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Mordecai'ing In '09

1Horse The Band
Desperate Living

This is the album I have been waiting for: a hardcore album that can confidently integrate
synths/keyboards into their spastic brand of music. There is simply so much variety on the album, and
none of the songs let up. The band have reached their peak, both vocally and instrumentally, and are
writing their best material since R. Borlax. The vocal melodies have become even darker and the lyrics
more nonsensical, yet it is the catchiest material they have come up with. The guitars still play second
fiddle to the keyboard, but provide a solid hardcore backbone. 'Desperate Living' finds HORSE taking
themselves just a little more seriously (just a little) and as a result they have delivered what has become
my album of 09. Recommended Tracks: Shapeshift, Cloudwalker, Rape Escape.
2Maudlin of the Well
Part the Second

Ah, the magic of Toby Driver. Over the years, this guy has proven himself to be the leader of the
avant-garde. Part the Second sees Driver revisiting past ideas, as well as adding many new ones. Lots
genres are explored with this album, and while it does get 'heavy' at times, it never strays into metal
territory, resulting in a more streamlined listening experience. This is not Driver's post-rock album; it
is his
post-maudlin album. He has moved on from the oddball jazz/death-metal fusion of 'Bath' and has
concluded the maudlin of the Well saga in the most fitting way possible. This is his most focused and
refined release since Choirs of the Eye. Recommended Tracks: Clover Garland Island, Rose Quartz
to Glass.
3Say Anything
Say Anything

So, so fun. I will admit now that I am a huge Say Anything fan-boy, so the chances of this
were slim to none. Every song on this record will get stuck in your head in one way or another, whether
is the niggling catchiness of Do Better or the shear beauty of Ahhh? Men. Bemis remains as lyrically
as he has always been, and impresses on every song. The music leans closer to pop than it ever has,
still retains a slight punk edge. As a whole, it is much less weighty compared to previous albums,
to a shorter tracklist. Say Anything are improving with every release and I can only look forward to
comes next. Recommended tracks: Mara and Me, Cemetery, Do Better.
VI - Klagopsalmer

Black metal that pushes the boundaries. Shining are a band that are yet to disappoint. While
'Klagopsalmer' is not the classic that 'Halmstad' was, it is a lovely mix of previous Shining releases. It
depressing, emotional and violent, just as we have come to expect from the band. Every track here
demonstrates superb songwriting, but the album closer takes the cake. Total Utfrysning is an epic
throughout the bands discography and proves to be the best black metal song of the year.
tracks: Total Utfrysning.
5Every Time I Die
New Junk Aesthetic

A band that used to be described as ?frat-core? prove they can go deeper. Party elements still remain,
Keith?s lyrics run deeper on NJA. Each song barrages the listener with pulverizing riffs and concludes
without dragging on, keeping it short and sweet. The Marvelous Slut is a prime example, clocking in
2 minutes and featuring guest vocals from contemporary Greg Puciato, it proves that songs do not have
be 5+ minute epics to take the listener on a journey. Recommended tracks: Wanderlust, The Marvelous
Slut, For the Record.
6Eleventh He Reaches London
Hollow Be My Name

Leaders of the Australian avant-garde, this Perth group can add yet another superb release to their
impressive catalogue. Blending many styles of hardcore, indie and their own uniqueness, this is an
like no other. While Eleventh? embrace broader styles of music to match the highly intellectual aspect of
their lyrics and themes, they still remain a punk band at heart. Hollow be thy Name is the best
release this year. Recommended tracks: Girt by Piss, For the Commonwealth and the Queen, Britain and
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Some of the most infectiously intricate pop/indie I have ever heard. Wolfgang Amedues Phoenix is a
focused yet diverse album that showcases all that is brilliant about the band. Phoenix chooses
keyboards/piano over guitar on most tracks, and as a result the album has a slight electro feel to it.
one listen of the opening track will leave the listener craving more of the delight that is Phoenix.
Recommended tracks: Lisztomania, Love Like A Sunset, Rome.

Another fantastic release from the American black-metal artist. Only a year after his debut, Austin
has perfected his brand of atmospheric black metal. Lunn is an excellent multi-instrumentalist, as can
discovered when listening to Panopticon. The drumming is quite technical, breaking away from the
metal norm, and brilliant acoustic breaks feature on most tracks. Focusing even more on political
Collapse provides a fresh spin on a genre that has become thematically stale in recent times.
Recommended tracks: The Death of Baldur and the Coming War.
Hollow Crown

Released early this year, this metalcore gem has become somewhat buried under a pile of other major
releasing in the genre. On Hollow Crown, Architects re-shift the focus of their sound. The math
found on Ruins are subdued, and heavy Underoath and Bring me the Horizon influences are thrown in
(most obvious on Follow the Water). The vocals resemble a more refined Oli Sykes, and the riffing at
sounds like it could have come straight from Suicide Season, but here it is executed with purpose and
precision, something that Architects? English contemporaries are yet to achieve. Numbers Count for
Nothing is the highlight here, developing in to an inspiring climax and one of the best breakdowns I
heard in a long time. Recommended tracks: Numbers Count for Nothing, Follow the Water, Early Grave.
Sol Eye Sea I

Irepress have released such an expansive and challenging record that they edge Isis off the post-metal
throne in 09. Sol Eye Sea I provides the perfect blend of crushing metal and ambience/electronics.
Notably, Irepress introduce vocals for the first time in their recorded career, and many styles are used.
Screams, growls, cleans, spoken word passages and even gang vocals are sprinkled throughout what is
mostly and instrumental record, and my only complaint is that I wanted more. Every second of Sol Eye
Sea I kept me utterly enthralled, and it hasn't worn off with repeated listens. Recommended tracks:
Diaspora, Adeluge, Barrageo.
Wavering Radiant

In 09, Isis play it safe. Wavering Radiant doesn?t stray far at all from Isis? tried-and-true brand of
metal. 70?s style keyboard does manage to keep things a little fresh, but other than that, the record
follows almost the same formula as previous records. That being said, that formula has proven to be
excellent with every Isis release. Wavering Radiant is all that we know and love about Isis. An excellent
record, but Isis will have to mix things up on their next release if they wish to remain relevant.
Recommended tracks: Hall of the Dead, Ghost Key, Threshold of Transformation.
Sound Awake

To be honest I expected, and wanted, Themata 2.0. With Sound Awake, Karnivool steer away from their
alt metal sound and bring more progressive elements to the table. While this may not be as instantly
gratifying as Themata, each song is so meticulously crafted that it will grow on you, and eventually you
be rocking out to this just as much as Themata. The vocals are the best you are going to hear in
rock, and the drumming at times would fit comfortably in any Meshuggah song. I have ended loving
just as much as Themata, but for completely different reasons. Recommended tracks: All I Know,
Deadman, Change.
Everything Is Fire

Ulcerate have given us a death metal album with the atmosphere of a black metal album. ?Everything Is
Fire? is cold, distant and crushing. The heaviest album I have heard this year, it took many listens to
grasp the delightful complexities of this, but boy was it worth it. Everything is Fire, while jarring at
first, is
a very rewarding experience and a good indication that the genre is progressing as a whole.
Recommended tracks: Everything is Fire, Soullessness Embraced.
14Poison The Well
The Tropic Rot

A fine return to form for one of the leading bands in metal-core. The Tropic Rot possess a thrilling,
nightmarish atmosphere that bears a semblance to the atmosphere found on White Pony (Deftones),
albeit a much more ?hardcore? one. The vocals remain quite unique to the genre and the music is quite
experimental. This is their best release since You Come Before You. Recommended Tracks: Antarctica
Inside Me, Cinema, Are you Anywhere.
Supporting Caste

YSimilar to the most recent A Wilhelm Scream?s release, Propagandhi have incorporated a technical
edge to their ferocious brand of punk. This album is another indication that punk is still relevant in the
21st Century, and hopefully other bands use this as the new standard. Recommended tracks: Night
Letters, Dear Coaches Corner, Potemkin City Limits.
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