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Favorite Albums: Past And Present

This is kind of a compilation of some of my favorite albums since I started listening to music as a kid. There definitely is a shift in musical taste as I got older.
1Dream Theater
Train of Thought

My favorite of all Dream Theater's albums, and sadly maybe the last great one they will produce. It is a shame they are wasting so much of their new material on U2 wannabe and radio friendly songs. Dream Theater was right to go heavy, because thats what they do best. Lets face it, Portnoy and Petrucci are the life blood of DT, and when they dedicate a whole album to highlighting them, thats all you need. Instant classic... Petrucci and Portnoy obviously shine here, and the rest of the band helps out nicely to create a solid and very powerful album. Endless Sacrifice and Stream of Consciousness stand out.
2Blue October

This band took me a while to get into. I originally wrote them off as just another pop/rock band that wrote about failed relationships and bla bla bla... Turns out I was wrong. This album has somehow made it on this list and here's why. Dynamics. There is so much fluctuation in the sounds and emotions. Every song sounds unique. I really enjoy the variation as well as the overall message of the album. Overweight is a really good song.

Now we're getting heavy! This album is incredible. I can't wait to go see them in February. Thomas Haake's return to the kit is magnificent. There is such a great blend of instruments here that it is almost too much to take! Just the first few seconds of Lethargica gets me riled as hell. Powerful performance from start to finish, and there is so much complexity here that I can't even begin to understand it. Guess I'll just keep listening..
What It Is To Burn

One from the past... This album basically defined my highschool. I don't find myself listening to this much anymore, but when I do it definitely brings back memories. Sometimes a refreshing listen, but I have to give it at least some notability for being such a prominent part of my past.
5James Labrie
Elements of Persuasion

I was interested to see what a solo side project from Dream Theater's front man would sound like so I picked this up as soon as I heard about it. I was very suprised by how good it was. The guitars and drums on this album are incredible. Amazing solos and a powerful rhythm section. Labrie also does a very good job here. I especially like Crucify and Slightly Out of Reach.
L.D. 50

I don't think there is much argument here that this is without doubt Mudvayne greatest album to date. Why couldn't they just stay like this? Oh thats right, there's more money on the radio and MTV. Oh well, this album still represents how great they once were with masterpieces such as Severed, Prod, and Know Forever. Nu-Metal sound mixed with progressive songwriting? Brilliant
Ghost Reveries

Some of Opeth's best material here. Ghost of Perdition, Beneath the Mire, Reverie/Harlequin Forest, definitely some serious masterpieces here. The Baying of the Hounds took me the longest to get into tho. Akerfeldt's screaming and singing are definitly at there best, and so is every thing else. Martin Lopez and Peter Lingren grace us with their talent for one last album, which makes it all the more special.
8A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step

Not much to say here other than this album is very solid. APC should return to this style of songwriting for any of their new material in the future. The Noose and Blue are two of my favorites.
9Machine Head
The Blackening

When it comes to Machine Head, I was late to the party. I didn't get on this bandwagon until I heard The Blackening. All I heard was the opening riff to Halo and I was immediately hooked. Great guitars on this album, along with some great drumming. Some definite highlights are Beautiful Mourning, Halo, and A Farewell to Arms.
Moving Pictures

YYZ, yep that pretty much says it all.
11The Starting Line
Say It Like You Mean It

Definitely one from the past.. I don't remember much from this album other than that I really enjoyed it as a kid. I can no longer appreciate it for its music, but definitely for the memories associated with it.

I just recently have been introduced to this band and I was completely blown away! It is so refreshing to find a new band that not only kicks ass, but writes their own style of music, not something that follows a standardized format that most bands follow these days. Awake and Storm Warning are definite highlights. The musicianship on this album is mind blowing, so chaotic at times and yet it works perfectly and sounds powerful as hell.

Save the best for last right? Well this album is without a doubt my favorite album of all time and I don't see that changing any time soon. This album has influenced me in so many ways. I have been drumming for the past six years, so Danny Carey's masterful performance on this album alone makes it a classic for me. This album sets the standard when it comes to musicianship and songwriting. I love the way Carey and Chancellor play off of eachother so perfectly, and imo this is Keenan's greatest performance to date. Interesting lyrics, complex songwriting, and masterful talent behind each instrument make this a monument in music history.
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