loups
Obéissance​.​.​. Jusqu'à la mort !

Black metal from France.

Stream: https://saintemariedesloups.bandcamp.com/album/ob-issance-jusqu-la-mort
75Wretched Malediction

Black metal from the UK.

Stream: https://wretchedmalediction.bandcamp.com/releases

Experimental/funk/alternative rock from San Francisco, California.

Stream: https://primusband.bandcamp.com/album/conspiranoid
77Les Rallizes Denudes
The OZ Tapes

Psychedelic/noise rock from Japan.

Stream: https://lesrallizesdenudes.bandcamp.com/album/the-oz-tapes
78Hindu Pez
Flee The Scene

Electro/industrial/noise from Norfolk, Virginia.

Stream: https://hindupez.bandcamp.com/album/flee-the-scene

Grindcore from Washington, D.C..

Stream: https://nomasgrind.bandcamp.com/album/consume-deny-repent
80Disharmony (GR2)
Gods Made of Flesh

Power/progressive/thrash metal from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://disharmony.bandcamp.com/album/gods-made-of-flesh
81Anna Sage
Anna Sage

Metallic hardcore from France.

Stream: https://annasage.bandcamp.com/album/anna-sage
The Buried Storm

Ambient/gothic/doom metal from the UK.

Stream: https://darkher-uk.bandcamp.com/album/the-buried-storm

Post punk from Canada.

Stream: https://uzupunk.bandcamp.com/album/uzu
84Smoker Dad
Smoker Dad

Southern rock/country rock from Seattle, Washington.

Stream: https://dentapes.bandcamp.com/album/smoker-dad
Nostalgia Like Cancer

Psychedelic/post punk/gothic rock from Portland, Oregon.

Stream: https://murderbait.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgia-like-cancer
86Hic Iacet
Perpetually Immersed in Mystical Delirium

Death/black metal from Spain.

Stream: https://triangulumignis.bandcamp.com/album/perpetually-immersed-in-mystical-delirium
87The Eating Cave

Blackened death metal from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Stream: https://theeatingcave.bandcamp.com/album/ingurgitate
88De Arma

Gothic rock from Sweden.

Stream: https://dearma.bandcamp.com/album/nightcall-ep
89Depressed Mode
Decade of Silence

Doom/death metal from Pori, Finland.

Stream: https://depressedmodedoom.bandcamp.com/album/decade-of-silence

Grindcore from Denmark.

Stream: https://mortvillenoise.bandcamp.com/album/afmagt

Punk/thrashcore from New York, New York.

Stream: https://warthognyc.bandcamp.com/album/warthog-3
92Ecstatic Vision
Elusive Mojo

Psychedelic/proto-punk/hard rock from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stream: https://heavypsychsoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ecstatic-vision-elusive-mojo
Cult of Evil Moon

Black metal from Minsk, Belarus.

Stream: https://mutulur.bandcamp.com/releases
The Funeral March

Lofi black metal from Indonesia.

Stream: https://nocturnacul.bandcamp.com/album/the-funeral-march
95Funeral Chic
Roman Candle

Crust/black metal from the States.

Stream: https://funeralchic.bandcamp.com/album/roman-candle
96Genocidal Terror
Delirium Of Negation

Grindcore/death/black metal from Belgium.

Stream: https://brc30.bandcamp.com/album/delirium-of-negation
97Thieves (USA-CA)
Therapy Sessions

Crust/grindcore from California.

Stream: https://thieves420.bandcamp.com/album/therapy-sessions
Samlad Värk

Punk rock from Sweden.

Stream: https://trubbel.bandcamp.com/album/samlad-v-rk
99Fake Meat

Grindcore from Taiwan.

Stream: https://fakemeat.bandcamp.com/album/--2
100Sadistic Drive
Perpetual Torture

Death metal from Finland.

Stream: https://sadisticdrive.bandcamp.com/album/perpetual-torture
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