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Songs That Just Pump Me Up

These songs get me fuckin stoked.
1Protest The Hero

Almost any PTH song pumps me up but I especially love the intro and outro in this song.
2Lamb Of God
Walk With Me In Hell

Sick ass song. Great lyrics too.
3The Human Abstract
The Science Of Deduction

This song starts off with a bang. Great guitar riffs. Just awesome.
4Lamb Of God
Blood Of The Scribe

The way LoG ends this song is so amazing.
5Protest The Hero
Bury The Hatchet

Some awesome technical riffs. Awesome metalcore groove. Sick shit.
6In Flames
Zombie Inc.

The guitar solo in this song is sooo epic.

Definitely a BAM IN YOUR FACE intro and sweet guitar licks.

Of the small bit of power metal I'm into, this is some of the best of it. The keyboard and other elements in this song just rape.

This has got to be one of my favorite songs ever. The guitar work is extremely catchy and the solos are amazing.
10Born Of Osiris
Bow Down

3 words explain this... "fucking bow down"
11The Faceless
The Ancient Covenant

Another one of my most favorite songs. The bass sweep in the beginning makes my head spin. The rest of the song keeps it going. The solo guitar parts are some of the sickest i've heard. Just awesome
12Children Of Bodom
Are You Deat Yet?

If you've ever listen to this song, you'd understand how great it is. The guitar parts just make you wanna punch someone in the face. (in a good way)
13Protest The Hero
Sequioa Throne

Yeah, another PTH song. But this song is easily the best song on their new album. The second you hear the opening tapping riff, you're left disembowled on the concrete by its sheer awesomeness.
14The Human Abstract

The complexity to the opening melody is great. A lot of THA pumps me up, however this one sticks out.
15Protest The Hero
The Divine Suicide Of K

Okay so maybe I was heavy on PTH, but seriously, this song's intro is extremely amazing. All of the riffs in this song leave you wanting more.
16Nodes Of Ranvier
Glass Half Nothing

So maybe it's another Metalcore song. So what? This song is awesome. Listen to it.

This song is pretty much just amazing in most if not all ways.
18In Flames
Crawl Through Knives

Pretty cool song. I love the beat it has. Also some cool lyrics too.

It's Tool. 'nuff said.

This song has some of the best Black Metal material i've ever heard. The rhythms, riffs, solos, and overall feel are just great.
The Enemy

OMG NU-METAL!!!!!11111ONEONEONE. Listen to it... it's catchy. It makes me feel pretty energized
22All That Remains
Whispers (I Hear You)

An acoustic intro followed by an extremely heavy beat just makes my day.
23Silent Civilian

This song has some of the catchiest melodic parts. A really great song to get pumped up on.
The Skies Were Filled With Fire

Deathcore... Booo! But on the contrary the way these guys open up this song makes me smile. Watch a live version of it on Youtube. You'll see.
Lie To My Face

This song rapes. "WHAT THE FUCK."
Cowboys From Hell

This is my favorite Pantera song. The melody is ridiculously amazing. I just love it
27Children Of Bodom
In Your Face

This was the first Bodom song i ever listened to. I love it to this day.
28Lamb Of God

Okay so i've met a lot of people who hate sacrament, and a lot of people who love it. I love it. Redneck has a kick-ass melody and bad-ass lyrics that leave me pumped as hell.
Internal Revolution

This singer is extremely talented. Great screams and beautiful cleans. Awesome guitar parts. Pretty cool drums too. It's amazing.
30Norma Jean

With Norma Jean, you love 'em or you hate 'em. I'm pretty into them and this song really gets to me. I'm not sure what it is but i love it.
31Sea Of Treachery
The Eyes Of The Ranger

Yeah yeah...deathcore again. boohoo. I love this breakdown soooo much. and that laugh right before the solo = epic. Killer song.
32Cephalic Carnage
Dying Will Be The Death Of Me

What a song. Great vocals all around. Sweet guitar work. A nice song overall.
33Dream Theater
Honor Thy Father

"Train of Thought" is my favorite DT album. This 10 minute and 14 second song will leave you in awe.
34Shadows Fall
The Light That Blinds

Another song with an acoustic intro and then heavy riff afterward. I'm in heaven.
35Beneath The Massacre
Comforting Prejudice

BTM (not burning the masses) is the kind of band that when you listen to them, they tear you a new butthole. That's how hard they rape.
Never Forget

Ultimate pump up lyrics =
"On broken legs I stand
Salute with bloody hands
I've signed my fate
A sea of endless cries
True honor never dies
Never forget, never forget, it's not too late"
5 Minutes Alone

This beat rocks like no other. Pantera is amazing.
Zombie Autopilot

Yay, more Unearth. This song has kick-ass guitar. End of story
39Protest The Hero
Heretics And Killers

Listen to this song and tell me that you're not pumped up after just the intro
Scars Of Life

41Knights Of The Abyss
Dragon Pie

Some more pump you up lyrics:
"You cannot fucking stop me
I will keep fighting
It wont be over until you're in the ground"
42The Mars Volta

I'm sure this one is a shocker when progressive rock is scattered all this metal, but listen to this song. It's really cool shit what this band does
43Lamb Of God
Now You've Got Something To Die For

Lamb of God and All That Remains are easily the best bands to pump you up.
They Will Return

Yay Black Metal!!! This song's guitar part is freakin amazing.
Left Behind

OMG SLIPKNOT!!! yeah theyre new stuff is pretty bad... but this is the old stuff. really great shit.
Big Timber

Great song off their new album. Actually the first Himsa song i heard. I actually saw the vid on Headbanger's Ball and thought, "Holy balls, this is sick" funny vid too.

Sick ass song off their new album. UK isnt all that bad :)
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