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The Definitive Nu Metal Albums

Like the title says, these are the 25 best nu metal albums (in my opinion, of course)
25Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

I think this must be one of my most spun-to records of all time, but the record has lost its appeal for me during the years. Nevertheless, it gets the last spot on this list because of nostalgia and because it was a great gateway album for people
Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

For some reason I've always thought that this is the best Slipknot album, even though the debut is also a close contender. I guess it's the added melodies that are executed very well that rise it above their s/t for me

Punk rock + nu metal = fun, didn't you know?

Very similar to Nonpoint, only I don't enjoy them as much. In fact, basically every time I even think about listening to Sevendust I will listen to Nonpoint instead because they are better. Still, these guys aren't bad at all and have some catchy tunes
Get Some

Thanks go to Karl (aka Wizard) for this (and Amen, too). Really fun hardcore-meets-nu-metal record that has great replay value.
The Sickness

My least favorite Disturbed record, but it still has some good tunes on it. They made a big leap forward with Believe, but on the other hand, Believe wasn't exactly pure blooded nu metal anymore either, now was it.
19Twin Method
The Volume of Self

The only album these guys ever released. It's pretty good, even though all the songs here are very alike, so there aren't any certain standouts. Still a good record though (NOTE: not to be confused with the awful band Twisted Method)
18Drowning Pool

The only good album by Drowning Pool, mostly thanks to Dave Williams (R.I.P). After this album, Drowning Pool decided to go down the bland radio rock way, and even though this was very radio friendly too, it at least had its own identity and a distinct sound. "Sinner" is still such an awesome track.
17One Minute Silence
Buy Now...Saved Later

One of the funkiest nu records I have ever heard. One Minute Silence really utilize the RATM influenced funky guitar lines and a semi-political message well here. The vocalist isn't half-bad either.
All These Dreams

You know, since this is a nu metal list after all, it's a nice trip down the memory lane and it's pretty much a given that I'm going to use the word "fun" a lot here. But mark my words, this is the funnest nu metal record of them all. Mixing alt rock, nu metal and hip hop, Sev has managed to create a one of a kind crossover nu metal record, that while not technically very impressive, is a real blast to listen to. It's filled with fun sing-alongs and is great to listen and mutter along to, especially in the summer. Trust me, if you haven't heard this, you should aquire it.
Follow The Leader

There can not be an acceptable nu metal list without it having one of the genre's main pioneers on it. It was a very close call between this, their debut, and Untouchables, but I picked this only because it's my most spun-to and it has that awesome "Freak On A Leash" song. Also, Follow The Leader striked the perfect balance between raw and commercial nu metal so it deserves props for that.
Wisconsin Death Trip

Out of the stuff I've heard from the Static boys, this and Cannibal seem to be the only worthwhile albums. Wisconsin Death Trip perfectly utilizes buzzsaw guitars and Wayne Static's semi-unique voice, keeping the album interesting throughout.
13Ill Nino

Ill Nino is one of those bands that is seriously pissed off. The "You make my life so aching/ with every thought you're breaking / my ears begin to bleed / words you're riffing /I've come to shut you up /your life is one big fuck-up / you think I'm fake, you are a snake"" lines are sung with an unquestionable amount of angst that if it's pissed-off nu metal to break stuff to you want, there is hard to find a better record.
12Papa Roach

I dare you to say you didn't at least hum along to Last Resort, I dare you!
Becoming I

The brand of melodic nu metal with soulful vocals Unloco presents to us on Becoming I is both a surprise and a refreshing experience. While their debut was on the side of, and I quote "Hey man, do you really wanna be that guy, that I...HATE!" nu metal, with downtuned drop D picking, and angsty screamed vox, this is a more mature, refined, and overall versatile record, with solid melodies, vocals, and an overall believable feel.

Alright so I may get flamed for putting this on a nu metal list but leaving out Deftones for that exact reason (I've heard only Deftones' new one and White Pony, and neither of them really fit the nu metal bill in my honest opinion), but this does feature enough qualities to be called nu metal imo. Yes, it can be called experimental as far as nu metal goes, but experimental nu metal is still nu metal. But, who cares really, since this is undoubtedly awesome and everything works about it. The funk, the slightly hidden angst, the guitars - all's good in the hood on S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
Self Destructive Pattern

Spineshank's aggressive nu metal/industrial metal hybrid worked incredibly well back then, and for a year or two I was absolutely hooked onto these guys. I must admit that their albums haven't aged quite as well as I had hoped, but they do still provide a very nice listen every now and then (I just don't get the "wow, awesome!" effect anymore). I'm definitely looking forward to their new album, though. Should be a blast.

Dope is one of those bands that I have listened to a looooong time already. Ever since Felons And Revolutionaries came out in 1999, I have been jamming to various albums from them (needless to say I have their full discography). With that in mind, I almost lost hope in them when American Apathy came out in 2005, since that album really was apathetic. Thank god that they redeemed themselves in 2009 with No Regrets. Instead of that one though, I'm going to list Life here, as it's their most straight-forward nu metal record (their debut had industrial rock influences, Group Therapy had a decent rock vibe to it, American Apathy just sucked and No Regrets is more Alt metal than anything else (ala the Deftones situation)). Good nu record to listen to if you're ever in the mood.
The Collapse Of American Dreams

Sixstitch is also one of those on-the-edge bands. With a decent amount of electronics and a pretty metal sound, you could consider Sixstitch alt.metal, or even modern metal, but I'm gonna list them here because: a) this album rules, especially the songs "Ruined and "The Curse" which make great usage of synth lines and b) because this is practically the only arena where I can rep these guys. Most certainly worth looking into
Synthetic Division

Ahhh, as some of my friends here already know, there can't be a Metalstyles list without Crossbreed on it. The countless hours I've bugged people here, regarding this band. Oh the good times. But yeah, Synthetic Division is the album where these guys decided that they want to play industrial metal instead of nu metal. Their following releases are already pure indu metal records, but this one is an inbetween, transitional record, showcasing qualities from both the industrial- and nu metal genres. Highly recommended for anyone into that sort of stuff
All American Death Cult

Rikets proved that it is possible to make good nu metal even in the year 2010. Even though I would consider this more of a modern metal record, calling it nu metal isn't too much of a stretch either. If you might be curious as to whether or not the genre is truly extinct by now, check All American Death Cult out and decide for yourself.

As far as pure technical and compositional aspects go, this is my number 3 nu metal record of all time. My only gripe is that the record is just a tad too long for its own good, and might get a little repetitive upon repeated listens. Nevertheless, the musical side of things is near perfect as far as nu metal goes. Considering that Nothingface never made a huge breakthrough, there is a good chance that you have never heard of this record. Well, this is one of those albums that you should definitely aquire if you have at least a little love left for nu metal.

P.O.D., like Dope, is one of those bands that I have listened to since the late 90's (when Southtown came out) and am still listening to today. They're one of the rare nu metal bands with good lyrical content, and Sonny Sandoval's delivery is always either soulful, motivating, or just pure gripping. He can rap, he can scream, and he can also sing well. Why I chose Satellite over Southown - well I really don't know as the records are both equally awesome to me (the only big difference lies in the lyrical content, which is much much better on Satellite - they never even use the f-bomb!). I still dearly love both of them, and never shy away from saying that P.O.D. is a band that will most likely stay with me throughout my life span. I've always loved them, and I'll continue to love them.
L.D. 50

Probably the most technically proficient nu metal record ever, L.D. 50 is a ball of musical fury. The vocals are truly crazed, the time signatures wicked, the guitars blaring and abrasive, the songwriting is incredibly complex and thought-out, and not only when compared to other nu metal records, either. L.D. 50, along with Nonpoint's Statement, can truly be called a flag carrying album for the genre.

And now we reach the point where I earnestly declare that my pick for the best nu metal album of all time is Nonpoint's Statement. It has got everything: the angst, the great vocals, the captiveness, the fun parts, solid guitar work, excellent replay value - if all nu metal would have sounded like Nonpoint or Mudvayne did, it would have been praised not shunned (by the critics and above-average music listeners of course, the kids/teens loved the shit out of the genre). This, for me, is the epitome of superb nu metal, and I can rather safely guarantee that this opinion of mine will never change. So there you have it; even though I think all 25 of these are, or at least were good nu metal records, if I had to pick one to recommend, it would be this one. Thanks for reading everyone.
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