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2018 - Voivod's pseudo-random safari

Well, it's that time of the year again folks :-) Rated or not, all albums listed are considered to be at least 3.4, meaning they're work checking out at least once, imho that is. Feel free to check anything out and drop a comment like whenever. List will progressively be filled with more noteworthy 2018 releases. Supplemental lists will follow as the end of this year approaches.
Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced

3.7 - black metal from Athens, Greece.
Nigredo's debut album had been imminent for some time now, but judging from the EP, there was little doubt regarding the quality of its successor. Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced delivers exactly what the words insinuate, and that is frantic, relentless black/thrash metal with a well concealed "late '90s", tech metal aura . Arrangements have been brought to sonic life with unfathomable ferocity, be it Maelstrom's precise, but frantic, "all over the place" drumming, and the enhanced fuzziness of A.'s acute riffs and vocals. The only complaint is that songs tend to blend towards the end, in terms of structure. Favorite track: Ten Repellent Antiforces, Necrolatry. Stream: http://nigredogr.bandcamp.com/album/flesh-torn-spirit-pierced-black-metal
2Black Cyclone
Death is King

3.5 - speed metal from Sweden.
Great debut and a throwback to the formative years of the metal sub-genre known as speed metal. Fans of Agent Steel, Overkill, early Metallica, early Riot even, this is a jam. While the arrangements steer clear from any elaborate scheme, Linus Johannson's (also in Trial (SWE)/ Hypnos (SWE)) high pitched vocals, grant the album those extra merit points.
3Mythic Sunship

3.7 - psychedelic rock from Denmark.
Upheaval was released by Denmark's Mythic Sunship last January, but the travelling, ever flowing psychedelic rock temperament that's abound herein, would easily serve as a soundtrack for gazing the sunset during the close of a scorching summer day, at any given Mediterranean (hint: Greek ;-)) beach; black glasses on, lost for all the words of this world, the senses set on meditation status, and the mind allowed to go everywhere and nowhere at once ... Stream: http://soundcloud.com/elparaiso/sets/mythic-sunship-upheaval-full-album-stream
4Hooded Menace
Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

4.0 - doom/death metal from Finland.
After the release of Fulfill the Curse ages ago, I missed out on following Hooded Menace albums, as I unconsciously/erroneously believed that they wouldn't easily escape the primal, cavernous atmosphere of their debut, on all accounts. Little did I know, as Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed has a crushingly modern sound, while some of the arrangements (see favorite songs) are totally addictive. Needless to say, I need to listen to their other stuff. Favorite tracks: Cathedral of Labyrinthine Darkness, Charnel Reflections. Stream: http://hoodedmenace.bandcamp.com/album/ossuarium-silhouettes-unhallowed
From The Depths Of Flesh

3.7 - death metal from Russia.
Wombripper's first full-length installment is a pilgrimage to the Swedeath legacy of bands like Entombed and Grave, and to a lesser extent, Florida OSDM. Sound production is spot on (the cymbals' texture is sublime!) in sustaining the well-above-average musicianship of these Russians, as they shift from death/thrash metal pacing, to slow and deep grooves, some of them adorned with really good/melodic guitar soloing. Favorite track: Locked in the Iced Coffin. Stream: http://wombripper.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-depths-of-flesh
Con Todo El Mundo

3.5 - psychedelic rock from Texas.
Just for being utterly relaxing, this album deserves merit, guitars, voices and rhythm section will soothe you with no reservations, while keeping it all together. Favorite track: Como Me Quieres. Stream: http://khruangbin.bandcamp.com/album/con-todo-el-mundo-excluding-n-s-america
The Outer Ocean

3.6 - heavy metal/hard rock from Sweden.
Thin Lizzy/vintage Judas Priest/NWOBHM worship not dead, you all hear?
8The Shadow Lizzards
The Shadow Lizzards

3.4 - blues/funk rock from Germany.
On their debut album, The power trio that comprises Germany's The Shadow Lizzards, delivers a slab of blues/funk rock that hedges its lack of originality, with a surplus of balls and soul. Favorite track: Go Down. Stream: https://theshadowlizzards.bandcamp.com/
9Judas Priest

3.7 - heavy metal from England.
Listening to stuff released by bands clustered as "The Great Old Ones" is a bittersweet and cynical affair, but rest assured that cynicism will fly out the window when your own ears will tell you that Firepower is pure classic metal sweetness. Favorite songs: Traitors Gate, Evil Never Dies, No Surrender.
10Child (AUS)

3.5 - heavy blues rock from Australia.
Giving out nothing new under the sun, albeit with the right sound and attitude, Australia's Child play the heavy blues like they really mean it. Stream: http://childtheband.bandcamp.com/album/i
11Malady (FIN)
Toinen Toista

3.8 - progressive rock from Finland.
Malady’s talent in crafting idiosyncratic, essential progressive rock was already evident from their debut, ergo the quality of their sophomore affair is not surprising at all; the main takeaway herein, is the band's enhanced ability in welding seemingly different moods and tunes, into cohesive, sovereign pieces of music. Personal complaint; some musical segments have a strong, yet hardly explored, potential for inducing sinister sentiments to the listener (for example, the introduction in “Etsijan Elinehto”). An elaborate development of these segments could be a perfect fit to the vocals (sung in the band’s mother tongue), which can sound equally soothing and eerie. Stream: https://maladyband.bandcamp.com/album/toinen-toista

3.7 - power/progressive metal from the UK.
ShadowKeep re-emerge with US metal priest James Rivera behind the mic, and an album that has "badass US tech/power/progressive metal" emphatically written all over it. Due to Rivera's trademark work, the comparison of ShadowKeep with Helstar will be imminent and of merit, partially at least, as the Englishmen have taken their fair distance from all the flagship bands described by the concoction of previously mentioned genres. Little does it matter that the style ShadowKeep are advocating for is out of fashion and probably out of scope in today's metal scene, ShadowKeep should be cherished by relevant fans. Favorite track: Immortal Drifter. Stream: http://musicmp3.ru/artist_shadowkeep__album_shadowkeep.html
Cold Star Dancer

3.8 - glam metal from the UK.
While glam metal veterans re-emerge again and again so as to re-capture the magic of the late '80s, in vain for the most part, new bands like Maverick seem to break no sweat in doing so! Starting from the amazing singer, every band member brims with talent, talent that's in dire demand for blending the styles of bands such as Judas Priest, Skid Row, Queensryche and Ratt. Of course, there's the inherent lack of originality as opposed to the undisputable freshness and vigor of Cold Star Dancer. But the only real downside here is that in a few occasions, the blend collapses to its ingredients, due to the band going over the top. Favorite tracks: Cold Star Dancer, Myrmidones.
14Abramis Brama
Tusen År

3.5 - hard n' heavy rock from Sweden.
Four years after their most recent outing, Swedes Abramis Brama re-emerge with their warm, energetic and always relevant hard n' heavy rock. If yours truly would be commissioned to summarize the main difference of Tusen Ar from its predecessor, he would be inclined to say that the former sounds a notch more formulaic, with no particular track(s) standing out. Still, the album is a delight to jam during leisure time.

3.7 - hard n' heavy rock from Belgium/Holland.
RRRags formed in the aftermath of a single jam session, with four rehearsals sufficing for six tracks to be churned and recorded in the studio within two days' time. In most cases, this process would wind up in a merely decent result at best. Truth is though, that retro rock runs so seamlessly through the veins of this Benelux (sic) power trio, that its namesake album can be seen as film comprised of six snapshots, in which the quality of the jams rises progressively to acceptable levels as the tracks succeed one another. Favorite track: Faraway Faces. Stream/"name your price download": http://rrrags.bandcamp.com/releases
The Tragedy of Seconds Gone

3.6 - gothic rock from Germany.
In terms of back catalogue, Wisborg are newcomers in the goth rock scene, however upon getting to listen their debut effort The Tragedy of Seconds Gone, the following notion prevails; these Germans sound like genuine genre veterans with no official releases under their belt. Arrangement minimality and sound work are value for money, the singer's voice sounds like a Deutche male, lower end version of Cher, whereas the lyrics are orbiting close to the goth rock themes and memes of old. Favorite tracks: Seconds Gone, Venus In Chains, Winter Falls. Stream: http://wisborg.bandcamp.com/
17Angelus Apatrida
Cabaret de la Guillotine

3.7 - thrash metal from Spain.
The Spaniards pick up from where Hidden Evolution concluded, only this time around, their new material sounds a tad more urgent, thanks to the short fixes of tech thrash that have infiltrated the album, but also the vocals which have more color in them than ever before. Cabaret de la Guillotine lies easily among the best thrash metal anno 2018. Favorite tracks: Ministry of God, Downfall of the Nation.
The Spectre of Lonely Souls

3.5 - thrash/death metal from Chile.
If the Chilean blackened thrash outfit Ripper is familiar, then you have a pretty good idea about the sound of Hellish (also from Chile). Should someone compare the two acts in terms of evolution, The Spectre of Lonely Souls is the band's sophomore album, and yet it feels like the younger and slighly less developed sibling of Ripper's debut album. Rhythm section rips as it comes as deceptively linear most of the time, with the level of musicianship in the guitars being appreciable; lead guitars shred, whereas their rhythm counterparts do not fall behind, albeit they are somewhat buried by the quaint sound work. This is a solid release overall. Favorite track: The Night. Stream: http://hellishband.bandcamp.com/album/the-spectre-of-lonely-souls
19Yellow Devil Sauce

3.5 - alternative rock from Athens, Greece.
Hellenes alt rockers Yellow Devil Sauce had made quite an impact within their homeland with their previous album (for a representative taste, be sure to check the video for hit single "Fraud"), so it's no surprise that the follow-up Zulu picks up the baton in quite a competent way. Band knows '90s alt rock inside out, and that's readily echoed through the more dynamic cuts in the first half of the album. Some songs become a bit sludgier and more morose, whereas it can be said that they might need more time to sink in. Regardless of styles and moods, the trait that stands out is the vocalist whose breathing is a superb fit to the music, which brings us to the chase; if '90s alt rock is a thing for you, do yourself a favor and give this album a listen at least.
20Friendship (NO)
Ain't No Shame

3.8 - vintage rock from Norway.
Second album for Norwegian power trio Friendship, and it can be said with certainty that the band exerts the vintage rock groove with the conviction of a '60s heyday-level band, teleported to the 21st century. Whether the focus is on the vibrant instrumentation or the vocals which by themselves alone, are a throwback to the '60s, Ain't No Shame is a savory experience for the retro rock crowd. Favorite track: Live Peacefully, Truth In Your Lies. Stream: http://friendshipnorway.bandcamp.com/album/aint-no-shame
21Wooden Shjips

3.4 - psychedelic rock from San Francisco, California.
With their previous album, Wooden Shjips consciously engaged themselves in a weighted return to the bare bones minimalism that characterized their albums prior to West, albeit that album was not a diversity behemoth in the first place. However, upon first listens of V, its predecessor does feel like one, as Wooden Shjips appear vehemently committed in shedding the cluster of elements that - in their opinion - would render their music bloated. Perhaps for the first time, that mindset seems to take its toll on the album's appeal, because at first there's this strong impression it was made on the fly, and only after a considerable amount of listening sessions over time, does it converge to an appreciable merit. Favorite tracks: Eclipse, Golden Flower. Stream: http://woodenshjips.bandcamp.com/album/v
22Lizzy Borden
My Midnight Things

3.4 - hard rocking metal from Los Angeles, California.
Lizzy Borden goes into radio friendly rocking metal territory the way Lizzy Borden sees fit, and while the album is entertaining as a whole, the songs tend to blend to each other arrangement-wise, save for a couple of them. His vocal delivery on the other hand, remains impeccable after all these years!! Favorite tracks: My Midnight Things (plus reprise), Long May They Haunt Us. Stream: http://lizzyborden.bandcamp.com/album/my-midnight-things
Northern Chaos Gods

3.5 - black metal from Norway.
Immortal return with a blistering black metal album, adorned with old school heavy/speed metal elements, which make for some faint standouts here and there. As for the question if Northern Chaos Gods is better than the namesake Abbath album, the tally is as follows: Immortal vs Abbath = tie ;-D. Favorite tracks: Call to Ice, Northern Chaos Gods.

3.4 - black metal from Finland.
As this is a first contact with Teuras, yours truly is not aware in the slightest regarding the past musical whereabouts of this Finnish outfit; what's for certain though, is that III makes enough of a dent to spur a rightful curiosity for their past works. The nominal style herein is fuzzy-sounding black metal, but it diverts to relatively and/or totally unexpected ends, namely to the early '90s (Thorns demo tapes!!), post/black metal ("Snowing Blood"), and vintage/heavy rock (the odd time signature shift in "A Century of Dusk" will catch you off guard!). These Finnish lads have definitely something in them, so here's to hoping that they will show more of it in future releases. Favorite tracks: A Century of Dusk, Yearfilms of Darkness and We Ride. Stream: https://teurasband.bandcamp.com/album/iii
25The East Side Gamblers
The Big Machine

3.6 - blues/hard rock from Nashville, Tennessee.
Long story short; contrary to the capacity that the band name explicitly declares, it's no gamble that the gritty hard n' heavy/boogie/southern rock of these Nashville TN natives will have you pounding your foot on the floor, and your head on the air. Their other EPs issued this year need immediate checking too. Favorite track: Welcome To the Big Machine. Stream: http://theeastsidegamblers.bandcamp.com/album/the-big-machine
Untitled Album 1

4.0 - grind/mathcore from Germany.
Awesome album, its undisputed demeanor mashes together a handful of genres: grind, hardcore, black metal, noise rock and progressive metal; The level of musicianship per each player here is impeccable, and although the speed of execution is ridiculous, the album is amenable to repeated listening sessions. Grindcore/mathcore kids don't let this slip through the cracks! Stream: http://atkametal.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-album-1
Operation Misdirection

3.5 - thrash metal from Italy.
By having an excellent/modern sound, and by essentially being a tech thrash outfit relentlessly playing "linear" thrash, Italy's Ultra-Violence have formed a distinctive style of their own, especially with Deflecting the Flow. In the fittingly dubbed Operation Misdirection, they experiment with foreign elements, such as post metal (album opener) and plain rock; the incorporation of those elements into thrash is not bad at all, but then again nothing groundbreaking too. The album flows seamlessly, save for the fact that nothing completely new is heard through and through, whereas the cover to "Money for Nothing" is spot on with the album's character, and awesome.
28The Beths
Future Me Hates Me

3.7 - alt/indie rock from Auckland, New Zealand.
The moment these lines are written, cyclone Xenophon (with cyclone Zorbas being underway) has already disrupted the traditional Greek Indian Summer, but somehow, I have a hunch that the heavy showers and winds will recede for a while, and this wonderful album will become momentarily relevant anew during the last warm October days. Favorite tracks: Not Running. Stream: http://thebethsnz.bandcamp.com/album/future-me-hates-me
29Stygian Crown
Through Divine Rite (demo)

3.4 - epic doom metal from Los Angeles, California.
Old Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus worship in the best sense yet (as this is merely a demo), combined with wailing female vocals reminiscent of the Mouth from The Devil's Blood. Favorite track: Flametongue. Stream/"name your price" download: http://stygiancrown.bandcamp.com/releases
30Primal Fear

3.5 - heavy/power metal from Germany.
Early on in their career, Primal Fear became defenders of the faith (sic), in a time where the priests of Judas (sic) were wading from one flop to another. This album is not part of the said timeline nor does it stands as equal to the best of Primal Fear discog, nevertheless it sounds fresh, which is no small accomplishment for a band like Primal Fear anno 2018, with 12 albums on its back. Favorite tracks: Fight Against All Evil, Cannonball, Supernova, Hounds of Justice.
31Circles Around The Sun
Let It Wander

3.6 - psychedelic rock from the States.
On their sophomore album, Circles Around the Earth refine their recipe, as it was first presented in their debut. Arrangements are significantly consolidated in terms of temporal duration and styles adopted therein, with main themes being cycled around moderate instrumental improvisations. The above said, Let It Wander is based largely on the casual pseudo-jazz/pop/groove rock first evidenced in its predecessor, whereas the loose/soothing psychedelia segments have receded in just a couple of tracks (Halicarnassus, Ticket To Helix Ngc 7293). As a result of all aforementioned, the new album has an augmented replay value, as it is easier to jam it in its entirety, in contrast to Interludes For The Dead.
32Black Viper
Hellions Of Fire

3.5 - speed metal from Norway.
Tight speed metal that would count for a cult '80s classic, were it released during the said decade. Fans will be enthused with the band wholeheartedly applying itself into a tech reenactment of the genre, but the "thin" sound work combined with the absence of "hits" may be slightly off putting. Stream: http://blackvipermetal.bandcamp.com/album/hellions-of-fire
The Wake

3.6 - prog/thrash metal from Canada.
Prior to the release of The Wake, it was made known that the new material would set anew its foot into various styles originally founded by the band, focusing more on the prog era. There's no denying that the new album does that in a way that's adequately convincing and entertaining, but also prevalent is the notion that something is lost during the song writing process. Prog parts are progging, though effect/arrangement-wise, they are nowhere near the summits trodden during Voivod's prog era; thrashier parts are thrashing, but unlike their prog counterparts, they lose some traction within the proggier arrangements and/or the expertly clean and atmospheric sound work; The latter, an enhancement as to how Snake's vocals were laid down in Target Earth, does an excellent job in highlighting the superb aging of his voice. Favorite tracks: Obsolete Beings, Orb Confusion. Stream: http://musicmp3.ru/artist_voivod__album_the-wake.html

3.8 - death/doom metal from Portland, Oregon.
If Saturnus were not Danes but from Portland Oregon, had a serious penchant for the funeral end of doom, and their idiosyncratic use of clean vocals was completely absent, they would sound like Un's sophomore album. That's not to say that Un are not convincingly aspiring to forge a personality of their own, as the post rock elements work towards that direction, whereas their initiative is more strengthened by the fact that their doom metal sounds equally "US" and "European". Favorite track: Sentiment. Stream: http://unvibes.bandcamp.com/album/sentiment
Midnight Ghost

3.6 - heavy/power metal from Germany.
Germans rise above the slump of their previous album, by conjuring, always within their comfort zone, great songs and vocal lines around choruses that stick to the mind upon exposure. Arrangements vary from the trademark double-bass driven power/thrash raids, pseudo-progressive metal, to more mid-tempo, hard-rock-laden slow burners. While the whole album leans to melody overall, some of the best tracks are encountered towards the album's closure. Favourite tracks: first four tracks, The Four Blessings. Stream: http://musicmp3.ru/artist_brainstorm__album_midnight-ghost.html
36Buried in a Womb
Epigenetic Vulnerabilities...

3.6 - punk/death/black metal from Germany.
More often than not, one-man metal bands are a miss rather than a hit, but the man behind Buried in a Womb is definitely an exception. His proficiency in rhythm section, guitars (quite oddly, his rhythms are way better than the rather passable leads) and keys, are the pillars that hold the blackened punk/metal/grindcore crossover in check. What's more, the guy's day job (psychotherapist) gives leeway for some interesting songs titles and potentially, lyrics, although the former are (unfortunately) not available. On another note, Epigenetic Vulnerabilities... is a handful of steps up in terms of sound production with respect to the previous album. Favorite track: The Rush of Childlike Independence and Fateful Lies. Stream/"name your price" download: http://buriedinawomb.bandcamp.com/album/epigenetic-vulnerabilities-in-intrapersonal-failure
37Chapter V: F10

3.6 - post/black metal from Ukraine.
Syndrome was/is so awesome from start to finish, that one could easily neglect its destitute production regarding the rhythm section. To his merit, Astaroth Merc has distanced himself musically in Pathogenesis, maintaining the aggressiveness, downsizing the post-metal influence, and combining the blend with a substantial dose of atmosphere. The actual music is strong yet it pales in comparison to its predecessor, while the sound work issues persist and become a tad more grave, given the fact that the role of samples is equally strong in the album. Stream: http://raventale.bandcamp.com/album/pathogenesis
38Medicine Boy

3.6 - psychedelic/folk rock from South Africa.
A new full-length by Medicine Boy to arrive this year, was highly anticipated; Kinda Like Electricity was important, Europe embraced the band, and it's no wonder the South African duo relocated to Berlin, Germany. Being the difficult sophomore release, Lower does not disappoint; Medicine Boy play with minimalism, silence and noise as those entities were their own, even though Lower stands a few steps below its predecessor, an album slated to become an underground classic for the 10s. Favourite track: Carpels. Stream: http://medicineboy.bandcamp.com/album/lower-2
39Gama Bomb
Speed Between The Lines

3.7 - speed/thrash metal from the UK.
What's least expected of Gama Bomb on their 6th album is reinventing the wheel as far as their favourite genres combo goes, what's vehemently expected of them though time and again, is the secretion of relentless energy in everything they put out. Their new album's speed/thrash/crossover hybrid takes no prisoners all the way through, firstly in terms of the instantly appreciable album art and title, the latter a spot on pun on the endless delivery of the aforementioned genre amalgam, when played right. Although Gama Bomb consciously sacrifice song writing diversity for the sake of merely speeding with their instruments and vox, they actually manage making a certain dent due to the singer's powerful Elsworth(with vibrato)/Belladona/Rind vocal style and a couple of tunes (at least) that stem from the lot whatsoever. Favourite tracks: 666teen, Motorgeist. Album is streaming at open.spotify.com
40Warrel Dane
Shadow Work

3.5 - heavy/power metal from Seattle, Washington.
Long may you haunt us Warrel................................ RIP
41Suffering Quota
Life In Disgust

4.3 - grindcore from Holland.
With their namesake debut album, Suffering Quota merely made the dent a prospective outfit is expected to achieve (in most cases). Irrespective of that album's intrinsic degree of satiation, one cannot help but deem it all but lacking in preparing a prospective listener to the sludgy grindcore mayhem unleashed in Life In Disgust. Showcasing monumental ferocity and an astounding instrumental proficiency, the Dutch quartet has molded a grind/punk/hardcore/progressive/sludge/tech death metal alloy with infinite replay value, despite the album's under-20-minutes duration. On another note, the samples implemented in almost every cut (Hugo Weaving's matrix prose on the onset of "Disgust" is the shit!), augment the ensuing sonic assail. Stream: http://sufferingquota.bandcamp.com/album/life-in-disgust

3.7 - tech thrash/death metal from Chicago, Illinois.
Destitute is one of the most interesting releases of this year with respect to the tech end of thrash and its amalgamation with other tech metal dialects, and rock in general. On the surface, Reign's debut full-length is reminiscent of an array of attributes. On occasion, rhythm guitars come real close to the craftsmanship of players like Jon Schaffer or James Hetfield, but the outfit's axemen draw inspiration mainly from dedicated tech metal bands, like Death, Coroner, Cynic, Megadeth, Nevermore etc. On their end, rhythm section, vocals and sound work (!!) do not fall behind on the said influences making for material of enduring replay value; the sole thing, however, that distances Destitute from sheer excellence, is a small yet perceivable gap of succinctness in song writing, a gap that's expected to close further on future releases, if everything else goes as planned. Favorite track: The Declaration of the Jungle. Stream: http://
Acht & Bann

3.5 - black metal from Germany.
Totenwache's rehearsal compilation is all but grim, frosty, monotonous black metal, whose replay value is simultaneously augmented and diminished by both the "warm" lofi sound work, and the one-dimensional song writing. Stream: http://totenwache.bandcamp.com/album/acht-bann
Summoning the Circle

3.5 - death metal from Germany.
In terms of breaking new ground in death metal, Summoning the Circle adds nothing new under the sun, but the album's tightness, ferocity and freshness simply cannot be overlooked, especially considering that 2019 marks the 30th year of existence for this German band. Stream: http://obscenitydeath.bandcamp.com/album/summoning-the-circle
Támsins likam

Doom/death metal from the Faroe Islands.

Stream: https://hamferd.bandcamp.com/
46Skin of Cecile
Ars Moriendi

Electro/industrial metal from Spain.

Stream: https://soundcloud.com/skinofcecile/sets/ars-moriendi-1
47Dominant (NO)
The Summoning

Death metal from Norway.

Stream: https://laceratedenemyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dominant-the-summoning
Sangue Cassia

Sludge/doom metal from Portugal.

Stream: https://projectosinistro.bandcamp.com/album/sangue-cassia
49Bitch Hawk
Bitch Hawk

Punk/thrashcore from Stockholm, Sweden.

Stream: https://bitchhawk.bandcamp.com/album/bitch-hawk-2
Eldritch Devotion

Black/thrash metal from Australia.

Stream: https://stormbane.bandcamp.com/album/eldritch-devotion
Staub & Asche

Gothic metal from Germany.

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/0E8o7paDVnsWBZasNax3Rv
Blumen in der Hölle (Lyric Session)

Electro/goth rock from Germany.

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/1apUyZs7QM7y9fjELltJ2v
From Nothing To Eternity

Psychedelic rock from Sweden.

Stream: https://lazyoctopus.bandcamp.com/album/from-nothing-to-eternity
54Katabasis (USA-AL)
Dreams of Dying Remedies

Extreme metal/deathcore from Madison, Alabama.

Stream: https://katabasis256.bandcamp.com/album/dreams-of-dying-remedies-ep
55Crypt Trip

Hard/doom rock from San Marcos, Texas.

Stream: https://crypttrip.bandcamp.com/album/rootstock

Death metal from Spain.

Stream: https://neter.bandcamp.com/album/inferus

Heavy/blues rock from Germany.

Stream: https://trailmusic.bandcamp.com/album/spaces
58Paragon Collapse
The Dawning

Progressive/doom metal from Romania.
59Boncana Maiga
Koyma Hondo

Afrofunk from West Africa.

Stream: https://hotcasarecords.bandcamp.com/album/koyma-hondo

Grindcore/hardcore from France.

Stream: https://btkmetal.bandcamp.com/album/visc-res

Blackened hardcore/post metal from Russia.

Stream: https://wowod.bandcamp.com/
62Human Serpent
For I, The Misanthropist

Black metal from Lamia, Greece.

Stream: https://humanserpent.bandcamp.com/album/for-i-the-misanthropist
Altered Beast

Thrash metal from Portugal.

Stream: https://perpetratorthrash.bandcamp.com/album/altered-beast
Psychowarriors of Jupiter

Thrash metal from Spain.
65Rapture (GR)
Paroxysm of Hatred

Thrash/death metal from Athens, Greece.

Stream: https://rapturegreece.bandcamp.com/album/paroxysm-of-hatred
66Djinn and Miskatonic
Even Gods Must Die

Doom metal from India.

Stream: https://djinnandmiskatonic.bandcamp.com/album/even-gods-must-die-doom-metal
67Bla Lotus
Tube Alloys

Heavy/progressive rock band from Sweden.

Stream: https://blalotusmrrartist.bandcamp.com/album/tube-alloys-2

Blackened hardcore from Melbourne, Australia.

Stream: https://removalist.bandcamp.com/album/s-t
69Mass Grave
Our Due Descent

Crust/grindcore/death metal from Canada.

Stream: https://massgravecrust.bandcamp.com/album/our-due-descent
Permission To Rock

Heavy metal from Seattle, Washington.

Stream: https://substratum-seattle.bandcamp.com/album/permission-to-rock
71Ocean Of Grief
Nightfall's Lament

Doom/death metal from Athens, Greece.

Stream: https://oceanofgrief.bandcamp.com/album/nightfalls-lament

Post punk from Melbourne, Australia.

Stream: https://ubikpunk.bandcamp.com/album/self-titled-ep

Hardcore/sludge/post metal from Lithuania.

Stream: https://erdvesom.bandcamp.com/
74Solstice (UK)
White Horse Hill

Epic doom metal from the UK.

Stream: http://solstice-englander.bandcamp.com/album/white-horse-hill-3

Progressive rock from New York, New York.

Stream: https://zriku.bandcamp.com/releases
We Are All Born Evil

Heavy metal from Sweden.

Stream: https://bleedingmusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-all-born-evil
77Somali Yacht Club
The Sea

Psychedelic/post/stoner rock from Ukraine.

Stream: https://somaliyachtclub.bandcamp.com/album/the-sea
78Harms Way (USA-IL)

Metallic/industrial hardcore from Chicago, Illinois.

Stream: https://harmswayband.bandcamp.com/album/posthuman
Conqueror's Oath

Epic heavy metal from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stream: https://visigothofficial.bandcamp.com/album/conquerors-oath
Mysterium Tremendum

Black metal from Austria.

Stream: https://nahtrunar.bandcamp.com/album/mysterium-tremendum
81Chasing Ghosts
These Hollow Gods

Gothic metal from the UK.

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/5yyA07nZNsk3oysU2hRP3U

Black metal from Finland.

Stream: https://vicisolumrecords.com/album/riitti
83The Ugly

Death/black metal from Sweden.

Stream: https://vicisolumrecords.com/album/thanatology
Save Us from Ourselves

Grindcore from Brazil.

Stream: https://desalmado.bandcamp.com/album/save-us-from-ourselves
85Knelt Rote

Grindcore from Portland, Oregon.

Stream: https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcamp.com/album/alterity
86Rebel Wizard
Great Addictions to Blindingly Dark, Worldly Life

Blackened heavy metal from Australia.

Stream: https://rebelwizard.bandcamp.com/album/great-addictions-to-blindingly-dark-worldly-life
Misery Rites

Grindcore from Canada.

Stream: https://wakegrind.bandcamp.com/album/misery-rites
88Ov Shadows
The Darkness Between Stars

Post/black metal from Sweden.

Stream: https://ovshadows.bandcamp.com/album/the-darkness-between-stars
Wild Medicine

Folk/psychedelic rock from London, UK.

Stream: https://straylings.bandcamp.com/album/wild-medicine
90Carpenter Brut
Leather Teeth

Synthwave from France.

Stream: https://carpenterbrut.bandcamp.com/album/leather-teeth
91Hidden Intent
Fear, Prey, Demise

Thrash metal from Australia.

Stream: https://hiddenintent.bandcamp.com/album/fear-prey-demise
Existential Delusion

Black metal from Belgium.

Crust/black n' roll from the UK.

Stream: https://scumpulse.bandcamp.com/album/rotten
Path Of Virtue

Vintage rock from Germany.

Stream: https://vvlva.bandcamp.com/album/path-of-virtue
95King Witch
Under the Mountain

Heavy/doom metal from the UK.

Stream: https://listenable-records.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-mountain
96Melody Fields
Melody Fields

Psychedelic rock from Sweden.

Stream: https://melodyfields.bandcamp.com/album/melody-fields

Death/black metal from Sweden.
Unholy Destruction

Black/thrash metal from Cleveland, Ohio.

Stream: https://hammr-us.bandcamp.com/album/unholy-destruction
99Cultus Profano
Sacramentum Obscurus

Black metal from Los Angeles, California.

Stream: https://cultusprofano.bandcamp.com/album/sacramentum-obscurus
100Animal Drive

Modern hard n' heavy rock/metal from Zagreb, Croatia.

Stream: https://musicmp3.ru/artist_animal-drive__album_bite.html
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