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2021 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari

Well, it's that time of the year again folks :-). Rated or not, all albums listed are considered to be at least 3.4, meaning they're work checking out at least once, imho that is. Feel free to check anything out and drop a comment like whenever. List will progressively be filled with more noteworthy 2021 releases. Supplemental lists will follow as the end of this year approaches.
Don't Spare The Wicked

3.8 - heavy metal from Whittier, California.

Excellent, if hardly groundbreaking, '80s heavy/power metal, that straddles the oceanic fence seemingly separating the namesake scenes in the States and Europe. Favorite track: Children of the Night. Stream: http://fortressofficial.bandcamp.com/album/dont-spare-the-wicked

3.8 - black metal from France.

Cold, brutal black metal that lacerates the senses, the sonic equivalent of what is aptly depicted in the album art... Favorite track: I. Stream: http://ruyyn.bandcamp.com/releases
3Cauldron Born
Legacy of Atlantean Kings

3.6 - heavy/power metal from Atlanta, GA.

On the surface, this looks like a new album, but comparing its track list with the one in its immediate predecessor, one will see that past the album opener, Legacy of Atlantean Kings is essentially a reprise of ...And Rome Shall Fall. Instrumentally, Cauldron Born is in top shape, and so is their new vocalist (although many of his high pitch takeoffs should have been proofread), while the sound work is modern and extremely heavy. Stream: http://cauldronborn1.bandcamp.com/album/legacy-of-atlantean-kings

3.5 - grindcore/death metal from San Jose, California.

A concoction of musicians from the greater San Jose extreme metal circuit, Socioclast have a convincing inclination towards grindcore/death metal with a fair load of sludge/doom sound- and song structure-wise. Save for the album closer, the time length of all songs lies well below the two minute mark, however Socioclast seems incapable of escaping the trap of repetitiveness, although the whole thing warrants an appreciable replay value. Favorite song: Eden's Tongue. Stream: http://carbonizedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/socioclast

3.4 - tech thrash metal from Sweden.

If Empyrean shows anything, it's that these Swedes have progressed considerably since their first EPs. However, they have a relatively long way to go before being considered a notable tech thrash outfit. Their debut has strengths that can be translated as shortcomings at once. Sound work has been adjusted to highlight the admittedly spectacular lead guitar work, but at the same time, the rhythm guitars lack the requisite aggression that's expected from the genre. Moreover, the rhythm section is mostly linear. Paranorm just need to become heavier and apply themselves in the investigation of the tech thrash maze, the way Aspid, old Mekong Delta or 1990 Megadeth did it back in the day. Stream: http://paranorm-se.bandcamp.com/
Without Warning

Speed/heavy metal from Los Angeles, California.

Stream: https://saberheavymetal.bandcamp.com/album/without-warning

Black metal band from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Stream: https://svrm.bandcamp.com/album/--10
8For Giants
There, There

Progressive/djent metal from New York, New York.

Stream: https://forgiants.bandcamp.com/album/there-there
Thereof One Must Be Silent

Black metal from Denmark.

Stream: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=bvzVrMNZIw0&list=OLAK5uy_m17F1JICVniHSDH6vQYaEZ0NfOODHhMbs
10Midnight Spell
Sky Destroyer

Heavy metal from Miami, Florida.

Stream: https://midnightspell.bandcamp.com/album/sky-destroyer
Ultimul Rege

Lofi black metal from Indonesia.

Stream: https://nansarunai.bandcamp.com/album/ultimul-rege
12Cruel Master
Repeat Offender

Punk/black metal from the States.

Stream: https://cruelmaster.bandcamp.com/album/repeat-offender

Death metal from the Netherlands.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_asphyx__album_necroceros.html
14Demon Head

Doom/hard rock from Denmark.

Stream: https://demonhead.bandcamp.com/album/viscera
15Mysteria Mystica Aeterna
Into The Kingdom Of Shadows

Black metal from Germany.

Stream: https://narbentage.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-kingdom-of-shadows
16Rostro del Sol
Rostro del Sol

Jazz/funk/psychedelic/progressive rock from Mexico.

Stream: https://rostrodelsol.bandcamp.com/album/rostro-del-sol
17Cyhyraeth (USA-OH)
Horns Ethereal Black

Black metal from Ohio.

Stream: https://cyhyraethhel.bandcamp.com/album/horns-ethereal-black

Dungeon Synth from Rhode Island.

Stream: https://tradvarelse.bandcamp.com/album/cave
19Crystal Viper
The Cult

Heavy/power metal from Poland.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_crystal-viper__album_the-cult.html

Death metal from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Stream: https://aberrationdeath.bandcamp.com/album/aberration
21The Dead Daisies
Holy Ground

Hard rock from Australia/The States.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_the-dead-daisies__album_holy-ground.html
22Konstantin Unwohl
Im Institut für Strömungstechnik

Post punk from Germany.

Stream: https://konstantinunwohl.bandcamp.com/album/im-institut-f-r-str-mungstechnik
23Ebony Pendant
The Garden Of Strangling Roots

Black metal from Seattle, Washington.

Stream: https://ebonypendant.bandcamp.com/album/the-garden-of-strangling-roots
24Herald ov Wizborg
Demo I

Lofi black metal from Germany.

Stream: https://narbentage.bandcamp.com/album/demo-i

Hard n' heavy/blues rock from Germany.

Stream: https://paralyzedband.bandcamp.com/album/paralyzed-2
Xinteng 心疼

Black metal from Taiwan.

Stream: https://laang.bandcamp.com/album/xinteng
Norchestrion: Α Song For The End

Progressive metal from Hellas.

Stream: https://needband.bandcamp.com/album/norchestrion-a-song-for-the-end

Black metal from Ukraine.

Stream: https://ulvegr.bandcamp.com/album/isblod
Ordainment Of Divinity

Lofi black metal from Austin, Texas.

Stream: https://listen.20buckspin.com/album/ordainment-of-divinity
30Order of Nosferat
Arrival Of The Plague Bearer

Lofi dungeon synth/black metal from Germany.
Über den Sternen

Folk/black metal from Germany.

Stream: https://empyrium.bandcamp.com/album/ber-den-sternen
32Reek Minds

Punk/hardcore from Portland, Oregon.

Stream: https://11pmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rabid
33Andrew Marlin
Fable & Fire

Folk/bluegrass from North Carolina.

Stream: https://andrewmarlin.bandcamp.com/album/fable-fire

Blackened sludge metal from Belgium.

Stream: https://alkerdeel.bandcamp.com/album/slonk
35Profond Barathre

Post/black metal from Switzerland.

Stream: https://profondbarathre.bandcamp.com/album/tinnitus
36Los Males Del Mundo
Descent Towards Death

Post/black metal from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Stream: https://losmalesdelmundo.bandcamp.com/releases
Endzeit Barbarossa

Black metal from Germany.

Stream: https://1941.bandcamp.com/
38Colossus (USA-IL)

Tech death metal from Illinois.

Stream: https://comatosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/degenesis
War Upon Man

Black metal from the Netherlands.

Stream: https://helleruin6.bandcamp.com/album/war-upon-man
40Leon III
Antlers in Velvet

Indie/psychedelic/country rock from Houston, Texas.

Stream: https://leoniii.bandcamp.com/album/antlers-in-velvet-2
Kill Grid

Crossover/thrash metal from Richmond, Virginia.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_enforced__album_kill-grid.html
42Mare Cognitum
Solar Paroxysm

Black metal from Portland, Oregon.

Stream: https://marecognitum.bandcamp.com/album/solar-paroxysm
Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn

Black metal from Denmark.

Stream: https://solbrud.bandcamp.com/album/levende-i-br-nsh-j-vandt-rn
44The Space Huns
Tales of Huns

Psychedelic/blues/hard/stoner rock from Hungary.

Stream: https://thespacehuns.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-huns
45The Damn Truth
Now or Nowhere

Hard/alternative rock from Canada.

Stream: https://thedamntruth.bandcamp.com/album/now-or-nowhere

Crust/punk/grindcore from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://paroksysmos.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-lp
Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals

Death/doom metal from Prague, Czechia.

Stream: https://muradoom.bandcamp.com/
48Rapture (GR)
Malevolent Demise Incarnation

Death/thrash metal from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://rapturegreece.bandcamp.com/album/malevolent-demise-incarnation
One Touch Is Enough

Post/black metal from Russia.

Stream: https://groundmediagroup.bandcamp.com/album/one-touch-is-enough
50Decline of the I

Post/black metal from Paris, France.

Stream: https://declineofthei.bandcamp.com/album/johannes
Dunkle Millennia

Black metal from Germany.

Stream: https://kankarofficial.com/album/dunkle-millennia
52Vision Video
Inked in Red

Post punk/gothic/pop from Athens, Georgia.

Stream: https://visionvideo.bandcamp.com/album/inked-in-red
53Kekht Arakh
Pale Swordsman

Lofi black metal from Ukraine.

Stream: https://kekhtarakh.bandcamp.com/album/pale-swordsman
54Mythic Sunship

Psychedelic rock from Denmark.

Stream: https://mythicsunship.bandcamp.com/album/wildfire
Ice Fleet

Post rock/metal from Russia.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_kauan__album_ice-fleet.html
Én Gang Rådden, Altid Rådden

Black metal/garage/hard rock from Denmark.

Stream: https://strangeaeonsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/n-gang-r-dden-altid-r-dden
57The Watcher (USA-MA)
Your Turn to Die

Heavy/doom metal from Boston, Massachusetts.

Stream: https://thewatcherheavymetal.bandcamp.com/album/your-turn-to-die

Hard rock/heavy metal from the UK.

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_k90h5e91YoxnqIHh6PJKPtGAFeyHgWvJ0
59Spectral Lore

Folk/black metal from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://spectrallore.bandcamp.com/album/-
60Moral Collapse
Moral Collapse

Progressive/death metal from Bengaluru, India.

Stream: https://moralcollapse.bandcamp.com/album/moral-collapse
61Sphere (FRA)

Black metal from France.

Stream: https://transcendance-bm.bandcamp.com/album/sphere
Ihum Jolhduc

Black metal/dungeon synth of unknown origin.

Stream: https://trha.bandcamp.com/album/lhum-jolhduc
63Dirty Honey
Dirty Honey

Hard rock from Los Angeles, California.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_dirty-honey__album_dirty-honey.html
64Heavy Feather
Mountain of Sugar

Blues/hard rock from Stockholm, Sweden.

Stream: https://heavyfeatherofficial.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-of-sugar
Forever Night (demo)

Lofi black metal from Switzerland.

Stream: https://hexenkult.bandcamp.com/album/forever-night
66Merzotna Potvora
Halas Z Pekla

Black/thrash metal from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Stream: https://merzotnapotvora.bandcamp.com/album/halas-z-pekla

Black metal from Denmark.

Stream: https://molok.bandcamp.com/album/sk-r
68Void Vator
Great Fear Rising

Heavy metal/hard rock from Los Angeles, California.

Stream: https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/great-fear-rising

Folk/progressive rock from Athens, Hellas.

Stream: https://ciccadabem.bandcamp.com/album/harvest
Es Grauet

Black metal from Switzerland.

Stream: https://ungfell.bandcamp.com/album/es-grauet
71Cannibal Corpse
Violence Unimagined

Death metal from Tampa, Florida.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_cannibal-corpse__album_violence-unimagined.html
72Dylan Carlson and Lori Goldston
Feral Angel

Classical/experimental/drone from Seattle, Washington.

Stream: https://lorigoldston.bandcamp.com/album/feral-angel
73 Naturgeist
Reinvigorated Terror

Black metal from Denver, Colorado.

Stream: https://naturgeist.bandcamp.com/album/reinvigorated-terror
74Solanum (CAN)
Ruled by the Cruel

Crossover/thrash metal from Canada.

Stream: https://solanum-crossover.bandcamp.com/album/ruled-by-the-cruel
Nether Hollow of No Return

Death metal from Thailand.

Stream: https://inhumanassault.bandcamp.com/album/nether-hollow-of-no-return
76Hanging Garden
Skeleton Lake

Gothic/doom/death metal from Finland.

Stream: https://hanginggardenlfr.bandcamp.com/album/skeleton-lake
Plague Eater

Black/thrash metal from Germany.

Stream: https://nekkromaniac.bandcamp.com/album/plague-eater
Heraldic Heresy

Ambient/black metal from Sweden.

Stream: https://stahlijazhamur.bandcamp.com/album/heraldic-heresy
79Astral Spectre
The Oath Is Broken (demo)

Blackened '70s hard n' heavy rock from Germany.

Stream: https://astral-spectre.bandcamp.com/album/the-oath-is-broken

Metallic/crossover hardcore from Russia.

Stream: https://vorvan.bandcamp.com/album/awakened
81Heavy Sentence
Bang to Rights

Heavy metal from Manchester, UK.

Stream: https://heavysentence.bandcamp.com/album/bang-to-rights-2
82The Mammuthus
Last Trumpet of a Giant

Hard/stoner rock from Sweden.

Electro/gothic/post punk from Naples, Italy.

Stream: https://hapax.bandcamp.com/album/exile
84Todd Michael Hall
Sonic Healing

Hard rock/heavy metal from the States.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_todd-michael-hall__album_sonic-healing.html
20 Years of Human Termination

Death/black metal from France.

Stream: https://xenokorp.bandcamp.com/album/20-years-of-human-termination-live-at-kaotoxinfest-ii
86Flotsam and Jetsam
Blood in the Water

Tech power/thrash metal from Phoenix, Arizona.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_flotsam-and-jetsam__album_blood-in-the-water.html
87Starlight Ritual
Sealed in Starlight

Heavy metal/hard rock from Canada.

Stream: https://starlightritual.bandcamp.com/album/sealed-in-starlight
Unceasing Lamentations

Progressive/doom metal from the UK.

Stream: https://lowen.bandcamp.com/album/unceasing-lamentations
89Macabre Decay
Into Oblivion

Death metal from Sweden.

Stream: https://macabredecay.bandcamp.com/album/into-oblivion
Mortal Angels Descent

Brutal death/doom metal from Germany.

Stream: https://necrochaos.bandcamp.com/album/mortal-angels-descent
91Transcending Rites
Enthronement of the Third

Black metal of international origin.

Stream: https://deha.bandcamp.com/album/enthronement-of-the-third
Teufelsdämmerung (demo)

Lofi black metal from Switzerland.

Stream: https://hexenkult.bandcamp.com/album/teufelsd-mmerung
Lay Down the Sun

Black metal from Hellas/UK.

Stream: https://unmother.bandcamp.com/releases
Ψυχική Αποσύνθεση

Death/black metal from Hellas.

Stream: https://kvdrt.bandcamp.com/album/-
Khalkedonian Death

Death/black metal from Constantinople, Turkey.

Stream: https://diabolizer.bandcamp.com/album/khalkedonian-death

Blackened sludge/hardcore from Lithuania.

Stream: https://erdvesom.bandcamp.com/album/savigaila
Liquid Darkness

Doom/death metal from Germany.

Stream: https://calliophis.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-darkness
98Clan of Xymox

Gothic/post punk/synthwave from the Netherlands.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_clan-of-xymox__album_limbo.html
99King Woman
Celestial Blues

Atmospheric doom/alternative rock from Oakland, California.

Stream: https://kingwoman.bandcamp.com/album/celestial-blues
100Angst (PT)
The Vile

Black metal from Portugal.

Stream: https://angst.bandcamp.com/album/the-vile
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