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Favorite Albums Of The Year

So here it is! I know the year isn't over but I've pretty much come to a conclusion as to what has been my absolute favorite albums to be released this year. Its been a great year for metal and good music in general and here is my selection of what got me hooked.

Periphery was a big surprise to me. I had never hear of "Bulb" before and I wasn't expecting much from a band who named one of their songs "Racecar." Still, I decided to give them a chance. What I got was one of the most in depth and absolutely fantastic musical experiences I have had in a LONG time. Great band, great music, and a damn good album.
Diamond Eyes

I had never been much of a Deftones fan in my past. After many listens, the heralded "White Pony" album claimed a pretty big "meh" in my book. However, Diamond Eyes caught my attention rather quickly and never let up. It is an album that perfectly mixes the Deftones variety of musical influences while adding a new flavor to the mix and polishing everyone of their shortcomings from earlier years. It is a masterpiece, nonetheless, and will definitely be remembered for years to come.
Axioma Ethica Odini

Enslaved have been on a role releasing increasingly better albums over the years and Axioma Ethica Odini is certainly just another album they can add to the list. Continuing to polish up and further evolve their Progressive Black Metal sound that they have perfected over the years, Enslaved continue to be my favorite Black Metal band around.

I had never heard of Cloudkicker until I heard some friends talking about how awesome the new album "Beacons" was. It was at that point I decided to give Cloudkicker a listen. Soon Cloudkicker became one of my favorite instrumental acts and "Beacons" has somehow made it to 4 on my list of best albums of the year. Hmmmmm.....should be enough to let you know that this album is awesome.
5Within The Ruins

Within The Ruins have been increasingly getting better over the very short time that they have been around. With their first release "Creatures", Within The Ruins established their own sound featuring a twin guitar attack that was very distinct and in its own category. With "Invade," Within the Ruins have continued to evolve and mold their songwriting into something more mature, creating an album filled with brutal song structures, melodic passages, and amazing instrumental tracks.
6The Contortionist

I was certainly surprised by this release. I figured The Contortionist would be just another standard Deathcore act merely using the whole alien concept that a lot of bands like The Faceless were trying to use this day and time. Little did I expect to become absolutely addicted to this album. Definitely one of the years most surprising releases for me.
7I Am Abomination
To Our Forefathers

I used to absolutely hate I Am Abomination. I hated the vocals, I hated the electronica inspired keyboard parts, and I just couldn't get into the music. Then this album came out and I decided to give it a chance. I was hooked from the very first song. To this day, not a song on this album goes by without me knowing the lyrics, melody, or song structure. I grew hopelessly addicted to this album and I still am! It is a fun album filled with badass riffs, amazing guitar licks, and top notch singing....that might take a little getting used to.
8The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events

With this album, Danza created one of their most mature and elaborate albums to date. It is filled with crushing rhythms and, overall, better song structure than any other Danza album. Plus, its badass. End of story.

Fleshwrought kind of came out of nowhere for me, but, with my very first listen, I was blown away. Extremely technical song structures mixed with ridiculous drumming and intricate lead guitar patterns? Count me in, dammit!
10Decrepit Birth

Polarity was a disappointment for some Decrepit Birth fans, but I found it to be a very good album, filled with a lot of new elements that gave DB a more progressive sound and showed that they were making a lot of progress evolving since their last releases. Plus, the album is technical a hell! Does it get any better than that?! Let me go ahead and answer that by saying.....NO!
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