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Anti-Sputnik darlings

Rec me albums that sput has slept on that you think should be Sputnik classics. The anti-Sputnik darlings if you will.
1The Coup
Genocide & Juice

One day I will write a perfect review for this and y’all will finally realize the genius of this band
2The Coup
Steal This Album

Same with this except it’s probably actually better
3Really Red
Teaching You the Fear
Mechanical Royalty
5David Allan Coe
Longhaired Redneck
6Alanis Morissette
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

Recced by neekafat

I haven’t really heard this chick other than a few singles here and there and after this that’ll probably stay the same. Although way better than I thought it would be this just sounds too much like 90s teen movie montage music. Some of the Middle East-y melodies are dope. Would sput fall in love with it? Probably not but I could see it being big in a few circles.


Favorite track: would not come
Aratame Hajime Mashite Midori Desu

Recced by johnnyofthewell

What the fuck was that? Noisy Japanese hardcore jazz punk that you can’t dance to? Whatever it was it fucking sucked! Oh, wait did I say it sucked?I meant it was really good! That piano is a hoot! Boundless energy these fucks but they slow down nice and good when they need to. If it was a little more metal I bet sput would eat it up but I think it’s perfect as is. Brb gotta go listen to this 11 times in a row.


Favorite track: all of them
Nobody (with Chief Keef)

Recced by starless

Not sure if this is a troll or not but I’ll bite I guess. Not sure what type of hip hop this is but it is uh how you say... not good.


Favorite track: nobody
9The Peep Tempel

Recced by slothcoresam

I really liked this. The singer steals the show obviously as his attitude is all over the place but the band is solid af. Nice charismatic little post punk record with a rock and roll edge. That being said I don’t think Sputnik is going to go nuts over it anytime soon. For the people that like post punk though I bet it’ll sit nicely amongst other favorites.


Favorite track: big fish
Niggaz of Destruction

Recced by Avagantamos

Wow these rappers are amazing! Flows out the ass and the instrumentals are to die for. Production holds it back a bit for me but also contributes to the dark nature of the album. I did wish it was a bit cleaner though. I could see Sputnik eating this right up and it becoming big around here similar to what happened to Big L’s album. Get on this Sput it’s right up your ally.


Favorite track: fuck da world
Larry Bird Season

Recced by avagantamos

Might need to revisit this but it didn’t do a lot for me. Decent flow and sort of dark production but nothing really grabbed me all that much. Skip this one Sputnik.


Favorite track: eh they are all decent I guess but nothing sticks out.
12DJ Smokey

Recced by avagantamos

Whoa is this where Chapo Trap House got that sound from? This is really solid and every song resembles you guessed a smoked out dance party! I’ll have to jam this after all this COVID nonsense is over. Great album and something Sputnik could get behind.


Favorite track: Positivite wayz
13Ram Trilogy
Molten Beats

Recced by Avagantamos

What is this? Is this techno? Whatever it is not that into it. It gets repetitive real quick as basically every song sounds like a action movie scene. Every sing has some kinda bwamp bwamp bwamp broomp broomp sort of melody thing with fast ass skippy drum loops. All in all it gets a big ol’ not for me. But the beats are fat as shit and it gets props for being a pretty cohesive album that flows really well.


Favorite song: snake bite
14Machine Girl
MRK90 Mix vol. 1

Recced by avagantamos

Pretty fun record. I like the processed iconic vocal line samples amongst the electronic business. Good stuff.


Favorite track: no idea
15Pan Sonic
Kesto (234:48:4)

Recced by avagantamos

Nice little ambient drone-y sort of thing. Need to play this more often.

16Venetian Snares
Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

Recced by avagantamos

I feel like my brain deconstructed itself and then got put back together. This was a glitchy trip and a half. I’d never heard music like this but that might change cuz this album is pretty cool and wacky.


Favorite track: bonivital
17The Sound of Animals Fighting
Lover, the Lord Has Left Us...

Recced by sinternet

God what is wrong with these vocals? Just a whole buncha ew every time they sing. All the experimentation is pointless and hollow and fake. Just a bunch weird for the sake of being shitty with absolutely no cohesiveness to the album at all. Sorry man this was honestly one of the worst albums I’ve ever heard. That might sound dramatic but I was literally cringing the whole time.I really hope sput never gets into this one.


No favorite tracks they are all bad
Blood Becomes Fire

Recced by el newg

Pretty cool for like a metal album or whatever. Somewhat melodic and tuneful. The bass is deep and loud and booming and very high in the mix. Unfortunately dude plays like 5 notes the whole album. Sort of boring but I’d rather listen to it than most metal. At times can have some pretty cool atmospheric shit going on.


Favorite track: the sleeper
19OP3 and Runes

Recced by mythodea

Overly serious and ultimately without any dynamics in its sound. This just wasn’t for me probably I could see other people really liking it but it’s just a boring bummer to me. Everything about it is mediocre but my opinion might not be what the majority thinks.


Favorite track: forest
20Electric Litany
Enduring Days You Will Overcome

Recced by mythodea

A lot better than your previous rec but I still have many of the same complaints. This one however has a little bit of edge and bite to it especially on the more happenin tracks. There are remnants of a much cooler band here but they seem stylistically stifled for some reason. The singer brings it down for me because the band can create truly gorgeous tones and moods. I like it I guess. Keep pushing this one I bet sput would be into it.


Favorite track: title track
21Kassi Valazza
Dear Dead Days

Recced by porcupinetheatre

Yeah this is amazing. Vocals and lyrics are great and the band plays perfect country music. I wish it was slightly more rambunctious but that’s not really what it’s going for.


Favorite track: verde river
22Dedekind Cut

Recced by calc
23Mellow Candle
Swaddling Songs

Recced by slothcoresam

Pretty nice little folksy psych-lite thing. Didn’t floor me but didn’t dislike it either just a nice little record to relax to I guess.

24Destroy All Monsters
1974 - 1976

Recced by hal1ax

Wow this band was like way ahead of their time. Honestly dude I was at the edge of my seat in anxious anticipation just to see how the next song would go. I was so excited to hear what would happen next. So much interesting shit to listen to. It’s packed with ideas and sounds and tones. Somehow has hella variety despite the minimalism. The second disc is a lot less compelling but still damn so fucking uncompromising and raw. Anyone who like experimental or noise or ambient or whatever needs to check this. Get real high and just walk around the woods for two hours or something.


Favorite track:........

Recced by egarran

Recced by osmark86

Recced by aberf
28Too Young To Go Steady

recced by budgie

A little airy for me and just sort of meaningless and wispy. Nothing really grabbed me at all just sort of floated by.

A kdybys uz nebyla, vymyslím si te

Recced by dimorphic
30Tragic Mulatto
Locos Por El Sexo

Recced by botulist
31Henry Threadgill
Too Much Sugar For A Dime

Recced by botulist
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