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Metalstyles' End Of The Year List

naah not another "best of 2009" list (mostly haha), just cool stuff I've gathered from this year. Lacking many essentials cuz I've been rather busy in the second half of 2009, but hell, I'm still happy with this year, heard lots of awesome tunes. Here's 30 albums that I (at least try to) listen to weekly:
KE 101

If you're surprised this is number 1 on my list, you must not know me at all haha. been repping this album since it came out, but sadly not many people have proceeded to check this out, possibly due to the band's nu metal roots. Be assured though, this is 100% industrial metal and quality industrial at that. 4.5
2The Shizit
The Shizit

Objectively speaking, this is possibly this year's best industrial record as I'm a bit biased towards Crossbreed haha. Props go to my friend, Trey Spencer for bugging me to check this out. Digital Hardcore that will most certainly rock your player for months to come. 4.5

Industrial metal had a great year and Starstealer is just another proof of that. Most versatile 2009 industrial album? Quite possibly so. 4.5
4Butcher Jones
No Gods West Ep

The first attmept to create stellar rock music by the ex-members of an alternative metal band Sixstitch. Great southern tinged hard rock, and while only 6 tracks long, this is one of my most played albums from this year. Vocalist reminds me of a better Axl Rose. Fans of this should also dig up Sixstitch's material. 4
5 Be'lakor
Stone's Reach

My favourite melodeath record from 2009. Although I still stubbornly state The Frail Tide is just a tad better, this is nevertheless an awesome sophomore album by the band. Riffs are damn well thought-out, and I'm simply jizzing to those chaotic cymbal fills. Vocals could be more diverse, but that's a very minor gripe I have. 4
Deranged Headtrip

One of the most overlooked metal albums of this year. Heavy riffs, nice little prog elements and a cool vocalist to boost. Very Meshuggah-ish. 4
Pray For Villains

Actually the first album I heard from these guys. Now I have all their albums. Nuff said. 4
From Afar

I love Petri Lindroos' voice. I know it's not the best imaginable, but to me, he just sounds so charismatic. Plus, oddly enough, he sounds even better live. Galloping rhythms and energetic guitar playing dominate this album along with Petri's rusty screams. The two epics this record has are also very well-executed, not becoming tiring nor overdone at all. 4
Death Domination

Just good, a bit standar fare, but nevertheless brilliantly executed death/thrash. Not gonna preach about this any longer, anyone interested just check the review. 4
10Dark Age

The catchiest album of 2009, regardless of genre. If someone can name an even catchier album, then bring it! Super catchy melodeath is always welcome in my library. 4
Dawn Of Reprisal

another criminally overlooked death/thrash record from this year. Vocalist may not be everyone's cup, but the riffs make up for it. Clean vocal passages are also epic as hell. 4

This band is not dead yet. Initially thought the album is going to suck balls, but I was pleasantly surprised. The verse riff to "Beautiful and Strange" is kicking! Overall this is an excellent effort and I'm definitely looking forward to Mudvayne's future endeavors. 4
13Heaven And Hell
The Devil You Know

What can I say, its Ronnie and the gang all together again and I'm definitely appreciating the results. Here's to hoping that Dio will get well soon and that the Heaven And Hell project will have a worthy follow-up to this doom-influenced heavy metal album. 4
No Regrets

OH NOES, ITS NU METAL! yes, you heard correctly, this is nu metal done in 2009 (well, more bordering on the alt.metal genre with this album but w/e) and it's done damn well. This album, this album alone just proves that the genre is not completely extinct yet. Before this album, a much needed reformation took place inside the band and it seems the new members (Angel on drums and Tripp on bass) have brought the energy and determination back into Dope. Edsel (vocals) and Virus (guitar) are at the top of their game and Virus, with his playing, turns No Regrets into quite a diverse album for nu metal. No Regrets is the bands best album, 2009's best nu metal album and an overall solid effort. Anyone with a taste for some nu should check this out. Have it as a 4.5, but it has grown off me just a bit, so it's a 4. Not gonna change my personal rating though, as some trolls gave this 1's.

I think a big part of the reason why people dislike this so much is because for some odd reason, everyone were waiting a Silent Waters part 2. Well, I didn't wait for a SW pt.2; I was waiting for a good, mellow metal album and more or less, that's exactly what I got. The prog rock elements are working like they should, Tomi Joutsen's vocals are top notch, although they remain in his two-three note comfort zone, and teh songs jsut sound pretty and beautiful to me. Excellent album, definitely loving it. 4
Grave New World

Dark metal from finland. Drum patterns are a bit annoyingly similar, but overall, a great dark album. More people besides me and Jingledeath need to give this a shot. Nothing spectacular, but good none the less. 3.5

well look-i-look, another industrial metal album. Another rec courtesy of Trey Spencer who I need to thank overall for introducing me to tons of great music. Album's a bit overwhelming and long, but most of the tunes make up for it. 3.5
18Woe Of Tyrants
Kingdom Of Might

And another (somewhat) progressive melodic death metal record. I'm sure the kvlt'er kinds shall not approve haha. The music is great and I like the small metalcore influence this has too. One thing that brings this album down for me though is the upbeat atmopshere. I mean, what were they thinking? The music is all good and rather technical and shiz, but it sounds happy-ish? I mean seriously, WTF boys. Stilla great album and one of the best melodeath albums of 2009. 3.5

haha, for me, the legacy of LisbonGirls. It's a good melodic metalcore album and it's catchy as hell with some really neat solos placed inside the songs. Features the vocalist from Divine Heresy (btw, Divine Heresy's album was way more mediocre than this). 3.5
20Shadows Fall

Yeah pumping some more mainstream into this list haha. I've always found Shadows Fall to be a very likable band. They've been doing their own metalcore-mixed-with-melodeath thing for many years now, and have done it quite well. I expected Retribution to be rather average, but it turns out the album is a decent grower and I'm definitely diggin the sound of this. It's very much like The Art Of Balance imo, with better production. 3.5
Night Is The New Day

good album. About as good as I expected, aka - great but nothing too mindblowing. It's another grower and I'm diggin this mellow-ish metal with doomy undertones. 3.5
22Fractal Gates
Altered State Of Consciousness

Another chaotic progressive melodeath album, similar to Be'lakor. Altered State Of Consciousness is Fractal Gates' first effort and there definitely are some ruvid edges, but the atmposphere and some neat riffs here and there save this album. The vocalist is also pretty powerful-sounding. A good first effort and I definitely enjoyed this. 3.5
23Profane Omen
Inherit The Void

A placeholder album, becasue as it turns out, one of my picks for this list was from last year. Just plain, straight up fun groove metal. Nothing too flashy, but the first 3 tracks (excluding the intro track) are excellent. Rest is ok too. 3 - 3.5
24D Creation
Silent Echoes

I have a feeling I listened to too much melodeath this year. D Creation's Silent Echoes is a good metalcore/melodeath hybrid. I'm already getting tired of writing these deions for this list so I'm just gonna leave this one at that. Good metalcore/melodeath with swell vocals. 3.5

Not many bands mix industrial and back metal together well. Luckily, Samael are one of those rare bands who do. The nice cold atmosphere this has is perfect and I did like the vocals too quite a bit. Hugely recommended as this is something that should be right up sputnik's alley. 3/3.5
Death... The Brutal Way

Death metal that rasputin likes - you know it's good. 3.5
Sci-Fi Crimes

Good hard rock is good hard rock. Was overrated here for some time, but the average of 3.7 now is quite fitting. Album is catchy and the vox are quite unique. 3.5
Who Am I? At first, I thought this might be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, but then I got intrigued just like that. Harsh drums with the occasional (shitty haha) guitars and aggressive electronics. Void of any vocals and has a rather lo-fi production. The double bass presented creates one of the most murky sounds I've ever heard. I'm still not completely sure how I feel about this, but at least it is quite interesting. Rating is between a 3 and a 3.5 and because of its strangeness, this deserves a spot here.
In The Light Of Darkness

Pretty standard-fare blackened death metal. Absolutely nothing that hasn't been heard before but it's entertaining so it gets the job done. This should probably be replaced with Behemoth's 2009 effort, but I still haven't listened to that one enough so here's Unanimated instead. If you enjoyed Behemoth, chances are you'll enjoy this one too. 3.5
Demo (2009)

This little stoner rock band from Estonia exhibits great potential on this mere 10 minute Ep. I usually wouldn't include anything this short on any "best of" or "end of..." list, but the 3 songs presented here are just so good that I feel this should be at least on one 2009 list. Vocalist is brilliant btw. And besides, who could dislike a song with a title such as "Starfish porn"? 3.5
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